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Grandmaster Qinyin

Address:Qinway Qigong Institute, 320 Liliuokalani Ave. #2105, Honolulu, HI 96815
Tel: 760-717-1258 Tel/Fax: 808-923-0022
E-mail: 930@qinway.org Web: www.qinway.org

B. A., Chinese Philosophy, Zhejiang University, China

Professional Memberships and Positions

1. Founder and President, Qinway Qigong Institute, USA, 1998 - Present
2. Founder and President, Kangping Qigong Center, Beijing, China, 1996-1997.
3. Founder and President, Purple Bamboo Qigong College, Zhejiang, China, 1991.
4.Director, International Qigong Association, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 1998 - Present.
5. Professional Member, National Qigong Association, USA, 1998 - Present.
6. Special Fellow, Chinese Qigong Research Society, Beijing, China.
7. Member, World Academic Society of Medical Qigong, Beijing, China.
8. Member, Chinese Somatic Science Association, Beijing, China.


1. "Los Angeles International Golden Award", July 1998, The International Association of Integrated Medicine;
2. "Distinguished Faculty Award", Nov.1997, Second World Congress on Qigong, San Francisco, CA, USA;
3. Certified Qigong Grand Master, by the Chinese Qigong Science Magazine
4. Qinway Qigong was designated as one of the most recommended versions of Qigong at the National Conference for Public Health and Qigong Healthcare, Shanxi Province, China, Jan. 1997;
5. "Outstanding Thesis Award", Oct.1996, Third World Conference on Taiji Training, Beijing, China
6. "Outstanding Paper Award", International Emei Qigong University, 1995, Sichuan Province, China


Places That Grandmaster Qinyin Has Taught in America

Second World Congress of Qigong, San Francisco, CA
Mount Madonna Center, Watsonville, CA
Bodhi Tree Bookstore, West Hollywood, CA
Full Circle Books, Belmont, CA
Eastwest Bookshop, Mountain View, CA
San Jose Library, San Jose, CA
San Jose Bookshop, San Jose, CA
Cupertino Library, Cupertino, CA
Fremont Library, Fremont, CA
Open Secret Bookstore, San Rafael, CA
Timeout Fitness, San Jose, CA
Eastwest Bookshop, Sacramento, CA
Learning Exchange, Sacramento, CA
Five Braches Institute, Santa Cruz, CA
Land of Medicine Buddha, Santa Cruz, CA
Pacific Cultural Center, Santa Cruz, CA
National Qigong Association Conference, Omega Institute, NY
Studio 21, Manhattan, New York City
Oklahoma City, OK
Orlando, FL
Liliha Library, Honolulu, HI
China Cultural Plaza, Honolulu, HI
Hawaii Kai Library, Honolulu, HI


1. "Qigong Mistakes", The Empty Vessel Magazine, Spring, 2002.

2. "Master Insights", in Qigong: Essence of the Healing Dance, P146-151, edited by Garri Garripoli, published by Health Communications, Inc., Deerfield Beach, FL.

3. "On the Optimizing Design of Detoxification and Energy Infusion and its Effects in Qinway Qigong", accepted to present at the Fourth World Conference on Medical Qigong, Beijing, China, 1999.

4. "Qinway Qigong and its Predictions on Longevity", Collection of Outstanding Papers of The Third WorldConference on Taiji Training(in Chinese), Oct. 1996

5. "The Law of Complete Life", Potential Science (in Chinese), Vol.6, 1995.

English Media Coverage in America

An Interview with Lady Qigong Grandmaster Qinyin, July-August, 2006, The Inspiration Magazine

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Media Coverage in

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