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Goji Vital Tea-A history of healing Tea

Qinway has a long history of creating pure, organic Healing Tea. We have a 20 year record of increased sales and consistant demand for our medically demanded Yin-Yang Healing Tea. Grandmaster Qinyin, Qinway’s founder, searched for several years to discover a new and unique tea that would fit within our strict criteria for the plants ability to receive & sustain the powerful healing energy signal that she infuses into our now world renowned teas. Our Goji Vital Tea over the last several years has made an aggressive move to become our best seller because of great taste and the amazing natural energy and healing results people are experiencing. Try it for yourself today—The results are apparent in the gentle yet robust flavor of this rare and one of a kind product we have named Vital Goji Tea.

Vital Goji Tea was developed out of the awareness that many people could benefit from the lesser well known yet substantially healthier Whole Goji Plant. Chris has been using the Yin Yang healing tea for several years , and the first time he tried the Vital Goji tea was after he had a severe skin irritation.

  • When I started drinking Goji Vital Tea I had a severe, painful skin irritation all over my body. I immediately noticed that the universal energy was running around my whole body. I felt much more invigorated. As I continued usage day by day, I noticed my skin irritation felt better and smoother -- it was like I was healing and smoothing from the inside. I would drink it every day even if only for the taste and the refreshing, invigorating feeling. But I know it’s doing a lot for my health too, and it’s easy to see the good effects on my skin. I gave some to my friends and they are already asking for more. I am so impressed and appreciative of the vital healing effects I’ve observed since using this tea that I have continued drinking it from the first day and I plan to continue throughout my life.

          Chris N., Belgium - 3/18/08

We wanted to develop a product that had universal appeal to families and individuals so that we could bring these healing and energized teas to provide value for the whole world. Since the Well known Goji berry had already achieved acceptance we felt that it was a great platform to launch the Vital Goji tea as an alternative to the sweet, preservative laden and expensive Goji juices that have flooded the market. Vicky’d daughter has been using the tea now for about a month for improved vision and balancing her digestion.

  • I’ve been enjoying the fine taste and refreshing, energizing qualities of Goji Vital Tea. It tastes so good even my 8-year-old girl enjoys drinking it. She told me, “Mom, this tea is tasty -- better than Goji berry.” She has been drinking this tea everyday for weeks now in order to improve her vision, which is one of its many health benefits. I also give it to her when she complains of a sore tummy and it always calms her down!

          Vicky B., California - 3/22/08

Naturally the famous, potently healthful Goji berries are a prime ingredient in our Goji Vital Tea. However, there’s much more to it than that. The entire Goji plant is a natural pharmacy of potent nutrients and hard to obtain special health boosters.

Grandmaster Qinyin travels to the highlands of the Tibet-Qinghai Plateau to insure delivery of the best organic Goji ingredients for our tea to validate that it carries a high enough natural energy to fully accept the imprint of her high frequency life force energy generated through specially developed, science attested Qigong (Vital Energy Work) abilities. This special higher life-force energy imprint is applied to the tea by Grandmaster Qinyin throughout the manufacturing and delivery process and becomes an essential part of our tea’s ability to deliver its powerful vital health benefits. One teabag may be re-used throughout the day to deliver the nutrients and high energy signal. Consistent enjoyment will naturally help attain and maintain a vital and healthy level of mind, body and spirit.

Paul wrote into us about his experiences recently commenting about the Natural Energy Boost her noticed about the Vital Goji Tea:

  • While Coordinating and helping staff a presentation at a recent health Expo, the importance of the Goji Vital Tea came into personal focus for me. Even though I knew its fabulous reputation, I had rarely used it before that. I had been drinking the Bigu tea, a more highly energized form of the Qinway’s Yin-Yang healing tea, for about six months straight every day. But I had been working very hard on a project and the considerable additional work at the Expo was starting to make me feel exhausted.

          I decided the Goji Vital Tea might give me the extra boost I needed. I put 2 Goji Vital Tea bags in hot           water and drank about 16 oz. Not only was I surprised by how flavorful it was , it was around 8 hours           later when I realized I was still going strong with lots of energy! The Goji Vital Tea filled up my energy           tank and I didn’t even stop to think about it till later -- it was so effective and non-hyper. I’ve continued           to drink it with great results and the taste is so refreshing. We received many compliments on it at the           Expo.

         One man tried it and then walked around the Expo for about a half hour. He returned to tell us that he          could definitely feel the positive effect even in that short time and wanted to talk about volume buying.          Another asked about volume buying because he was so impressed with the taste alone!

         Paul F., Hawaii - 3/15/08

As I had indicated earlier we have a 20 year history of successful healing tea sales with many lifetime students. John G. is one of our long term students who found himself quite impressed with the Vital Goji Tea:

  • Although I was well aware that Qinway was now offering an especially powerful Goji Vital Tea made from the essence of the whole plant, I decided that I would wait until my trip to a Qinway conference at the headquarters in Hawaii to give it a try. I was well into my third year of continuous Bigu special energized diet, which includes drinking many cups each day of the energized Bigu tea. This seemed more than sufficient. But when I tried the Goji Vital Tea in Hawaii, I was quite impressed and returned home with 24 boxes.

          I will continue to use it on a regular basis as an adjunct and “booster” alongside my regular Bigu tea.           It’s also a refreshing taste treat. While in Hawaii I heard many positive reactions of persons trying the           tea. I personally experienced a wonderful surge of energy and noted some obvious, further benefits           related to my skin. Although it’s hard to sort out the other qi enhancing influences in Hawaii -- such as           the effects of staying right next to Diamond Head, which generates a powerful qi field, and the close           physical proximity to Grandmaster Qinyin and her own qi field and transmissions -- I believe the Goji           Vital Tea definitely added its own special, positive influence as well.

          John G., California - 3/15/08

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Goji Energy Tea

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A Famous Story in History: A Girl and An Old Lady

Once upon a time in China, a young girl was chasing and beating a old lady in the street. As the Chinese culture prizes filial piety to honor elders- the onlookers were indignant. But the girl was unapologetic-exclaiming "She is my granddaughter. I told her to eat Goji, but she just wouldn't listen. Now she has become so old."- That's Goji's energy power!


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