2012 930 Remote Healing Great Feedbacks


From CA Sigrid:

Dear Grandmaster,

thank you for your kindness and compassion in sending us the powerful healing signals to help us detoxify and get lighter and develop insights.

Here is my feedback. During chanting 9x wung ao hong slowly I had to cough a lot (I breathed deeply);

then I felt the water/energy flowing into my crown and I felt it in my entire body, especially my hands. I had to cough badly so that my tears flowed and my nose closed up entirely and I could breathe only through my mouth. After a while it became better and then normal.

It felt as if the incoming energy was moving some obstacle. I also felt pain in my right shoulder which has a torn rotator cuff (ligament) and is not aligned right because of a car accident. There was also some discomfort in my lower back and all the time the energy kept coming in.

From llya:

I participated in 930 event per your instructions. My energy level was much higher on that day that day before.

Shie Shie Sifu.

I already enrolled in your most advanced retreat.

I need short term (immediate) future forecasting special ability ASAP

It seems that I have mental communication with Grandmaster on daily bases, please confirm.

From Lori:

Dear Grandmaster,

Thank-you so much for the 930 Remote Healing. During the Remote Healing, I could sense your presence and feel a lot of energy infusion.

Today my body feels lighter and has more energy.

My back feels much better. I can feel energy moving in my legs and arms and I have less pain.

Thank-you so much!

From CA Maria:

Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2012 14:41:38 -0700
From: rainbowsofmusic@yahoo.com
Subject: 930 event feedback
To: qinway@hotmail.com

Dear Q GM,

Thank you so much again for including me in the 930 event:) I had a beautiful experience, & was feeling qi in my eyes, & feeling healing in my heart:)

I love you:)
Best Wishes Now & Always for your mission & life!

From CA Stephen:

Greetings. Thank you for the support during my retreat Bigu diet the past two weeks. I had a very good experience with the 930 Remote Healing tonight. My Qi was stronger and more clear during Bigu, even though I had to continue my normal work while following the Bigu diet. The date pit underneath my tongue and the YinYang Tea helped me to keep my energy level up.

During the QInway 930 remote healing tonight, I felt a strong influx of energy around my crown chakra and upper head area--almost like a "cap" of light on top of my head. The energy was distributed throughout the rest of my body through visualization and intention. I am sure that there will be some long term benefits from this one session.

Thank you again for sharing your teachings and the healing work. I am sure many people will benefit from their association with you.

Best wishes,

Thank you again

From Chris R:

Thank you for the opportunity to take part in the 930 healing. Through the days before ecpecially the day of the healing as I used the energized products and drank the tea i felt a connection with grandmaster qinway and was feeling the energetic changes in my body. During the healing as I meditated i felt energy coming in through my crown flowing through my body. I felt great graditude and love for life. It was truely wonderful. Thank you.

From CA John C:

Thank you for another profound 930 healing. That night I slept very deeply and restfully, more so than I can recall since the bigu retreat over a year ago. The ligament strain on my right pinky has also healed more.

From Mexico Raul:

I really appreciate your teachings and support. During 930 I felt your energy. It constantly happens that I see the clock and it marks 9:30. Your teachings and energy have changed my life. Every day I think of you, I thank you and honor you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Grandmaster. I love you.

From Hawaii Vicky:

Thank you for the great connection to the high being and universal energy. I was at Waikiki beach and practice under the moon. My eyes had lots of tears. I cannot even feel the time. When I opened my eyes half hour passed just in one second. Very relaxing.

From Hawaii Matthrew:

I need to wear glasses to see clearly before. After 930 I noticed that I don't need to wear my glasses for the packing. That's really amazing! Thank you, Grandmaster.

From CA Shirley: (in chinese)

Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2012 23:06:40 -0700
Subject: 沁康平 930全球能量信号福祉暨遥治To: 930@qinway.org

Dear 沁老师,

今日早早就做好了准备,过了九点就坐好,按照老师的指令进行930能量接功。大约9:25我开始感觉到头顶百会发麻,越来越强,持续有八,九分钟。这时我后背脊柱中部很痛,疼痛使我不断向着菩萨金樽弯腰鞠躬,这时双手还是放在膝盖上,我没有数数,但是下意识的有鞠了九次, 后来就用手大力拍打背部疼痛部位很多次才可以把腰伸直。到收功时已经不太痛了,现在完全不痛了。收功前已觉得双手掌心发热,左手掌心明显比右手掌心热。


From China Shanghai Z.X. J : (in chinese)

To: qinway@hotmail.com
CC: 930@qinway.org
Subject: Re: 沁康平 930全球能量信号福祉暨遥治
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2012 13:55:40 +0000



From CA Fresino Helen Liu: (in chinese)



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