Most Recent True Report from 3.2D Furnace Retreat

Hear About Most Recent Retreat Students Feedbacks to Share Their Amazing & True Stories

* Below are Feb/2012 retreat student's report by Aug/2012:

After Half Year: Carol (from California) is still doing Qinway Retreat Program, and Received the current Lab Report:

The Doctor could not believe that was possible without medicine. It is Amazing!

Subject: Fw: Carol's results
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2012 12:19:20 -1000

Carol was taking medicine prescribed by her doctor to balance her hormone because she is going through menopause and her hormone system very mess with the mind great confusion which happen in the daily, the doctor said carol has to living in hospital longer because the situation becoming danger, she is very upset and sadly. carol decided join qinway 3.2D furnace retreat.

The great things happened, she stopped taking her medicine in the retreat and never took it again. She suffered many terrible symptoms--hot flash/cold flash--while going through menopause. Afraid that she had messed up her system by stopping medication, she asked her doctor to order lab test to check her hormone level. The doctor was amazed. Although Carol had not taken any medicine for 6 months, the lab test result showed her hormone level was normal. The doctor could not believe it was possible without medicine. So, Qinway system is working well and she is happy with that and even her doctor is very impressed with Grandmaster Qinyin's Qinway program and advised Carol to continue with Qinway program.

After half year: Billy (from Oregon) has sent Email, See Report from him:

Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2012 22:09:12 -0700
Subject: bigu report

Hi Sifu: its Billy. Just wanted to check in and let you know how grateful I am for the opportunity to keep practice the Qinway Bigu for 108 days. It has been going very well. My energy level has been very high. Still working full days. My body is feeling very great!

Hear from Most Recent Retreat Feedback:

* xue-comparefrom Mrs X.T (Shenzhen, China 中国 ):

My energy level still very high, detoxification process went fast and lost over 20 pounds just for the 18 days! My body quality changed rapidly.

I got lots of treasures in 3.2D retreat, such as amazing crown infusion and Wuji needle... I will save them for all my entire life and keep study unique Qinway.

I'm excited and I found out I had a third eye, which is true. Also I have developed lots of special abilities. It's so amazing! So Grateful!

During the special abilities developer with receiving high Dimension GIFT time: I feel that I grasp something from the air, It seems the air became dense and dense, feels like another kind of field. Something moved to my hands, It keep coming and never stop. It seems that my hands are magnet. My right hand got a thin needle, like real one, my left hand can sense the numb feeling when I use it.

During the special ability 1 & 2 course: I had very strong feel and can see the different lights. Thanks, Grandmaster! I can see my finger lights, just like a flash light with white and transparent light,I can also see the on-site student has different shape, color and size of the light on his head. Some are light yellow and transparent, some are light blue and not very stable.

from Mexico, Dr. Rual

All my life, since I can remember, I was looking for this, When Grandmaster help us get energy signal good connection, I got a divine & successful experience to diagnose and recover with energy: no medicine or X-ray,no machine! Only, just Universal energy, pure, powerful!

When grandmaster sent out signal to us, at moment I received the Lotus Palm, I felt my palm growing big and hot; I felt deeply happy and honored, I see kind of purple color lights in my palm and fingers.

from Hawaii, Matt

When Grandmaster help us get energy signal good connecting,I immediately feel chi move through my body see it washing my cells. Saw my organs distinctly and could see my heart beating very clear. Can feel chi in my third eye, Great respect to Sifu for helping support my spiritual growth!

Experiencing "Soul Travel“:
When bell rang, I can feel wrapped arms around giant lotus & hung on while flying through storm at night, a large city below.

my 3rd eye became open hole with a index finger of a golden hand stuck into it. Then a “psychic” opening grew from that; an upside down triangle opening in the frontal bone, a sense of fullness I can still feel now. Excellent!

from Oregon, Billy:


I felt good connection, a lot of chi. The moment I received the Lotus Palm, my hand became very warm concentrated on LaoGong.

Experiencing Remote Diagnosis & “ Five Supreme Healing Techniques” Each Other

From the Perspective As a Healer: Definitely felt the difference from my patient (classmate) in each organ, there is hot and cooling,also tingly.My patient comment that hands-on was very accurate, perfect spot. Patient felt me diagnosing stomach, energy infusing into lower-dantian felt healing. I felt very good when my head was being healed. Warm & hot.

From the Perspective As A Patient. I could feel him scanning my body, when I closed eyes as a patient.

I feel so useful which could be bring back to help a lot people!

- Mrs W (Shanghai, China)

"After the Chinese 3.2 D furnace retreat in July, I started my Bigu homework and it's been 49 days now. I feel my energy level is much higher than before; my sleeping time is reduced, but I sleep much deeper and sound now; my back pain disappeared and every morning when I get up I don’t feel pain any more, I could bend and squatting back easily.

My skin rash around the neck and face is improved dramatically, almost cleared.

When I was doing the exercise, I can feel something is moving at lower Dantian, like fetal movement during pregnancy! During sleeping exercise, my feet feel warm, and my palm sensed very strong energy Qi.

During the whole Bigu time, my stomach full of “energy Qi” and never feel hungry. My body feels very light and with abundant energy, especially after I completed the Healing exercises every time".

- Mr J. Z (Shanghai, China):

"Half year ago I started to feel lots of pain from my right knee and I was looking for treatment everywhere. I had message almost everyday and nothing changed. During the 2nd day of the furnace retreat in July, the pain was suddenly disappeared. Now it's been 2 month after the retreat, I still cannot believe that my leg is back to normal now. This is too amazing! "