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Qinway Spiritual Healing Institute . Newsletter Jan. 2017

Grandmaster is a Renowned True Master with Strong Special Abilities
The Unique Retreat & Energized Products Act as a Vehicle to Carry Strong Universal Healing Signals!

Grandmaster Qin is a renowned Qinway innovator and spiritual master from China. She has created many healing miracles in China and America with a perfect unique system. The system’s primary program is Real Healing 3.3D Retreat, which has achieved miracle changes in many students’ lives. The spiritual energy system spreads quickly through word of mouth.

As all Qinway retreat students knew, the essence of the guaranteed special abilities & rejuvenation retreat program is not only the on-site development of special abilities and speed of the removal the disease root effect, but also provides the students with up to 108 days individual remote healing & direction from Grandmaster. Because of the true occurrence of the remote healing, many students achieved their dream of rejuvenation, removed the root of disease, opening their energy channels. Therefore, the remote healing is the most powerful & effective program to benefit the karma people from Qinway three high spiritual system.

The energized signal products act as a vehicle to carry strong remote healing signal. The principle is when you eat or use the mountain food or object, the signal will come to your body directly and raise the energy quickly, at meantime to push out the toxin! It is a great opportunity to experience the healing energy through the energized signal products, that's the key point and request you to change your spiritual mind.

Many Successful Cases Within 20 Years of Feedback, Miracle Products Carry Energized Signal

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Share 1 . "How Universal Energy Transformed into Products by Grandmaster!"

Computer Engineer Kurt S, Switzerland

Before After   
Luckily I connected with Grandmaster Qin and ordered many energized healing products. She supported & taught me a lot about how to use them which really changed my life style. Amazingly my body released 57 pounds of toxins and my organs got healthier. My cardio rating went up from six to seven points, my heart rate lowered from 78 to 62 beats per minute and I was able to walk to high mountains from 2000 feet to 10000 feet in less than 5 hours without being exhausted when I reached the top!

Now I can work for 31 hours in continuously with good focus and concentration. This resulted from consuming energized powder products and drink Yin Yang healing tea every day, I have to say Grandmaster's energized products are powerful!

Share 2 . "Incredible Benefits! We Used the Energized Products Instead of Medicine for Over 10 Years!"

Vicky, Dublin, CA

Since 2006 my kids and I never took any medicines. Every time when they got sick, I asked them to use energized mountain foods, Fengshui objects and drink Yin-Yang healing tea. They recovered very fast through this powerful natural healing system...

After experienced many miracles at Qinway, I became a volunteer. Here I just want to share my story with more karma people that Grandmaster's energized products are powerful. It works & priceless!


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D. Guaranteed True Rejuvenation in Short Time as a Life Gift to Yourself, Register Earlier with $300 Bonus!!

Priceless! The Classic Special Abilities Healing Retreat with 108 Days Individual Remote Healing & Direction

Qinway renowned retreat system are the collections of China's top thousand years Tao's secret healing techniques and modernized! This unique program has 20 years successful experiences in the Unite State. It includes Bigu, Fundamental Healing and Magnetic Special Abilities, Certification Retreats. Through the Bigu program the students could get individual direction and remote healing for 108 days or even longer, which is great help you to remove out root of disease and It's very RARE! The successful results are guaranteed!

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Share 1 . "Most Recent Retreat Just Finish, the Miracles Keep Happening. It's Priceless!"

Experiencing Energy Infusion and Verify the Wuji Dimension Gift and More Special Abilities

During crown infusion, I felt energy on my third eye area. Then I saw white light around with black light in the middle at the third eye area. I could feel the universal high energy on my head. My hands became numb and started to shake. My body felt numb after I cultivated Qi. My experience with Wuji needle gift, my hands were tingling and I felt the needle thin and long!
(Xiaoran, Fremont, CA)

Experiencing Soul Travel; Thousands Tons Immortal Water Cleansing; Open 3rd Eye

During soul travel I feel tons of energy went into my body and I was shaking many times. The universal energy attacked my disease area and I had great detoxification.
(Vicky, Fremont, CA)

Connecting and Verify the Natural Spiritual Energy

The immortal walking qigong opened to more of the universal energy. The back immortal walking qigong opened energy into and through my spine, which put me into deep meditation state. Connecting to the tree spirit, I received a lot of universal energy Qi. Connecting to sun spirit, I felt deep balancing energy through my whole body.
(Kearen, Napa, CA)

Share 2. "I'm Even Younger Than 20 Years Ago. It's Priceless!" - Fremont, CA

Student Lan N. Real Picture Comparison (Before and After)

2015 yr 1998 yr 2016 yr

I have been an Qinway student since 1998 and my rare diabetes got great healing. But I stopped long time ago while my life got busier. In 2014, I experienced severe problems and Menopause symptoms and I decided to take Qinway retreat again and to do longer Bigu. During the Bigu time, my menopause symptoms were gone, but I began to lose more hair, I could even see the spots bold on my head. ...Surprisingly, before Christmas, my new hair started growing out and sticking into the air that made my head looking so fluffy and I felt so energetic.

Through the Grandmaster's individual remote healing and direction, I kept doing Bigu homework for over one year. In April 2016, I took the picture and compared to my old picture in 20 years ago. Wow, my whole body got rejuvenation so significantly with amazing energy (see above picture, current at the right side, 20 years ago at the left side)! I'm even younger than 20 years ago. This is a miracle of mankind, isn't it? Thank Grandmaster for your fully support!

Share 3. Verified Special Abilities On the Spot!

Special Ability Retreat Connecting

John.,Ojai, CA
I was able to see my aura emanating from my fingers very brightly like flashlights. The meditation to open the Third Eye was very powerful. I experienced the inside of my skull glowing with light as if it were a temple. I saw a gold and red Buddha. I felt a lot of energy. When we did the palm remote diagnosis I was surprised and pleased at my ability to do it.

Shigeko, Whittier, CA
During the soul traveling in Special Abilities Classes at Qinway Healing Center, I saw ocean and went into a cave in the cave-age time. I saw a few other people sitting around a fire in the cave, and felt like a family. I saw elephants and I saw valleys, cities, mountains and trees...My 3rd eye felt pressure and my physical eyes just closed up. My body started flying...

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