Result Guaranteed Special Abilities Healing Retreat 高能闭关保障成功

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      Qinway Spiritual Healing Institute . Newsletter .  March, 2019

Grandmaster (Gm) is a Renowned Spiritual Healing Founder in the World, a True Master (Comment by Retreat Students)

Gm Qin is a renowned Qinway innovator and spiritual master from China. She has created many healing miracles in China and America with a perfect unique system. The system’s primary program is Real Healing 3.3D Retreat, which has achieved miracle changes in many students’ lives. The spiritual energy system spreads quickly through word of mouth.

As all Qinway retreat students knew, the essence of the guaranteed special abilities & rejuvenation retreat program is not only the on-site development of special abilities and speed of the removal the disease root effect, but also provides the students with up to 108 days individual remote healing & direction from Grandmaster. Because of the true occurrence of the remote healing, many students achieved their dreams of rejuvenation, removed the root of disease, opening their energy channels. Therefore, the remote healing is the most powerful & effective program to benefit the karma people from Qinway three high spiritual system.

The energized signal products act as a vehicle to carry strong remote healing signals. The principle is when you eat or use the mountain food or object, the signal will come to your body directly and raise the energy quickly, at meantime to push out the toxin! It is a great opportunity to experience the healing energy through the energized signal products, that's the key point and request you to change your spiritual mind.

Special Abilities Rejuvenation 3.3D Retreat Just Sucessfully Finished! Very Limited Size, Register Now (6/28/2019)

Hear About Rare Feedback From the Retreat On the Spot. 请听来自闭关班的现场反馈。

Share 1. It's Priceless. 拔出病根尤其提高了灵性悟觉水平!

Billy G., Oregone, U.S.A. -来自美国俄勒冈州的比尔先生
The wonderful gifts reveived from this Retreat is my body feels amazing, my mind very clear, Qi is smooth and spiritual is growing.从这个闭关班获得的最精彩礼物是我的身体感觉很灵敏,头脑变得非常清晰,气机很平稳的,还有灵性的成长。

Thomas P, Oregone, U.S.A. -来自美国俄勒冈州的汤姆先生
The wonderful gifts reveived from this Retreat is my third eye open, received stable and calm energy, gratitude and deeper understanding.从这个闭关班获得的最精彩礼物是我的第三只眼睛打开了,获得了稳定而平静的能量,内心充满感激和对世界更深刻的理解。

Jaanette Z, Hawaii, U.S.A. -来自美国夏威夷州的珍妮小姐
I know I experienced a lot. Lots of wonderful things happened and I could not find enough words to describe. The second day of the retreat, after the individual healing session with Grandmaster, I went to bathroom over eight times and removed so many toxins...我知道闭关班中经历了很多。 发生了很多奇妙的事情,让我找不到足够的词语来形容。 班中的第二天,在沁大师的个人治疗之后,我连着去了卫生间八次并排出了许许多多的毒素。

Wai Y, California, U.S.A. -来自美国加州的魏先生
I am so happy that now I have these special healing techniques to help my wife, reducing her pain and illness. 我很高兴闭关班让我拥有了特殊的治疗方法,可以治疗我的妻子,减轻她的疾病的痛苦。

Group Picture Group Picture Group Picture
Gm Filling the Lotus Energy
Change Student Body Quality

The New Students
Happily Starting New life

Gm Demonstrated the
Cooking for Bigu Healing

Group Picture Group PictureGroup Picture
Gm Explaining
the Secret Technique

Gm Demonstrate the
Disease Detection Techniques

Students Getting to
State of Guiding by Heaven

Marty, Oak View, CA 来自南加州的Marty
I am brand new for the retreat, I did not believe that I could stop medicine and get healing and with natural technique. Due to many healthy problems and the special karma, I'm attending the retreat.

It's unbelievable! I bravely stopped the west medicine during the retreat! But my blood pressure is very good and even better than previous with the medicine! It's a miracle and I am so happy about that. And I had lost 28 lb after the retreat!


1st Day: So Overweight
After One Month: Lost 28lb.

Architect Mr. Zhu from Shanghai of China 来自上海的著名建筑师 朱先生

I attended the retreat in March 2013, which brought me so many great surprises!The benefits covers the following aspects:
1) The seriously snoring problem causes serious life-threatening, I had surgery in the hospital before but the snoring came back and relapsed soon. But after retreat the problem was completely gone, no longer snoring, no potential danger any more!

2) My blood pressure and heart rate and weight becomes normal, my body weight and shape back to high school and so handsome! (this is my friend's comment, wow!);
          Before      After 3) Now my energy particularly very strong, no longer rely on the afternoon nap to keep heavy working load, sometimes keep working through the afternoon without lunch break, until the people reminds me and I did not even feel tired or hungry since I did Bigu as well (the one of retreat program is Bigu);

4) For the spiritual energy level: calm mind and peaceful, really appreciate Grandmaster's teaching for me to understand a lot of life truth, including spiritual growth in this life and next life. I never thought about these before.

John G.,Ojai, CA
Eyed deeper Qi consciousness state. Better clarity, insight and Wu. High mystical experience. Deep connection with Dao.

Garla, Oak View, CA
I lost my words to express myself. I was so worried and hardly to control my emotion before. Now I learned to elevate it down. I feel so peaceful and calm.

Share 2: Every Retreat Student Verified Special Abilities On the Spot with High Spiritual Energy 每位闭关班学员现场验证其超能开发

Verify Received
Wuji Dimension Gift

Verify Instant Finger
Grew to One Inch or More

Verify Healed Others
Special Ability On the Spot!

Verify Connected
with the Rock Spirit Ability

Verify Received 3 of Energy
Balls from Universe & Nature!

Gm Sending the
Healing Signals


Students Experiencing: Soul Travel. Thousands Tons Immortal Water. Open 3rd Eye

During open 3rd eye session, I felt third eye area lots of energy coming in top of head and working through deep pain in neck and shoulder, a lot of energy coming washing through and strong third eye pulsing, heart open with lots of warm energy radiating. 在“打开第三眼”的项目中,我感觉头顶有许多能量进入,并冲洗肩膀和颈部的疼痛,第三眼处突然产生一种强烈的压力,心也打开了被许多温暖的能量环绕着。 (Thomas P, Portland, OR)

During soul travel time, I saw snowy mountain, trees, ocean, fields, sky, everything moved fast.
在灵魂旅行的项目中,我看到了雪山,大树,海洋,田园,天空,像飞的感觉,很快速的移动。 (Lydia, Portland, OR)

During soul travel I felt that I traveled over the land and sea, then I went to another dimension, I saw beautiful colors, Quanyin Buddha, and Jesus. I flew over a high tree with big circle.... Then I saw a mountain with misty low clouds, very green, I heard a voice say" come to the mountain". Immortal water cleansing time I felt pressure, but it was a beautiful peaceful feeling, I felt light. During 'Open third eye' program I felt there was a strong strong pressure like headache, a burst.
在我的灵魂旅行期间,我感觉到我在陆海上旅行,然后又去了另一个维度,我看到了美丽的色彩,佛像和耶稣。 我飞过高大的树木....然后我看到一座云雾缭绕的深绿色的山,我听到一个声音说“到山上来”。 当万吨甘露水冲洗时我感到一股压力,但这是一种美丽的平静的感觉,让我感觉到光明。 在“打开第三眼”的项目中,我感觉头顶突然产生一种强烈的压力。 (Garla, Oak View, CA)

Students Experiencing & Verified with the Nature: Universal Spiritual Energy

The immortal walking qigong brought me high energy! During communicating with trees session, I felt very strong Qi, strong connection with trees, almost brought to tears while communicating, very grateful for this experience!
(Thomas, Portland, OR)

The immortal walking qigong opened to more of the universal energy. I focused on absorbing the beautiful universe energy with energy inhale and expelling all negative energy and that brought a sense of peace.
神行功打开了全身的能量通道。 我专注于吸收美丽的宇宙高能,排出所有的负面能量,带来一种平和宁静的感觉。
(Johnny, LA, CA)

Students Experiencing and Verified Special Abilities On the Spot: Crown Infusion, See Aura, Remote Diagnosis and More

The crown infusion experience is very potent, felt like crown of Qi around top of head, third eye vibrating, healing energy through whole body. The Wuji needle gift is so potent, I felt strong sensations in hand pulsating the electric, I still feel very strongly where I placed needle. Very thankful for this gift!
我的无相高能灌顶的经历是超乎想象的非常强大的体验。 它向我展示了宇宙高能的力量。 我获得了一个神秘而美妙的无极礼物,我将会巧妙地用这来自高维的神圣礼物。

(Thomas, Portland, OR)

The crown infusion was very potent light headed beyond all around me. The Wuji needle I could feel it in my hand - tingling, and third eye area. 我的无相高能灌顶的经历是强有力的光笼罩着我,我的无极针在我的手上有磁性的感觉,包括第三眼处。
(Billy H, Eugene, OR)

My the crown infusion experience is so beautiful! I saw Gm has a ball of energy above her head, a huge energy giant ball, then she was surrounded by light. A steam of light came down into her crown and then streams of light connected to each student! Very interesting!
我的无相高能灌顶的经验是如此壮美! 我看到师父有一个能量球在她的头上,一个巨大的能量球使她被光所包围。 一束一束的光从她的皇冠中连接到了每个学生! 很有意思!

(Garla, Oak View, CA)

I was able to see my aura emanating from my fingers very brightly like flashlights. The meditation to open the Third Eye was very powerful. I experienced the inside of my skull glowing with light as if it were a temple. I saw a gold and red Buddha. I felt a lot of energy. When we did the palm remote diagnosis I was surprised and pleased at my ability to do it.
我可以看到我的手指有非常明亮地的光环,就像手电筒一样; 在经历打开第三眼项目时我感到强大的能量, 就像进入一座寺庙一样,我的头颅发着光, 看到有一个金色和红色的佛像, 它有着巨大的能量; 在进行手掌遥诊项目时,我对我拥有的超能并经过同班同学验证感到惊讶和高兴。

(John G, Ojai, CA)

During the develop student remote diagnosis session, I was able to diagnosis my classmate stomach problem by feeling a sensation on my palm. My classmate was able to identify my condition as well. Wonderful!
在开发学员远程诊断功能期间,我能够迅速遥诊出我的同班同学的胃部出了问题。 我的同学也能够诊断出我的病情,真神奇!

I was able to remove the pain on my classmate left hip with the immortal grasp. My classmate conducted the healing on my knee. I feel comfort and warmth.

我能够用我手指的光把同班同学左髋部的病气抓出来且获得他的验证; 我的同学也治疗了我的膝盖痛,我们都感到被治疗后很舒服和温暖。

(Johnny, LA, CA)

You Can Be the Next Successful One, to Start Rejuvenation Now! See Below the Retreat Students Comparable.

Click to Read More Stories. 点击更多真实有趣的故事。

Before After Before After Before After
Free 930 Global Remote Healing Just Finished with Terrific Feedbacks. Do You Wish to Do Individual Healing? Click Here.
Group Picture
Gm Transmitting Universal Energy
Powerful annual 930 remote healing just finished, there was truly a magnificent experience for many people from all over the world. The testimonials demonstrated the Qinway powerful high spiritual energy system can most benefit the karma people. See Some of 930 Event Feedbacks in This Year.

* Shirley Guo - CA, Milpitas, USA 来自美国加州郭女士
On 9/30 my head became numb and dizzy, especially when I imagine the immortal waterfall, my whole body started shaking for about ten minutes. My feet and hands became hot, very comfortable. My brain seems very peaceful, then I saw many people, even my past dog, but his face was not very clear. In the middle my hands were shaking to receive the energy. The whole process was very comfortable. At finishing time, my head does not feel numb any more. Thank you, Grandmaster!
开始时大约9:15 pm,我刚刚...接着就感觉头顶百会穴发麻,发热,散发整个头顶,身体随之晃动。手脚从原来很凉的感觉变热,很舒服。脑子开始很静,后来有很多人物出现,有认识的也有不认识的,居然看到我家过世的小狗狐狸,但面容不是很清楚。中间有几分钟双手不自觉高举晃动,有如接受能量的动作。收功前百会穴的麻感已经没有了。整个过程感觉很棒!感恩老师!

* John G. - Ojai, CA, USA 来自美国加州John.G
I went into a deep sleep and slept through the transmission. When I woke up later I felt like my lower Dan Tien area was packed with super strong bioforce energy. I circulated the energy in the Yang-Yin microcosmic orbit to distribute it throughout my body. This strong energy influx I received will help keep me healthy and mentally clear as I progress in my endeavors. All my 930 experiences over the years have been extremely powerful.

Thank you GM. As ever in best Qi, Gratitude and Love.

我睡着了。 当我醒来之后,我觉得我的下丹田充满了超强的生物能量。 我将能量逐渐地分布到我的身体里。 我收到的这种强大的能量将帮助我保持健康和清醒。 这么多年来我每一次的930经历都非常强。 谢谢师父, 永远感恩您!

* Joyce Hess, Iowa, USA 来自美国爱荷华州Hess女士
For me, the high energy infusion into the Hundred Meeting Point began over an hour before the preparation time. I must have needed that extra time! So every cell in my body was vibrating by the time the ceremony even started. The Immortal Water came as a gentle, warm trickle into my Heart. The energy infusion continued after I closed the ceremony and I was blessed with a deep sleep. Thank-you for all you do in service to others!
930遥治開始的時候, 我感到非常高的能量进入我的头顶。 即使在结束了930遥治之后,高能量继续在我的身体中流动。 我非常感谢沁大师把沁康平福音带到这个世界。

* Eric Lowe, OR, USA 来自美国俄勒冈州Lowe先生
During the 930 healing tonight I felt deeply relaxed and I was wrapped in a warm cocoon of beautiful energy.
我在930远程治疗活动的前10天就开始使用阴阳茶。 并已经能够感受到它的能量。 我如愿以偿很容易就接收到了930次远程治疗的很强信号,又经过了一段时间的排毒后,我感到更加精力充沛。

* Guang Zhu, Shanghai. China 来自中国上海. 朱先生
I could feel the strong energy coming during begining of 930 time. Promoting saliva in the mouth during the mid of 930. Then I feel very sleepy during the last part and fell into sleep for about 20 min.
930遥治开始胸口中脉冲击汹涌,非常强烈。中期口中生津。后段困意很浓, 之后就睡着了一会儿.

* Lily Shao - CA, Fresno, USA 来自美国加州邵女士
Trough 930 remote healing event, my shounder feel relax and less tight.
经过 930遥治,肩膀就不痛了!

* Helen He - CA, Fresno, USA 来自美国加州何女士
After 930 remote healing event I feel energetic and not tired.

* Karen - Napa, CA, USA 来自美国加州Karen女士
I feel the immersion of qi continuing from last night 930 Remote Healing. This is very happy! It feels like I have been embraced with a blanket of qi taken away from ordinary scatteredness of attention.
非常感谢!直到现在,我觉得昨晚930的远程治疗还在继续进行着。 这很让人感到开心! 感觉就像我被一块高能毯子所包裹着,从世间升腾出来。

I am noticing the detoxing has started, with lot of energy in my head and head achy feeling, however this is the immersion of qi is what is most noticeable. the mechanics of the detoxify were happening and I wasn't that hungry. I feel like now I am getting in touch with what the Bigu really is! Thank you very much!
我注意到排毒已经开始了,我的身体充满能量,效果是最引人注目的。 ...排毒正在发生,我感觉不饿了。

Read More about Powerful Remote Healing Feedbacks, Click Here 点击阅读更多的遥治反馈
Great News! Powerful Free Group Healing Sucessfully Finished!
Students Listening Carefully Gm Interacting with Students

Do you want to taste the universal energy?

The free group healing will bring you a very special experience!

Hear about the feedbacks from the group healing workshop. 请听来自现场的反馈。

Turtle R., Oregone, U.S.A.
I feel warm tingling in my hands and forearms.我的手和前臂感到温暖针刺的感觉

Raven A, Oregone, U.S.A.
I had sharp sensation in lower abdomen and strong vibration in heart.我的小腹有明显的感觉,心脏也有强烈的震动

Eric L., Oregone, U.S.A.
Good experience and I felt the energy moving. I felt a slight tingling through my body at times and a little warm and flushed. 很好的经历,我感到精力充沛。 整个过程中我有时感觉身体有刺痛感,又有温暖被冲洗的感觉

Shanti P., Oregone, U.S.A.
Moved in my heart to tears, the energy tingling in palms and a feeling of warmth pressure in my head.心中感动流出了泪水,手掌有种针刺的感觉,脑门上感到有一股温暖的压力。

Guaranteed Special Abilities Rejuvenation 3.3D Retreat Will Open with Very Limited Seats (06/28/2019), Register Now
保障成功的祛病根返老还童与特殊功能智慧开发3.3D闭关班,非常小班制,7/68/2019 美国班开始预约

Famous Small class, Register Now, Details See Retreat Page 名额有限,现在立刻注册

Priceless! Qinway renowned retreat system is the collections of China's top thousand years Tao's secret healing techniques and modernized! This unique program has 20 years successful experiences in the Unite States, Rejuvenation Obvious Just in a few Days! 无价!Qinway著名闭关班体系集粹了中华儒释道上千年的精华,尤其包含道家最顶级的秘术,经过沁师的改革与时代化以及二十多年的教学授功的丰富实践经验,祛病根返老还童现象往往就发生在短短几天中,学员机体康复数据可测量。

There are three highly integrated retreats as Fundamental Healing & Bigu retreat, Magnetic Special Abilities retreat, Certification Retreat. The unique program during the retreat has very high spiritual technology, which has section A that healing & teaching in person on the spot, section B for them to keep doing Bigu at home with Gm individual remote healing & direction.

Therefore, this unique retreat can really help the students make a big change in very short time, and they will verify their special abilities & remove out their root of diseases on the spot. It's very rare! The successful results are guaranteed! Very limited size, Register Now! 综上所述,该独一无二的闭关班是真正能够帮助到学员们的特殊功能智慧开发与病根的移除,一个非常稀有的项目, 而这些神奇效果已获得二十多年的闭关班现场验证,每个人入此班的成功效果是被保障的。现在就注册!

When 时间 Where 地点
Special Abilities Rejuvenation 3.3D Retreat
(6/28/2019 4:30pm - 7/1/2019 4:30pm)

Free Group Healing Workshop

Southern California, USA

Very Limited Seats, Register Now! 名额有限,立即注册
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高能产品加持的神奇疗效, 听一听使用者的神奇疗效!

* Computer Engineer Kurt S, Switzerland 来自瑞士的工程师Kurt

Before After
I always like results which are measurable, after taking energized food my measured cardio Fitness level increased from 6 up to 7, and heard rate lowered from 76 to 69. My lung capacity increased and I need less time to walk on the top of high mountains, specially my sperm was only 3%, but after use Gm energized products, there is very surprise things happened...Read more about Kurt's story.
我总喜欢有数据的测量来说明效果,在使用了师父加持后的能量产品后,我的运动体能大大提高,在瑞士登最高的山时,明显感到肺活量增加,并花了很少的时间登上了顶峰。特别要提到的是我的精子量原来只有3%, 但之后却发生了重大变化,点击这里阅读更多我的真实故事

* Doris. C. Honolulu, HI 来自夏威夷的Doris
The energized products really helped me, I felt so much joy and peacefulness during the remote healing. I still feel the calmness carry over to the next day. I am extremely pleased to make a donation to support the qinway unique healing Retreat Center. Thank you, Gm, for your compassionate healing!

* M. P. Euclid, OH 来自俄亥俄州的Mr.Euclid
Thank you very much! I could really feel the energy on the left side of my body..the energized products has real help me. It was very strong around 9:30 pm. It felt like rain falling. Excellent!
感恩师父!我真正感觉到了能量运行并治疗着我的左边身体,使用了加持能量产品后,在930 远程治疗中,令我感到瀑布一样的能量,绝妙!

* Cathy, West Hills, CA 来自南加州的Cathy
Energized Products has really helped my 6-year-old daughter improve her weak stomach system. She eagerly asked for the tasty "Hawthorn Powder" herself when we met Master Qin!

* Chris from Belgium 来自比利时的Chris
"I finally received the energized mountain food. At happy I am! The Yellow Essence is super energetic (plus taste also) ...Gm Qin, thank you for making that special food available for us".

* Stephen, San Francisco 来自旧金山的Stephen先生
"I missed the energized food and herbs during the first part of the bigu, and I noticed a big improvement in my energy level when I started taking the energized food and herbs."

Note: The products are personally research & bring back by Gm Qin from deep mountains in China, which are then infused with universal high energy to further enhance their vitality by Gm.

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Gm Transmitting Universal
师父高能定场 遥治进行时
Remote High Energy Signals with Distance Healing

The Remote Healing Represents Gm as a Transmission station to Connect High Being Systems. Many Karma People and Students have a Lot of Appreciation with Great Feedbacks in Last 20 years. Read More Important Details & Join Now‍ to Get Real Help!
师父转载高灵信号以实施个性化高能一对一远程治疗,在过去20年收到诸多强烈反馈。 点击阅读更多!

Charlie Tong, Fremont, CA, U.S.A. -来自美国加州Charlie童

Remote Healing Charlie
Charlie Tong's Sister

Amazing! Gm Qin did remote healing across the Atlantic Ocean for my sister.

My sister was injured in a serious car accident in Vienna, Austria. The X-ray showed that her thoracic spine had several small fractures. Thus she had trouble discharging stools, which caused her abdomen swelled. It was very dangerous. That night, I rushed to Qinway Institute to ask Gm Qin to perform remote healing for her. The next day, her bowel movement became normal. In two weeks, her spinal injury recovered very well. Now she lives like a normal person, and recently went back Shanghai to see our parents just by herself! We are so lucky!我的妹妹在奥地利维也纳发生严重的车祸。 X线显示她的胸椎有几处小骨折。 因此,她无法排便导致腹部肿胀, 这是非常危险的。 我即忙赶到师父的研究所,请求师父对她进行一对一远程治疗。当师父实施治疗后, 奇迹发生了!第二天她的肠道排便正常。 两周后,她的脊髓损伤也恢复得很好。 现在她像普通人一样地生活,最近回到上海亲自看望父母! 我们兄妹俩真的感到很幸运!感谢师父

Richard R. from Hilo, HI, USA - 来自美国夏威夷州 Richard. R先生

When the individual healing started, I feel the Energy Move through My body, legs, ears, cleaning my organs
当一对一远程治疗开始时, 感觉到有能量在我身体、腿部、耳朵等流动并清洗着

Aloha Gm Qin! I had a wonderful session last night, I could feel Master Qin's energy arrive very soft, then very strong, beautiful! I could feel it move through and around my body, to my legs, my ears, cleaning my organs, some past mental experiences. I was like a child seeing things simply and clear! Phase II I lay down, went into a trance like state then fell asleep! I woke up calm, less pain, more at peace!
Aloha!我昨晚经历的一对一远程治疗是一次美好的体验,感觉到师父的能量非常柔软又非常强烈,很美妙! 它穿过我的身体,双腿,和耳朵,清洗了我的各个器官和一些过去的精神体验。 让我就像一个孩子那样心底清澈! 第二阶段时我进入恍惚状态,接着睡着了! 醒来后觉得很平静安心,痛苦也减轻了!

Joachim from Germany - 来自德国的 Joachim先生

I got big benefits and lost 1.5 kg weight and feel vibrations and more stillness

After finished individual remote healing with Gm, I got big benefit and lost 1.5 kg weight. I feel much more relaxed in the shoulder and neck area. I felt a lot of sensations like spontaneous movements, saw pictures from Guanyin, a little pain, slime coming out, vibrations and more stillness (Dec. 21, 2014).

* Who is Suitable to Join the Remote Healing Event? (Abstract)

No matter what state or country you are in, Individual remote healing is now available from Gm Qin. When she enters a healing state of consciousness, powerful remote healing signals can travel instantaneously across space to you.

Gm Qin's remote healing is just like rain in Spring, and sunshine in Winter. Whether your meridians are sensitive or not, you will experience the power of universal spiritual energy. Of cause, you have to believe and understand the principle.

The remote healing covers broad areas, especially some difficult diseases, the healing results is more effective as long as you following GM's instruction. Here listed but not limited to the remote healing areas for your reference:

(1) Pain, injuries or after surgery; 疼痛,损伤或手术后问题
(2) Diabetes; 糖尿病
(3) Overweight; 肥胖
(4) Hypertension; 高血压
(5) Depress & Low Energy;抑郁与低能量
(6) Qigong practice deviation; 养生习练偏差
(7) Lower back pain;腰背痛
(8) Sleeping problem; 失眠
(9) Female system;妇科病
(10) Memory loss; 失忆
(11) Spiritual problems;灵性问题
(12) Other difficult problems. 各类疑难杂症
*Not suitable to mental problems不适用于精神类疾病

*Read More about Powerful Remote Healing Feedbacks, Click Here.
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