To Hear about the Most Recent Retreat Feedbacks

Retreat 1: Feb. 2- 5 & Retreat 2: Feb. 9-12, 2012

Energy Level at the End of the Intermediate Retreat (Day 1):

Medium/High. More than usual at this time of day. (Carol)
Not tired. Yet tired. (Ivan)
Good. (J.D.)
Still tired But strongly feeling the energy flow through me and all around me. (K.H.)
Feel isolated, tired. Also feel peaceful, sweaty, relaxed. A little dead. But also internal quiet & space. (R.J.)
I feel more calm & balanced & have good energy. (Sigrid)

Experience with “Finger Growing”

Both grew ½”, then shortened. (Carol)
Became 0.5 centimeter longer. (Ivan)
I didn’t notice anything. It didn’t “work” for me. (J.D.)
I was happily surprised that my fingers grew and then got shorter.  (K.H.)
Each time I could clearly see a lengthening and then shortening. (Sigrid)

Experience with “Constant Connection” for Signal Changing Body & Palm

No feeling (palm red, white spots). (Carol)
Hand had white spots. (Ivan)
At first, when the signal was sent to the individuals grouped together, I didn’t feel anything. Then, after GM asked me and I told her that, she sent the signal again, and then I felt heat on both sides of my body. (J.D.)
Clear support signal in the form of warm energy flows from the crown to the ground. (K.H.)
Strong feeling – heard a sound, vibrating silence. (R.J.)
I felt a lot of energy from crown down. (Sigrid)

Experience with “Lotus Palm”

No feeling (palm red, white spots). (Carol)
Body became more cool, not as hot. More balance. (Ivan)
I saw the inside of the flower shining. (J.D.)
Flow of energy moving my spine to correction & healing. Opening. (K.H.)
Strong feeling hot. Alive. (R.J.)
My palms were tingling, red with white spots. (Sigrid)

Experience with “Palm Diagnosis”

Felt all organ correctly except Lung. (Carol)

Felt the 5 sensation for 5 organ. (Ivan)

I could feel the differences on Carol. Heart warm, kidney cool, stomach cool, lung itchy. (J.D.)

I felt the aura and the changes in temperature for the organs. (K.H.)

Strong detailed feeling with many sensations and pictures. (R.J.)

I had a coughing attack. My hand tingled a lot regardless to where it was; I felt some place flat or warm, but when I felt again, it was different. It seems that I felt my own energy. (Sigrid)

Experience with “Healing Each Other” using the Five Supreme Techniques

I felt more relaxed after he healed me. Partner is J.D.. (Carol)

Patient said that hands-on was very accurate, perfect spot. Patient felt me diagnosing stomach, energy infusing into lower-dantien felt healing. I felt very good when my head was being healed. Warm – hot. (Ivan)

I felt a sense of great responsibility. Like being a tool for the Qi. Partner is Carol. (J.D.)

I feel more comfortable now with the Five Supreme Techniques. (Practice!) Partner is Ivan, felt # 3, 4, 8, 24. He verified.
I did the work and he was happy with this. (* I did not diagnose his dis-ease in the stomach area.) (K.H.)

I could feel my partner’s healing power & she felt better especially with the medicine palm. Sigrid was my partner. She worked on my ear and much of the pain left. She diagnosed & treated my large intestine. I felt some shift. (R.J.)

Immortal grasp and medicine palm worked well with pain in the ear of my patient. I felt great heat in my palms. The connection to the 3 systems felt powerful. (Sigrid)

Experience with “Remote Diagnosis”

He diagnosed my insomnia. I diagnosed correctly – his eyes. (Carol)
Diagnosed accurately (throat and large intestine). (Ivan)

I felt a fugitive needle in the “pituitary gland” (thumb) and a more diffuse feeling in the “insomnia” zone. (I didn’t look at the map before.) (J.D.)

Interesting. I would like to use this more to see how accurate it is. (K.H.)

Not very clear. I did have some very clear sensations but there was no “point” there, and I didn’t feel the areas of obvious concern. My palm diagnosis of Sigrid was not very accurate. I felt a strong sensation here [R.J. drew a picture of her palm on her feedback form] but there was no point there. I feel the insomnia/anxiety point. She said she sleeps well but very little & feels very stressed. I used the methods to treat her shoulder & hip and she felt somewhat better. (R.J.)

Tingling in my hand pointed to 2, 4, 7. 2 = correct problematic area (with the help of the hand chart). I treated them, & earache medicine palm and intestines & immortal grasp. (Sigrid)

Experience with “Soul Travel”

Blue light. Hot, sweat. Pain. (Carol)

Eexperience of “Thousands Tons Immortal Water” washing each organ and opening 3rd eye

Pain various parts of body chi pulsating. (Carol)
Some tingling in different parts. Tingle right ear. Tingle right side nose. (Ivan)
The water felt scary; my liver hurt & is still hurting, also my hip joint. I felt waves of energy repeatedly – I felt energy in the 3rd eye for a while. (Sigrid)

Experience with Immortal Walking and Running Qigong

Walking – peaceful. Running (Carol)
Just relaxing. No rush. (Ivan)
I was happy to get outside and move. (K.H.)
I look forward to do it later when there is time. (R.J.)

Experience with Connecting/Talking to Tree Spirits

Tree # 1 wanted me. Hands felt warm – one hand tingled. Energy shot out of tree into my solarplex, circled deep in solarplex. It was a gift but tree did not tell me anymore. Tree # 2 was loving. Had thick, dense energy around it. (Carol)
Nothing out of the ordinary. Tree asked me for peanut, so I leave it for tree. (Ivan)
I did that before but here it helped a lot to use my palms like GM showed on the video. I also had the connection from the top of my head and my feet. The trees told me their names, but I can’t remember, it was in Hawaiian. (J.D.)
I love doing this. (K.H.)
Very happy to connect with the Queen Wind tree for a few minutes. (R.J.)

Experience with Energy Connection to Ocean, Heaven and Earth Spirit.

Warm hands sensation. (Carol)
Just warm palms. (Ivan)
It was smoother compared to the trees. I didn’t really visualized the colors. (J.D.)
Very strong connection; I was relieved to be out in Nature. (K.H.)
Too short, not enough time to go deeply and integrate the connection. But my hands were very alive and tingling to the point of feeling transparent. (R.J.)

Today: 147.1 Through retreat: -3 (Carol)
Today: 135 lb Through retreat: -4 (Ivan)
Today: 175.4 Through retreat: -5 (J.D.)
Today: 158.9 Through retreat: -4.7 (K.H.)
Today: 154.6 Through retreat: - 3+ (R.J.)

Experience with Crown Infusion

Yellow & blue light. (Carol)
Powerful experiences. Strong Qigong state. (Ivan)
I was very peaceful. (J.D.)
Strong energy at times, felt energy attacking blockages in ears. Thank you  (K.H.)
Coughing, yawning. Physical toxins surfacing and releasing. Respect for GM Qinyin. (R.J.)

Experience with the Invisible Wuji Needle

Never saw it. Grabbed for it. Thought I felt to verify but maybe not there. (Carol)
Not sure if received it. When put behind right ear felt warm / hot / cool. (Ivan)
I felt it very lightly. (J.D.)
The experience was clear; my Needle is with me now, safely put away. (K.H.)
Very tangible – can see and feel it. Thank you, GM. (R.J.)

The gifts/abilities received during the 3.2D retreat:

1: Gift from tree. 2: More wisdom. 3: Process to heal self. (Carol)
1: Strong signal 2: Stronger Qigong state 3: Easy to relax, no tension in the body (Ivan)
1: Compassion. 2: Confidence in the fact I can heal. 3: Some wisdom. 4: Moral strength. 5: And the beautiful gift of Qigong state and Type I and II exercises. (J.D.)
1: More calm. 2: Lengthen fingers. 3: Wuji Needle. 4: Exercises. (K.H.)
1: Hands became more sensitive. 2: Listening to my body more deeply. 3: “Accepting” practice. (R.J.)
Teaching Healing Each Certification Connecting Lu-couple
Teaching in the 3.2D retreat Students are practice "five super healing methods to each other" Certification Award Bring the students to connect super signal systems; Tommy & Sandy couple are following...
正在给闭关班的学员“循循善诱” 学员们正在互相实习“五大治疗绝技” 正在给闭关班的学员颁发教员资格认证书 正在带闭关班的学员外出“接通” Tommy & Sandy夫妇俩正在闭关项目中

Experience with “Finger Growing”

One of those strange moments – when you feel reality is shaken. (Billy)
It’s impressive. (Matt)
It was a great experience. It shows me the power of the connection, confidence and will. (Raul)

Experience with “Instantly Energy Recharging”

Felt good connection – a lot of chi. (Billy)
A fine “snow” of tiny, gently falling gold particles came down from the sky and began to cover me...
Very beautiful, peaceful and powerful. I got a big smile; very sweet energy. (Matt)
I know that the Two Precondition is essential, absolutely necessary; I can not do nothing without the Two Preconditions. (Raul)

Describe Your Reaction When You Instantly Receive the “Lotus Palm” (Before Palm Diagnosis)

My hand became very warm concentrated on LaoGong. (Billy)
Entire palm very heavy & “dense”. Perhaps a white color with pink accents. A very powerful & satisfying sensation. (Matt)
This time I saw a red/white aura! It was much bigger than my palm. My palm was extremely warm and tingly. (Nancy)
I felt my palm growing, too big, and hot; I felt deeply happy and honored, I see kind of purple color in my palm and fingers. (Raul)

Experience Regarding “Palm Diagnosis” with Classmate.

I felt diagnosis in his liver/spleen. When I cleared his spleen he had pain in spleen and down chest on left side. He sensed my lungs, liver and urinary tract. I have problems in all those areas. (Billy)
Remote diagnosis: Correctly diagnosed insomnia by marking point on hand. Palm diagnosis of her organs was distinct. “Palm Diagnosis” worked O.K.: Heart, hotish. Liver, cool. Kidney, cool. Lung, somewhat warm & prickly. Stomach, cool & neutral. Sandy did a healing on my eyes. (Matt)
When I do Palm Diagnosis, I felt cold in 3 points of my hand; felt happy because my classmate told me the diagnosis was according with his health. When my classmate gives me Qi, I felt movements inside my body, in my liver and in other organs that I don’t know its name. (Raul)

Experience with the “Five Supreme Techniques” on Classmates

From Your Perspective As A Healer. Feels good. Could feel his chi becoming cleaner From Your Perspective As A Patient. Felt him taking the dirty chi. Felt ligher. (Billy)
From Your Perspective As A Healer. I understand the techniques, but was not clear that anything was accomplished. From Your Perspective As A Patient. My partner was very frustrated by her inability to feel in her hands. I tried to stay “open” to help her. (Matt)
From Your Perspective As A Healer. All my life, since I remember, I was looking for this. It’s a divine experience to diagnostice and recover with Qi: no medicine, only, just Universal energy, pure, powerful and for free. From Your Perspective As A Patient. A blessing. (Raul)

Experience with “Remote Diagnosis” on Your Classmates

Your Perspective As A Healer. Definitely felt the difference in each organ. Hot and cooling. Also tingly. From Your Perspective As A Patient. Could feel him scanning my body. (Billy)
From Your Perspective As A Healer. It’s great to know how to do a diagnosis like this. I asked for help to Medicine (Buda) Buddha.
My classmate told me the diagnosis was precise and it corresponds to reality.
From Your Perspective As A Patient. Healer has to be connected to do a real diagnosis. (Raul)

Experience with Immortal Walking & Back & Running Qigong

Feel good – peaceful – inner quiet (Billy)
Very natural, will be doing it often. Especially liked Backwards Walking – it’s like rowing a boat, which I like very much. (Matt)
I understood a natural and deep way to detoxificate me and acquiring Qi. I felt comfortable and light. Walking back was a new experience; I have to practice it to understand its use, benefit. (Raul)

Experience with Connecting/Talking to Tree Spirits

First tree: deep roots high branches – take me below the earth and touch the sky. Second tree: says “oh so much attention.” I like it. Also plane flew over very loud. Tree said: “I don’t like that.” (Billy)
1st tree: Did not feel a direct connection, but got images of a forest experience I had many years ago. 2nd tree: Vague feeling in palms; then message in my mind that I was on correct spiritual path: non(?)-duality (Matt)
First tree was hotter, stronger than the second. It was deep, it was for a little moment; I know, I felt that there is a lot more to interchange with trees. I think it has a yang energy.
Second tree. It was too strong, but a kind of sweet. I think it has yin energy. I felt the necessity to hug it. (Raul)

Experience with Energy Connection to Ocean or Mountain Spirit

Good – peaceful – I am an ocean lover. My daughter’s name is Ocean. Also good with mountain – Open heart – open middle dantian. Powerful mountain spot. (Billy)

Mountain spirit: Spiraling sensation in palms. Very sweet, protective energy from the mountain, like a caring parent. (Matt)

Since we went outside of the car, I felt a deeper and a sweet hug. It was like a mom hug, deeper and sweet. (Raul)

Energy Connection Experience during “Soul Travel”

Deeply quiet mind whole body bustling with chi as it move through all meridians. Very strong connection with chi – rain and thunder very strong influence. (Billy)

Wrapped arms around giant lotus & hung on while flying through storm at night, a large city below. When bell rang, 3rd eye became open hole with a index finger of a golden hand stuck into it. Then a “psychic” opening grew from that; an upside down triangle opening in the frontal bone [Matt drew a picture of his head on the back of his feedback form to explain what he’s describing in his answer], a sense of fullness I can still feel now. Excellent! (Matt)

I went to the forest, to a cavern where water was dropping into a lotus flower in the floor. I became a bird, big bird and fly enjoying the shining sun. I felt a lot, a lot hot in all my body (Raul)

Experience of “Thousands Tons Immortal Water” Washing each Organ and Opening 3rd eye

feel chi move through my body see it washing my cells. Saw my organs distinctly – could see my heart beating very clear. Can feel chi in my third eye – this is not new. I practice the reverse path of refining my water in order to return to the soft subtle childlike way. Great respect to Sifu for helping support my spiritual growth. (Billy)

Water was running down my throat, but that was not good enough, so relaxed more & body became “transparent”, waves crashing through the front and washing whole contents of body including brain, dirt & contaminants going out back of body. (Matt)

I see myself in the middle of a great storm, all my body was wet, receiving water. At the beginning, I felt afraid, like an animal; after that I went to the middle of the storm and happy I received water in my body. I can see how each of my organs become bright and big, strong. About opening 3rd eye, I can’t remember what happens, but something happens. I asked my soul to follow your guide, over the words. (Raul)


1st Day: 158.6 End Day: 153.5 (Matt) (2-12-12)
1st Day: 175.1 End Day: 168 (Raul) (2-12-12)

Experience with Crown Infusion

During the whole process I felt whirling on the crown and all around the body. Upper dantian would be active then still. (Billy)

Very fine experience. A “rocking” type of shaking that started in kidneys, went down & then included upper body & head. Like waves coming up from the earth. (Matt)

First I saw a great sun with a cross coming to me, it entered to me across my 3rd eye. During the storm, I saw me in a little ship going up and down, because [of] the waves. When I heard the dropping water, I saw me inside in a cavern in a mountain, I saw a Buddha. Then the drops were falling in to me, through my head to my heart; everything becomes in a purple color; the only what I see was a purple color in me, in my heart. I took your “words” deeper into my heart. (Raul)

Experience with Wuji Needle Gift

As soon as we started I felt chi behind me – when I grabbed the needle and connected with it I felt my acupoint in my hand then up to my left elbow. (Billy)

Felt presence of Wu Ji Needle in my hand. Hand and wrist then shaking gently for a while. Stored needle. (Matt)

When I was using my Wuji Needle with my right hand, my left hand becomes a little cold and “sleepy”. I can feel my Wuji Needle on my hair and then I was thinking about take in into my right hand, and I feel the Wuji Needle in there. Thank you again. (Raul)

The Unique Gifts Received and Learned From this Retreat:

My understanding has deepened. I have a deeper receptive state. Also more aware of the need to heal my stomach/spleen. With more time the process of understanding the aeffects of this retreat will increase. (Billy)

1: It seems a subtle change in bone structure of the front of the skull during Third Eye opening exercise. Permanent.
2: Wonderful heaviness of Lotus Palm
3: Wonderful karma to help GM & Vicky and yet to spend time with them outside of Retreat.
4: Working with a mountain master who lets me help her. Like being in a movie! Nice karma. Thank you. (Matt)

1: The knowledge that I can live by Qi.
2: The knowledge of how to detoxificate my body, mind and spirit.
3: The knowledge of how to cultivate Qi.
4: The knowledge of how to become get into a Qigong state and receive “information”, true information while I’m into Qigong state. (Raul)

The Most Memorable Experience During This Retreat:

Soul travel. Very profound. the bell ringing very profound. (Billy)
Opening of third eye & front of skull (Matt)
Knowing Grandmaster. Meet Grandmaster. To receive the treasure that this knowledge is. I’m deeply grateful. Thank you. (Raul)