Special Retreat Feedback Report

Terrific Feedback from the Retreat on the Spot

Hear about the feedbacks from the 3.3D Retreat in LA (02/04 - 02/07 /2020)

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Grandmaster Teaching
Energized Healing Food Cooking

Grandmaster Transmission
Students Received Energy Balls

Students Verified
Supreme Healing Techniques
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Students Verified
Finger Growing & Return

Deeply Appreciate Retreat
Amazing Results in Four Days

Students Verified
Communicating with Tree

Finger Growing Session

It was powerful and fun. - Tison L.

Finger grew on both hands. - Cherlin X.

My fingers grew long and returned short. I saw them turn to light and grow. - Dharmata W.

Yes, I was surprised and shocked- Tim M.

Faith and intention. - Fred R.

My fingers grew. -
Tom T.

Palm Diagnosis Session

It was easy. Healing direction was very clear. I felt lighter each time after the healing began. - Dharmata W.

I felt itchy and tingly on some palm areas. My partner found my stomach issue. -
Tim M.

Easy to feel, accurate. - Dr. R.

The diagnosis was accurate. - Tison L.

It was pretty interesting. Most of the diagnosis was accurate - Cherlin X.

I experienced an opening and calming. - Fred R.

Aura on Fingers and Head Session

I saw aura around fingers and warm yellow color straight shooting from the fingers. I saw two colors, more on intuitive level than my eyes.- Natasha C.

I could see very light aura. - Dharmata W .

The finger aura is faint, orange color. I saw blue aura on my classmate. - Tim M .

I saw the energy around my fingers. I saw the body aura, without colors. -Tom T .

It worked and I could see the aura of my fingers. I could see light layer of blue around the volunteer. - Tison L.

Easy to see the finger aura. I saw three layers of color when I was looking at the body aura. - Dr. R.

Saw white light shooting out of my fingers. - Cherlin X.

Lotus Palm Experience

My third eye tingling and aura expanded. - Dharmata W.

I saw bright flood lights in the room, pulsating palms. - Tim M .

My palms felt heavy and tingling. - Cherlin X.

Peaceful! - Tison L.

I could see lotus in the palms. - Dr. R.

I felt tingling on top of my head and around my third eye area. I felt Guanyin left a golden coin on my left hand. - Rose .

StDr.Rg, pulsing, white light. - Fred R.

Healing Each Other with Five Supreme Techniques

As healer, I felt stDr.Rg energy in my hands. I felt it in specific places in my hands. As patient I felt relaxed and less pain. - Dharmata W.

I felt easy to connect and satisfied of energy. - Natasha C.

Yes, I felt ill qi being scraped out as a healer. I felt calm peaceful and less tired as a patient. - Tim M .

Liked grabbing the ill Qi and throwing away. Happy to get feedback from patient, she felt the energy work. - Dr. R.

It was accurate and very useful. I felt lighter and more energetic after receiving the healing. - Tison L.

I used the buddhist palm to heal my classmate. - Rose.

I felt clearing. - Fred R.

Could feel ill Qi lessening with each grab. - Cherlin X.

Remote Diagnosis Session

I felt easy to connect and satisfied of energy. - Natasha C.

As a healer, I felt it in my hands very distinctly. First felt it on side of hand then in center, then between thumb and first finger. As a patient, I felt relaxed and each time he worked on me I felt lighter. - Dharmata W.

Yes, I felt palm heat and scratchy in some area. My partner found urination problem. - Tim M .

Easy. She was accurate. - Dr. R.

I felt various tingling sensations in the palm. My partner was very accurate as well. - Cherlin X.

I was able to tape in and get a tingling on my palm as a healer. As a patient I felt it was accurate. - Rose A.

I'd say that 70% of my diagnosis was accurate. - Tison L.

I felt difference and improvement. - Fred R.

Soul Travel Experience

I felt cleaning and bright. - Natasha C.

My third eye opened with some images. i could visualize organs being washed. During soul travel I felt in altered state . - Dharmata W.

I saw Quanyin pure white temple palace, Quanyin Buddha in white dress giving healing energy. I saw medicine buddha blue temple with hot sauna, blue gems and swirls. The immortal water is very powerful and high pressure. I saw my organs highlighted, bright and clean. - Tim M .

My soul travel is very intensive and saw Hindu God. The immortal water experience is very powerful. My body and organs got energized feeling very stDr.Rg now. - Tison L.

Lots of energy on face and forehead. I saw opening and lotus on paper cane came down and went in the room. - Dr. R.

I saw myself taken through turbulent waters. I went down a whirl pool by a black hole in the water. - Rose A.

Ordinary senses went dark and 3rd eye was called forward. Observed a different lane that began as entry for me via sound. Bird sounds were symbolic of deeper, older vibrations. I saw figures walking, kind, gentle "humans" without any ego or violence. - Fred R.

My third eye was started tingling once I closed my eyes and felt especially stDr.Rg when the immortal water came in. I felt the energy pulsing through the arms. - Cherlin X.

It was beautiful, I traveled through galaxies and deeply moving away from the earth, I was appeared in the cell of my body. After the immortal water cleansing, my organs are pure now. - Tom T.

Crown Infusion Experience and Wuji Dimension Gift

I felt very powerful and vertexes. So grateful for all love, teachings and energies. - Natasha C.

Crown infusion is powerful. My gift was quarter shaped with golden silver light. - Dharmata W.

I saw white swirling energy, lotus is opening. Quanyin Buddha's face appeared. The wuji needle had round circle handle and long thin needle. Acupoint pulsed when poked. - Tim M .

I experienced a lot of energy going into my head, heart, and body. I saw my thick baby blue needle that is about 4 inches long. - Tison L.

My third eye was tingling and my body started to rock back and forth, it felt very stDr.Rg when Grandmaster started chanting. I saw a light blue aura around my needle, and felt tingling in my palm. - Cherlin X.

I could feel a long needle when I pushed it toward my left hand. It was a light beam of blue white. I felt pressure when moved closer. - Fred R.

Felt more Qi in room. Felt shock in body when Grandmaster Qin said mantra to energize food. Inner eye saw golden Wuji Needle. - Dr. R.

I felt poked when I grabbed the needle. - Rose A

Immortal Walking/Running/Backward Walking/Backward Running Qigong

I felt easy to connect and satisfied of energy. - Natasha C.

I loved being outdoor with nature and nature energy. Easy to connect. - Dharmata W.

I saw the universal energy coming in and toxins going out of 84000 mouths. - Tim M .

Connected more than in past. Felt 84,000 mouths open to eat energy. - Dr. R.

Felt energized and warm. - Cherlin X.

It expended my sensation of energy. It was nice and refreshing experience. - Tison L.

I felt connection. - Fred R.

I felt energy. - Rose A .

Connecting/Talking with Trees’ and Nature Spirit

I sent them love and asked how to heal myself. They said through opening the heart. I felt it worked on 6 or 7 chakras. - Natasha C.

Easy to connect to tree spirit. I received a lot of information from them. - Dharmata W.

I communicated with the young trees. - Tim M .

I had very nice talk with the trees. - Dr. R.

I could feel palms tingling and had a sense of energy surrounding me. - Cherlin X.

I felt the tree spirit giving me support. - Rose A.

I felt connection and desire to develop deeper. - Fred R.

My energy connection with tree was stDr.Rg. The trees were nice and told me how old they are. - Tison L.

Receiving Energy Balls from Heaven, Mountain, and Earth

Connect with heavenly being. Very extensive and powerful. I felt the generosity of the earth, mountain and sky. - Dharmata W.

I felt vibration on sides of palms with the sky ball. My earth ball is hot. My mountain ball is gentle and loving. - Natasha C.

I felt it and saw energy balls from sky, mountain and earth. - Tim M .

Blue and darker blue balls came to me and I shot them back to heaven. Shot a yellow streak of light into the mountains. Balls the size of baseballs came to my hands like magnets, multiple colors of earth tones. - Dr. R.

I felt like I received the energy from the balls. I felt the heat coming down from my back. - Rose A.

The balls from heaven, mountain, and earth were all different colors, and I could feel their sensation in my palms. - Cherlin X.

I felt subtle when I received the energy balls. I felt stDr.Rg energy pulsing, felt like highly charged thick liquid, full of healing energy. - Fred R.

The energy balls with the mountain, heaven, and earth were very stDr.Rg. - Tison L.

Benefits Received from this Retreat

Detoxify spirit, body, emotion, qi field and root diseases. - Dharmata W.

New experiences, new techniques and new challenges to work with. My stomach area got tightened. - Natasha C.

Learning to receive the great DAO, new technique and system, new healing methods, saw Guanyin face appeared during soul travel session. - Tim M .

I felt the energy deeper than the last two retreats. I received different color of Wuji needle. I got detoxification. I felt the important purification for enlightenment.. - Tison L.

The retreat changed my mind and expanded clarity about enlightenment. - Dr.R

My intestines feel more quiet and calm. - Fred R.

I gained the lotus palm, the Wuji gift, and third eye opening. - Cherlin X.