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5/4 - 5/8 /2017

Practice Healing Immortal Walking Group Picture communicate with tree Healing each other
Practice Healing Immortal Walking Group Picture communicate with tree Healing each other
Practice Healing Immortal Walking Group Picture communicate with tree Healing each other

Finger Growing Session
My finger seemed to grow longer and short upon command - Johnny M.
Yes. It works! - John G.
My finger growing experience is amazing! - Garla
It is truly worked every time. - Marty
Yes. About half inch longer. - Toenum

Palm Diagnosis Session
I felt a sensation on my palm and was able to correctly diagnosis my patient condition. My classmate was able to diagnose my condition - Johnny M.
Green color connected with my patient and it was correct. - John G.
I enjoyed it. It was so amazing to me. It was great to see Toenum, he got everything correct and he was so happy. - Garla
I could feel hot and cold spots. As patient I felt warm and good feeling. - Marty
My classmate felt some energy movement when I was the healer. I felt some sensation on right shoulder when I was the patient. - Toenum

Aura on Fingers and Head Session
I did see an aura around my finger I did see an aura around Garla head - Johnny M.
I could see it faintly - John G.
I think it's always so pretty and calming to see aura - Garla
Amazing! I could see all fingeraura on both hands. - Marty
I saw finger aura expel out from the finger! I saw little aura from the body. - Toenum

Lotus Palm Experience
I felt a warm tingling sensation on my palm. - John M.
Strong tingling. - John G.
I felt tingling and pulsating! - Garla

Healing Each Other with Five Supreme Techniques
I was able to diagnosis my classmate stomached condition by feeling a sensation on my palm My classmate was able to identify my condition on his hand. - Johnny M.
I had successful healing - John G.
Felt tingling sensation on Marty left kidney during scanning his body. - Toenum

Remote Diagnosis Session
I was able to remove the pain on my classmate left hip with the immortal grasp. My classmate was able to emit comfort and warmth on my knee. - Johnny M.
Very good. I identified two problem areas on my patient. - John
Felt some movement on Garla from the area of the right finger. - Toenum

Soul Travel Experience
I felt above a cliff overlooking the ocean there was transported to a place surrounded by black clouds where universe immortal water entered my third eye and washing my organ. - Johnny M.
I saw dragon again and Quanyin Buddha appeared. Tranquility amid great earth and cosmic energy storms. Wondrous inter dimensional colors. Other beings, deep space, incredible vehicles! How the cosmic Qi energy works transforms. Deep peace! - John G.
I traveled over the land and sea, then I went to another dimension, I saw beautiful colors, Quanyin Buddha, and Jesus (not on this earth). I saw a high tree with circle and I flew over. I was told a connection from the third eye to the heart. Then I saw a mountain, misty low clouds, very green, I heard a voice say" come to the mountain". Immortal water cleansing experience I felt pressure, but it was a beautiful peaceful feeling, I felt light. During 'Open third eye' program I felt there was a strong strong pressure like headache, a burst. - Garla
Felt really relaxed almost fall asleep. Very light. - Marty
I saw white light at the beginning for a few seconds. Then felt very relaxed throughout the soul travel. - Toenum

Crown Infusion Experience and Wuji Dimension Gift
Very good experience. I felt warm and my blockage cleared. Wuji needle I felt was very light, I felt like my Wuji needle pulls when I applied. - Johnny M.
Incredibly powerful experience beyond imagination. Showed the power and majesty creativity at this divine energy force. Reminds me of the vision of job.Wuji needle I got is a wonderful further upgrade which I want to use respectfully and wisely. - John G.
Beautiful! I saw Grandmaster has a ball of energy above her head, a huge energy giant ball, then she was surrounded by light. A steam of light came down into her crown and then streams of light connected to each student! Very interesting! - Garla
I feel very relaxed and calm. - Toenum

Immortal Walking/Running/Backward Walking/Backward Running Qigong
I focused on absorbing the beautiful universe energy with energy inhale and expelling all negative energy and that brought a sense of peace. - Johnny M.
I feel very relaxed, calm and I feel energy connection. - John
I felt more connected to nature. I also felt lighter and I could breath easy! - Garla
I felt relaxed no worries. So cool! - Marty

Connecting/Talking with TreesĄŻ Spirit
I felt something by one tree - Marty

Energy Connection to Lake Spirit
I felt the serenity and peaceful energy of the outdoor program. - Johnny M.
I feel tingling. - John G.
I felt like I could fly. - Garla

My Wonderful Gifts Reveived from this Retreat
I received energy and clearing the blockages. I was able to release the tension in my back I have the tools to detoxify. We are able to upgrade our software to help us in the next life. - Johnny M.
Eyed deeper Qi consciousness state. Better clarity, insight and Wu High mystical experience. Deep connection with Dao - John G.
I lost 6 pounds in this three day retreat and my blood presure data improved greatly even I stopped the medicine. - Marty
Though this retreat I feel much less anxiety and lost some weight of three pounds. My left knee pain is not felt any more, my back pain is greatly reduced and I slept very well during the retreat - Toenum

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