To Hear about the Most Recent Retreat Feedbacks

5/3 - 5/7 /2011

* Although I said in my day 3 feedback that I had a "very good experience" during the retreat, in retrospect, my positive experience has been much deeper than that feedback could convey. In fact, no amount of words can accurately describe the benefits I've gotten so far from the practice. The bigu retreat was truly priceless. My bigu is going very well so far and I am excited about making more progress. Please thank Grandmaster for such an extraordinary gift and experience. -- John Cheong, San Francisco (05/10/11)

I did Bigu for 7 days and I lost about 12 lbs so far from 187 to 175 lb. I also feel a lot of energy in my hands and in my body when I do the Qigong exercises - Hal Chu

My experience of the strong power of crown infusion during the Retreat Day 4: my strongest reactions happened when I put my hands on my crown and neck. When I put my hands on my crow the first time my left hand feel like fire, when I put my hand on my neck both my hands feel like fire. Another time when I put my crown I feel electricity in my genital area.

My experience with the treasure from other dimension gift (Invisible wuji needle): I feel qi in my left left hand and I also feel needle insert in my hand one time.

I got so many treasures during the 72 hour retreat, they are lotus palm crown infusion, wuji needle, Buddha palm, immortal grasp palm,medicine palm, soul traveling, third eye sealing, ten thousand immortal water to cleanse organs, connection with sea, heaven and earth, communication with trees, walking running qigong, see auras, etc. - John Cheong

During the Crown Infusion I felt whole body was full of energy and shelled a little from time to I still felt pressure on my crown and third eye.

My experience with the treasure from other dimension gift (Invisible wuji needle): My needle is about 1 and half feet. It looks like my needle is light white color. I felt tingling when I I inserted needle. - Hal Chu (Hawaii)

During the Crown infusion I felt my crown get very hot with a white swirling light. It first moved down to my heart charka which then opened with a pink light. I felt a wave of gratitude for this gift which brought tears to my eyes. It eventually moved to my lower hands were very hot during the whole time of energy infusion. When I covered my eyes with my hands, they were glowing gold.

My experience with the treasure from other dimension gift (Invisible wuji needle): At first I could not find where it came in. I didn't feel or see it in my right hand. Grandmaster said it came in and surrounded my body at waist line. I asked it to be in my right hand. Then I felt a magnetic pressure. It was about 1 and half feet long and color was gray. When I tried to put it on my left hand, I didn't feel anything sharp, but more magnetic pressure like a pulsing sensation.

I got lots of treasures from the retreat, they are Immortal grasp, medicine palm, lotus palm, crown infusion, wuji needle, Bigu technology and energized products.. - Joyce Hess (San Diego)

During the crown infusion When I put my hand on my middle Diantian, I feel slight pain on my left head and it went away later. I feel very full when I put my hand on my stomache. During the experience with the Wuji needle, I feel the needle poked on my hand this time. I feel very gratefule for theis precious gift. -Doris Chun

During the Finger Growing session,

I can see the finger growing in the first try - Hal
I can see my fingers grow or return back to normal - John
For most of the exercise it worked - Joyce
Yes, it worked and Grandmaster explained how we may apply this principle to diseases such as cancer (tumors) - Doris

During the Palm Diagnosis Session:

Since my hands are tingling very much, I cannot feel the front part of the body, but can feel the cool energy of the kidney very well - Hal
I can feel areas of coldness around the patientí»s (Joyce) stomach and liver - John
It was not very accurate reading of the other student (her patient is John) - Joyce
We learned how to do this technique and confirm with the patient if we sense anything not normal -Doris

During the Aura on Fingers and Head Session

It is amazing! I can see all my fingersí» aura. They are about 4 inches long. - Hal
I can see the aura on fingers extend 1 to 2 inches - John
It worked -Joyce
I could see my finger aura, it's about 2 inches long - Doris

Experience with Third Eye

I saw a blink of orange color when Grandmaster said í░Third Eye Open!í▒ -Hal
I saw more light. The feeling sensation of my cheek, forehead, 3rd eye and scalp became more stronger, tingling and sometimes throbbing. -John
I felt an old block come up at the block of the neck. I felt pressure in the 3rd eye area but not a headache. It was interesting to me that the block came up at the base of the neck, right side. Usually it comes up at the base of the neck, left side. So something shifted! -Joyce
I could visualize each organ in my body turning into the bright color that Grandmaster said. Also, my bones and cells. -Doris

Healing Each Other with Five Supreme Techniques

Did the first four techniques with positive results but did not do the fifth technique - Hal
I had successful healing when I did 5 Supreme Techniques - John
Very good. I could feel heat and vibration in my hands, the connection to the patient. I could also feel the connection when I was the patient. It was a warm, relaxing energy during Buddhist palm. - Joyce
Immortal grasp: I practiced healing the patientí»s shoulder. Medicine palm: Again practiced working on the patientí»s shoulder. Buddhist palm: As the patient, I got good healing on my neck and spine. - Doris

During the Remote Diagnosis Session:

Good experience. The tingling points on my palm do not have any indication of issues on the hand picture (no specific number) - Hal
Very good. I identified two problem areas on my patient. - John
It was easy to connect to my patient, but the signals I felt on my hand did not correspond to any place (numbers) on the acupuncture chart - Joyce
For my patient, I diagnosed two problem areas and he confirmed this was correct. As the patient, I confirmed two out of the three problem areas diagnosed by my partner. The third area could become a problem in the future, I caní»t say at this time. - Doris

My Experience with Soul Travel
I saw some images of forests and space with many planets -Hal
I can feel sensation around my cheek, 3rd eye, forehead and top of scalp. I feel wind blowing at my face during travel. My left shoulder feel ache (dull). -John
I was able to visualize myself flying on a lotus flower. It was white. My physical body felt disoriented at one point. I didí»t know where I was. But I just told my body to remain calm, that I would be right back. I saw a lake in the mountains, then a waterfall in the mountains. I saw the beach with seagulls and heavy pounding waves. -Doris

Thousand Tons Immortal Water

The top of my head was very tingling and tight -Hal
I feel my heart open a little. When the water was washing my lungs, I see a strong white color and then feel my left shoulder release and open up. -John
I saw myself standing in front of a huge wall of water. I invited it in to cleanse each organ but it didní»t move. I felt a trickle of energy move down my Middle Line and settle in the Lower Dantian. I felt the thousand tons of immortal water pouring through my whole body to cleanse every part of my body including each organ. -Doris

Practice Healing Immortal Walking Group Picture communicate with tree Healing each other
Practice Healing Immortal Walking Group Picture communicate with tree Healing each other

Immortal Walking/Running/Backward Walking/Backward Running Qigong
Feel more relaxed and more Qi in my body -Hal
I feel very relaxed, calm and I feel energy connection with my fingers in antenna position -John
It felt very energizing to connect to the channel. My whole body was tingling. -Joyce
I received more energy -Doris

Connecting/Talking with Treesí» Spirit
Great! I can feel the mood of the trees if they are happy or not - Hal
I saw flashing lights with the first tree. Second tree: I saw an image in the shape a lizard with 2 eyes. Third tree: I saw colors of yellow and green. - John
I was able to connect with 3 trees. I did not see any images but did get answers to most questions asked of the trees. - Joyce
Did not receive direct communication. Just a general sense that the spirit was happy to give me strong energy. Second tree: I sense the tree spirit is very strong and peaceful. - Doris

Energy Connection to Ocean, Heaven and Earth Spirit
Good experience. But still not sure how to practice it correctly. - Hal
I feel tingling down my left arm with Heaven and Earth Spirit - John
The Ocean Spirit connected to me before we began the exercise. I had no problem connecting to the Heaven and Earth Spirits. My hands were hot and vibrating. - Joyce
Received energy from Ocean, Heaven and Earth Spirit - Doris

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