To Hear about the Most Recent Retreat Feedbacks

8/12 - 8/15 /2019

communicate with tree Group Picture communicate with tree Healing each other
Practice Healing Immortal Walking Immortal Walking Healing each other

Finger Growing Session
It was straight forward, very easy to see the result. - Tison L.
Yes, it grew longer and then returned. - Cherlin X.

Palm Diagnosis Session
Easy to feel, accurate. - Ron H.
Some of the diagnosis was very accurate, some were not. - Tison L.
It was pretty interesting. Most of the diagnosis was accurate - Cherlin X.
No unusual condition detected.. - James B.

Aura on Fingers and Head Session
It was very faint but saw some colors. - James B.
Reading finger aura was easier than body aura. It took me some time to read body aura. - Tison L.
Saw white light shooting out of my fingers. - Cherlin X.

Lotus Palm Experience
My palms felt heavy and tingling. - Cherlin X.
Exciting! - Tison L.
Beautiful. Big, full, powerful. - Ron H.
Vibrating and pulsing. - James B.

Healing Each Other with Five Supreme Techniques
Liked grabbing the ill Qi and throwing away. Happy to get feedback from patient, she felt the energy work. - Ron H.
I was working on the patients lungs. His body was responding to the healing when I did medicine palm. - Tison L.
Could feel ill Qi lessening with each grab. - Cherlin X.

Remote Diagnosis Session
Easy. She was accurate. - Ron H.
I felt various tingling sensations in the palm. My partner was very accurate as well. - Cherlin X.
Felt vibrating in several locations on palm. - James B.
I'd say that 70% of my diagnosis was accurate. - Tison L.

Soul Travel Experience
I felt increased connection and alignment with high level beings and felt greater clarity. - James B.
Body was a bit heavy. I went to a few different places like Amazon Jungle, an ancient looking building, a big room for gathering. - Tison L.
Emptiness. - Ron H.
My third eye was continuously tingling throughout the whole session and I saw some beautiful places, like a bamboo forest, a magical island, and a towering cliff. Magical experience. - Cherlin X.

Crown Infusion Experience and Wuji Dimension Gift
I experienced a lot of energy going into my head, heart, and body. I saw my thick baby blue needle that is about 4 inches long. - Tison L.
I kept seeing different patterns of light, and I felt completely energized. I saw a long white needle in my palm that created tingling sensations in various areas of the palm. - Cherlin X.
Felt more Qi in room. Felt shock in body when Grandmaster Qin said mantra to energize food. Inner eye saw golden Wuji Needle. - Ron H.
Intense with lots of tingling in head and some visuals. Felt Wuji Needle in hand. - James B.

Immortal Walking/Running/Backward Walking/Backward Running Qigong
Connected more than in past. Felt 84,000 mouths open to eat energy. - Ron H.
Felt energized and warm. - Cherlin X.
My energy was light when I was connecting with outdoor programs. - Tison L.
I felt normal. - James B.

Connecting/Talking with TreesĄŻ and Nature Spirit
Felt tingling in palms. - James B.
Tree invited me to sit and be comfortable. Asked me to put hands on tree, very sweet. - Ron H.
Could feel palms tingling and had a sense of energy surrounding me. - Cherlin X.
My energy connection with tree was strong. The tree was talking to me about it's age, spirit, and the smell of nature helps open channels in the body. - Tison L.

Receiving Energy Balls from Heaven, Mountain, and Earth
Blue and darker blue balls came to me and I shot them back to heaven. Shot a yellow streak of light into the mountains. Balls the size of baseballs came to my hands like magnets, multiple colors of earth tones. - Ron H.
Felt some sense of energy balls coming in. - James B.
The balls from heaven, mountain, and earth were all different colors, and I could feel their sensation in my palms. - Cherlin X.
The energy balls with the mountain, heaven, and earth were very strong also. It was very nice to experience energy exchange with the nature. - Tison L.

Benefits Received from this Retreat
I gained special abilities, the Wuji Needle, had energy detoxification, and also learned the key for enlightenment. - Tison L.
I now have a deeper desire for enlightenment and also have extra confidence in Qinway. - Ron H.
I lost 10 pounds during this retreat. - James B.
I lost 5 pounds and also had a much better spiritual experience this retreat. - Cherlin X.