Qigong Newsletter

October 2005

I. What Is New

Nearly 100 people from Britain, Belgium to all over the US received the free remote healing on 9/30 facilitated by Qigong Master Qinyin. Many participants reported strong experiences in body/mind/spirit healing (see sample feedbacks below). This again demonstrated that the Qinway Qigong System is a true system supported by higher beings. Realizing the existence of wonderful universal energy is the first step in one's awakening. The natural next step (also a fundamental step) is to follow the path through personal practice of a true system reguarly.

II. Feedbacks: 9/30 Free Remote Healing with Master Qinyin

*Felt an strong energy moving within my body, it wasn't moving steadily, it was like waves and I could feel it strongest in my head specially in my eyes. (Pilar)

*There was more tingling, and the body felt heavy, like I couldn't move. There was a lot of energy spinning around me...(Anna)
* I felt a strong energy come through my body and I went into a different level of consciousness where I "saw" the imbalances I was dealing with and got a snap shot picture of the whys and wherefores. The next morning I woke up feeling lighter as if a heavy weight had been lifted off my shoulders, neck and back. This discomfort I deal with on daily basis was relieved almost entirely. I even had enough energy to go for a walk. (Silvia)

* Beautiful energy, feel very happy and light-hearted after the healing. At one point felt very healing energy in the area of the ovaries and a clearing there. It was a very strong transmission, I felt the energy actually pushing into the body to move old qi out. Toward the end I fell asleep. (Mary)
* I felt a very slight and subtle energy flow on the entire left side of the body, which was interesting as the left side has, in the past, been weaker and more sucessitable to disease. The new hair that is growing on my head is thicker on the right side than the left side. (Ron) * Energy went to different weak spots in the body, like a clearing
out, and then it went to a major emotion of sadness, and tears came. My cat wanted all the time to jump on my body, and I felt energy infusing. It made me calm, but i had to remove the cat. (Rosemarijn)

* During the healing on Friday night, I saw various manifestations of light,... (James)

*(After remote healing) Today I feel fine: strong, energized, no gum bleeding. I'm very grateful to Master Qinyin. (Lia)
* At the end, I felt my palms were very warm. Today is my second day of 3-day half-bigu. This time, I feel refreshed even at late nights. (Gordon) * I felt love during the healing, and had a powerful dream that night. (Justis)
* I felt the energy build in dantien and continued to feel the energy in my feet and middle dantien...The first thing I saw when I closed my eyes was that I was covered by a huge pyramid of light. I went to bed around 11:30pm and I slept very well. (Tom)

* I felt energy during the time and have given excellent massages since that day. (Moreah)
* 930 remote healing was very good for me. At 9:05 I felt an energy come into my arms, at 9:10 received an even heavier energy pressing down on my arms...The energy was very strong so decided to sit down. The energy was extremely strong the first ten minutes and was intermittent, slowing down and then getting stronger. (Christi) * Through the one hour remote healing process, we felt calm and very peasefull, doosed off some times, and felt energetic afterward. (Kathy & Ocean)
* Thank you to Master Qinyin for the wonderful remote healing. I felt a lot of energy, although oddly more at the beginning. (Naomi)

* Please tell Master Qinway that I really appreciate and thank her for the healing session last night. For almost the whole hour I felt a very strong energy sensation. (Jim)
*I really felf the energy. I became so relaxed. I drifted off to sleep. I felt like I was surrounded in a ball of energy. I feel a calmness inside. I haven't slept like that in a long time. (Marilyn)

* I felt some flashes of light in my head - felt qi throughout my body at some point as shivers - felt fear coming out - starting screaming, making noises - my body was jerking at some point. (Victor)
* At 9:00 – 9:10 I felt lighter and happy, even though earlier I had felt bad from a chest cold. 9:20 tingling, warm sensation middle dantien and heart area, a knowing for healing in that area. 9:30 Quanyin appeared to me in soft purples and gold, smiling and assuring. Also I sensed Master assuring me in my heart and mind she is always with me and guidance and heavenly assistance is mine as I stay tuned. (Steven)
* Much of the experience was ineffable, but I do remember some
things quite clearly. At 9 p.m. I immediately went into a deep meditative state. There were exquisite colors and patterns and, most importantly, a tremendous feeling of peace and clarity. During the
first part of the experience I felt the distinct presence of persons (perhaps beings would be a better term) near me or very close and sometimes seeming to be moving around me. (John)
* On the first night (the 30th) I felt rapid energy pulses for about three seconds. I fell asleep during the following three healings since that was late for me but I did wake up during the last one and with my eyes closed saw a bright flash of blue and gold light. (David)

* In the begining I felt a slight spontaneous movement, and felt very comfortable. In the second phase, there was more spontaneous movement, and the top of my head felt tingling and swelling. My Lower Dantian was warm, and my whole body was unspeakably comfortable. In the third, I seemed to be half awake and half asleep, feeling light. (Shirley)