Group Healing Workshop Feedback

Terrific Feedback from Group Healing in Oregon

Powerful Free Group Healing Sucessfully Finished! There was truly a magnificent experience. The testimonials demonstrated the Qinway powerful high spiritual energy system can benefit the karma people. See some of group healing event feedback in 2018:

Students Listening Carefully Gm Interacting with Students

Hear about the feedbacks from the group healing workshop in Oregon. 请听来自现场的反馈。

Turtle R., Oregone, U.S.A.
I feel warm tingling in my hands and forearms.我的手和前臂感到温暖针刺的感觉

Raven A, Oregone, U.S.A.
I had sharp sensation in lower abdomen and strong vibration in heart.我的小腹有明显的感觉,心脏也有强烈的震动

Eric L., Oregone, U.S.A.
Good experience and I felt the energy moving. I felt a slight tingling through my body at times and a little warm and flushed. 很好的经历,我感到精力充沛。 整个过程中我有时感觉身体有刺痛感,又有温暖被冲洗的感觉

Shanti P., Oregone, U.S.A.
Moved in my heart to tears, the energy tingling in palms and a feeling of warmth pressure in my head. This is so interesting. I feel a sense of big world being pointed to something other. 心中感动流出了泪水,手掌有种针刺的感觉,脑门上感到有一股温暖的压力。

Rachel H, Oregone, U.S.A.
I really enjoyed it. The energy was very calming and comfortable. I could feel tingling in my palms and my eyes even became clear. 我很享受整个过程,能量很安宁舒服,手掌有种针刺的感觉,眼睛也变得更清晰。

Tomas, Oregone, U.S.A.
Very relaxed healing energy went into my body. Warm energy went through my whole body especially in my heart space. 让人放松的治疗能量进入我的身体。 温暖的能量充满了我的身体,特别是心脏部位。

Lydia, Oregone, U.S.A.
Warm and positive energy. Mentally clarifying healing. Warming in the body especially hands, where ever hands were palced sensation in front of eyes and heart area. 让人温暖的正能量。 温暖的能量充满了我的手,特别是心放置的眼睛和心脏部位。

Jane, Oregone, U.S.A.
Carming and relax energy and heat. 温暖,安宁的能量。

Jerry, Oregone, U.S.A.
Beneficial, intense heat, hand vibration touching the heart center. 受益非浅,感到热量和温暖,手放在心脏处有震动的能量。

Shinkan, Oregone, U.S.A.
Feeling warm, open and nourishing. 感到热量和温暖,一种开放被滋养的感觉。

Shag, Oregone, U.S.A.
Very nice feeling, I feel the energy in my palm. 感觉不错,感到能量在掌心中。

Heath, Oregone, U.S.A.
Very pleasant feeling, I feel warmth throughout the body. 感觉愉悦,全身感到温暖。

Ariane, Oregone, U.S.A.
Very good, enlightening, interesting, and just what I need. 很好的感觉,让人开悟,很有意思,正是我所需要的。

Joanne, Oregone, U.S.A.
My energy reaction included warmth and clear mind. It helped to move throughout and message or touch my body. This workshop brings awareness to myself and the reminder and desire to practice self healing. 我感到温暖,思维更清晰。这次会议更让我感到自我疗法的重要性。

Tom, Oregone, U.S.A.
Some tingling, but mostly achy, like a much needed message. 有点麻的感觉,有点疼,正像我要的按摩。