Qinway 930 Healing Special
北美.沁康平 930 特刊
10. 2011

Terrific Feedback from 9/30 Remote Healing with Grandmaster Qinyin

The famous Qinway system remote healing on 9/30 was truly a magnificent experience for many people from all over the world. Many many people around the world have benefited from this for many years. These are their true feedbacks shared in this year 930 event (September 30, 2011)

These testimonials demonstrated the Qinway powerful high spiritual energy can benefit the karma people. With the diligent practice and compassion of Grandmaster Qinyin, Qinway system will make miracles again! You can be the next one!

Three members of Kathy family shared special feelings during 930: (San Diego, CA):

My mom Jianban Xu is a famoust artist in China, she is 89 years old. Grandmaster and her have special karma. Last year my mom made a portrait for Grandmaster. This year during 930 my mom said her hand feel num, normally she has to stand up if she sit down for a longer time and her back hurts, but this evening she sit down for the whole hour and didn't feel anything uncomfortable. She drinks little water most of the time, but time time she drank the whole cup of Goji vital tea, end up went to rest room for 5-6 times. She felt much better the next day! (by Kathy)

Ocean Huo: My husband felt lots of heat in his body, sweat, felt lots of energy entering his body with the immortal water, became energetic right away. He was so happy to sleep that night. He is still full of energy these days and not tired when he is golfing! (by Kathy)

Kathy felt strong needles into her hands from the very begining, felt num during the whole event; WHen she drank tea the water seems entering her mounth automatically; She wanted to drink after finished two cups. Later stage her body started to shake.

Thank Guanyin Buddha! Thank Medicine Buddhal! Thank Qinway System! Thank Grandmaster Qin! Thanks for all the efforts of the Qinway volunteers!

Shirley K. (Southern CA):

During the 930 event, I felt very well, I could feel very strong Qi and my hands became very hot (my hands usually were very cold). I could feel Qi around Baihui (top of my head). Thank you, Qinway system! Thank you, Grandmaster!

I will never forget a few years ago, I was suffering from refractory of the disease scleroderma, referred by a friend and I came to the Qinway 3.2D Furnace retreat, after less than 100 days Bigu, the miracle happened to me, my scleroderma problem is gone!

John G. (Southern CA):

I prepared for the 930 remote healing by drinking bigu tea and practicing Qigong, so I was in a Qigong state of consciousness at 9:30 p.m.

I immediately went much deeper into Qigong consciousness when the remote healing energy was transmitted by Grandmaster Qinyin. It was so powerful that it was like a dream experience in such a high dimensional state of consciousness that it’s hard to remember when you wake up. But I wasn’t asleep — I was super conscious. I was seeing scenes and experiencing through my Third Eye. I do remember that someone turned something around quickly so that I could see it from my perspective. I don’t know what it was, but it seemed quite important. Later, someone enveloped in beautiful, ethereal orange colored energy sprinkled me with bits of what seemed like orange colored bits of energy from an orange container. There was a light, joyous, celebratory quality to this experience.

When the energy transmission stopped, I saw the image like a big bird spirit which spread its wings and flew away. It took me some time to return toward more ordinary consciousness and my head felt like it was filled with wonderful energy.

Sigrid. M. (Santa Cruz, CA):

I felt the signal for 20 minutes and was able to sit in the half lotus position without the great pain in my right hip joint in which I have little or no cartilage (it was not totally painless but much better; often I couldn't even sit in this position because I am 71 years old); I felt tingling very quickly in my hands and turned them around. My operated left joint felt less painful as well. I felt very good afterwards. I still have my cough, and chronic cystitis in my bladder, but both problems felt better after 930 remote healing!

*北美著名的*沁康平体系,其930全球性远距离治疗,多年世界各地的许多人们都曾受益于此,不少人更有许多真正深刻而神奇的体验。在此分享今年930(2011年Spet 30)他们真实的反馈。

这些证言深刻地表明了沁康平高能灵性系统可以非常有效地造福有缘人们,通过沁大师的慈悲与勤于实践,沁康平技术必将再创奇迹, 而下一个奇迹就是你!

Kathy 一家三人的930 特别感受,分别谈: (圣地亚哥, 加州) :

徐坚白:我妈妈是个著名画家,已经89岁了,她与沁老师很有缘,去年还给沁老师著笔画像。在今年的930 远程治疗时,她感到她的手发麻发涨,她老人家平时稍坐长就感到腰部不适地要站起来,那晚她坐下接功整个过程且并未感到腰间不适;她平时喝水很少,接功是喝了整一大杯枸杞茶,一晚上上了五,六趟洗手间,第二天精神很好。

Ocean 霍: 我丈夫在930接功时,感到全身发热,出汗,感觉有大量能量甘露水进入身体,倍感精力充沛,晚上因兴奋难以入睡;这些天来一直都精力充沛,打了几次高尔夫球也不会觉得累。

Kathy 霍: 从一开始接功我就感双手有强烈针刺的感觉,麻麻酥酥的舒服感觉贯穿着全过程;喝阴阳能量加持茶的时候,这茶水好像自动地往嘴里流进,喝了两杯还想喝;后阶段有自发调控的现象,身体左,右缓缓摇摆不停;


Shirley K.(南加州):


我将永远难忘几年前,我身患难愈之症,经朋友介绍来到了q沁康平3.2D 辟谷闭关班, 在不到100天的日子里,奇迹在我身上发生了! Read Shirley's story click here

John G. (Southern CA) (加州)

当沁大师的930能量传到我身上时,我马上就进入了很深的功态,它是如此的强大,像飘渺在高维空间几许意识,醒来时很难记清那梦幻般的体验。但我不是睡着 - 这是一种超觉意识。我所看到的场景和经历通过我的第三只眼观察到了,我看到了一种空灵的橙色能量,这绝对是一种光亮的,愉悦的经验。


Sigrid. M. (Santa Cruz, CA)(加州)