Qinway Qigong Monthly
October 2006

Terrific Feedback from 9/30 Remote Healing with Grandmaster Qinyin

The remote healing on 9/30 was truly a magnificent experience for many people from all over the world. These testimonials demonstrated the power of universal spiritual energy through the Qinway Lineage System. With the guidance of a true master, Grandmaster Qinyin, and diligent practice in Qinway Qigong, healing and transformation is made possible.

*It was truly a great experience. Loved it. (Michael)

*Doing the meditation on 9/30 was a great rekindling and reconnection to the peace I am disconnected to at times. (Jo Ann)

*Waves of white light and an incredible force moved me physically even though I was in an empty public cafe, I try not to be notice.... I needed to continue the wave with my arms like an ocean of white light was washing me at the end I felt better, more alert and light. (Patricia)

*Thank you so very much for the 9/30 remote healing.... I continued to feel the waters washing me from the top of my head. I had dreams and woke feeling rested. (Nancy)

*I received very strong qi from Master Qinyin during 930 remote healing. My body was rocking back and forth almost fell from the chair. I stood up and tried to slow down the movement. However, my whole body rocking back and forth from the feet and I couldn't stop falling. .... Next day my eye sight was clearer and I can read without my nose touching the newspaper. (Rosa)

*This was an especially powerful healing experience, accompanied by strong feelings of vital energy and color visualizations. ... First there was a field of beautiful, pure, pearl white. Then other colors appeared, some as “sparklers” of star-like color bursts. ...I feel deep gratitude for this opportunity to continue to extend the range of my “self” cultivation through this ancient lineage which Qinway Qigong represents. (John)

*I feel more patient, more calm, my anger has been a little released. I have strange sensations in my Lower Dantian....I wanted only to thank Grandmaster Qinyin and her Higher Being Systems for the blessings yesterday. This morning I woke up for the very first time since more than one year without tooth aches. I feel more calm inside and somehow my body feels clearer and lighter. It is hard to express in words. (Verena)

*During the healing, I felt a lot of heat and energy, and a deep sense of well-being. (Dorothy)

*I felt very peaceful and energized throughout the healing. During and after the 100 thousand ton Immortal Water flowed through my body, I saw this calming blue color and my body felt lighter and energized. ...The last 5 to 10 minutes of the meditation, the pain in my back and pressure in my chest/lungs went away. Today my lungs feel lighter. (Tom)

*My healing went terrific.... While I was drinking my tea my body started rocking from side to side. From 9:20 when the immortal water was pouring in my palms became very heavy and I had mild pulsating in my palms. (Christi)

Upcoming Events

Powerful Group Healing with Grandmaster Qinyin scheduled for December 16, 2006, Saturday at the Hawaii Kai Library, Honolulu (directions below). This is a unique opportunity to directly experience the power of universal energy, relieve pain and get more energy on the spot! Be sure to come and invite your family and friends to this unique healing group session. Register early as there are only 60 spaces available.

Special Ability Rejuvenation Retreats are scheduled in January, 2007. As you know, many wonderful accounts of healing and rejuvenation were reported from past retreats. Good reports and testimonials continue to flow as students learn from Grandmaster Qinyin and through daily bigu and qigong. There are only very limited openings to guarantee maximal individual instructions, and you are strongly encourage to register soon to make a reservation. Return students are also welcome as each retreat is unique and individualized.

Refer a friend directly and receive $100 virtue reward. Details...


12/16/06, Saturday
1:30 - 4pm
Hawaii Kai Library
249 Lunalilo Home Rd.
Honolulu, HI 96825
1/10/07, 4:30pm -
1/13/06, 4:30pm
Oahu, Hawaii

1/14/07, 4:30pm - 1/17/07, 4:30pm

Oahu, Hawaii
Special Ability Rejuvenation Retreat
(Look 10 years younger in a month.* Register now)

1/19/07, 4:30pm -
1/22/07, 4:30pm

Oahu, Hawaii
Special Ability Rejuvenation Retreat
(To be organized by Single Retreat Manager)


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