930 Remote Healing Feedback 2013

Terrific Feedback from 9/30 Remote Healing with Grandmaster Qin

The remote healing on 9/30 was truly a magnificent experience for many people from all over the world. These testimonials demonstrated the power of universal spiritual energy through the Qinway Lineage System. With the guidance of a true master, Grandmaster Qin, and diligent practice in Qinway, healing and transformation is made possible.

I felt so much joy and peacefulness during the healing. I did not want it to end. The energized products really helped me. I still feel the calmness carry over to the next day. I am extremely pleased to make a donation to support the qinway future Enlightenment Retreat Center. Thank you, Grandmaster, for your compassionate healing. - D. C. (Honolulu, HI)
Thank you for the 930 remote healing. I felt warmth and tingling during the healing. Would like to experience more. - J. I. (Buford, GA)
Thanks for the 930 healing. The energized products are very helpful, my palm felt very warm. I don't feel tired during Bigu. My daughter also sat with me for the healing and listened to the music while I practiced qigong. - V. B. (Dublin, CA)
Felt tingling sensations at the top of my head and some movement of energy down my left arm and towards my palms. - V. T. (U. K.)
Thank you very much! I could really feel the energy on the left side of my body. The energized products helped me a lot. It was very strong around 9:30. It felt like rain falling. Excellent! - M. P. (Euclid, OH)