930 Remote Healing Feedback

Terrific Feedback from 9/30 Remote Healing with Grandmaster Qin

Powerful annual remote healing just finished, there was truly a magnificent experience for many people from all over the world. The testimonials demonstrated the Qinway powerful high spiritual energy system can most benefit the karma people. See Some of 930 Event Feedbacks in This Year:

* Rosa from California
Thank you Grand Master! I have felt the biggest change in my mood. Prior to 930 I was severely depressed and full of anxiety. I was immediately much happier and have hope for my life. I do continue to have pain. I am doing the Chi Gong practice everyday and feel the energy quite easily. I would love to heal my body and live pain free. I thank you for anything further you can do to assist me.
感谢你大师!经过这次930遥治,我明显感觉到在情志上的巨大变化,之前我有几种忧郁症,常陷于完全的焦虑状态,而现在我已对生活愉悦而充满希望, 虽然我还有些病痛,但我每天一练功就能感到能量进入是如此的快捷,我希望借此能彻底的康复并消除病根,再次感谢你带给我的一切,因为你真正的帮到了我!

* Shirley W - CA, Milpitas
On 9/30 I sit down at 9:15pm and my head became hot, especially the Baihui area felt numb, the feeling was so obvious and start from the Baihui area and spread to entire head for a long time, I feel so wonderful! When I imagine the immortal waterfall, slowly my hands heated up, getting hot, and I even got sweaty palms. I usually have cold hands and feet, rarely feel the hot hands, this hot feelings lasted for ten minutes until the music finished. As a student,my Bigu started from September 29, I did not feel any hunger until now.Thanks 930, thanks you, Grandmaster!
9月30日晚9:15坐定,开始不久就感觉头顶发涨,接着百会发麻,非常明显的感觉,比平时练功的百会穴发麻时间长,由百会穴到整个头顶,感觉美妙!万吨甘露水从一开始比较弱,而后慢慢地双手发热,越来越热,手心出汗,我平时手脚凉,罕有觉得手热的时候,这种感觉持续了有十几分钟。作为闭关班的学人我启动了辟谷从9月29 日开始,迄今没有饥饿感因930能量满满,谢谢师!

* John G - CA, Ojai
The 930 distant energy transmission was powerful as always. I immediately felt the energy shift connection. It was so soothing I went to sleep and slept quite deeply and peacefully all night. I'm sure there is a big beneficial result on several levels! 930遥治的能量与往年同样强大,我能立刻感觉到与高能的接通舒畅而灵静,很快入睡并在整个晚上睡得特别深,感到身心灵不同层面上都得到很大受益!

* Lily L - CA, Fresno
ReceiviVery clear has received Grandmaster remote healing 930 signals, while I'm practicing Qinway exercise, I feel very comfortable and relaxed, also I feel the stream flowing from head to feet, even the most painful part of the waist is also released. I saw the lights, gradually I fell into deep asleep...
在接收到沁师发出的 930 远程治疗信号时除了感觉很舒服和放松外,我还在练功的同时时接收到强大的“瀑布”洗涤,觉得有一股气流从头到脚一直在流。平时腰部最痛发紧的部位也松开了。我的两眼间看到有光圈闪亮着,之后就在悠哉悠哉地睡着了,,

* Helen H - CA, Fresno
During previous 930 events I always got a lot health benefits. But this 930 I worship Buddha for 3 times. During the sleeping qigong, I saw the big waterfall pouring on my body,just amazon!The next day I have 4-5 time detoxifications, without any stomach pain.
我在以往的930远程治疗中都是在身体恢复健康上的受益;这次在接收930信号时却不由自主地对着心中的佛做了三个大礼拜的动作; 在卧功中我见到了大型瀑布倾泻到我身上,奇妙! 次日有4-5次排毒但不腹痛。

* Tang X - China, Shanghai
During 930 remote healing, I feel my head has a lot of energy and swelling and dumb. My finger became fat and round, feel tingling. My third eye saw the three high beings with bright lights. My arms have inductance feeling, my whole body is full of energy, and I feel calm and warm.
在接收930远程治疗时,我感觉头顶有很多能量又胀又麻; 发现手指也变得又胖又圆并有针刺感。在我的第三眼处观想三大高灵周身充满光圈,我的手臂有通电感 并全身发热,平静而温暖.

* Wensheng from Canada,Vancouver
(1) I feel my palm become hot in 930, my fingers feel numb like small needles. (2) My body feel warm. (3) My left cervical feels pain for a while and followed normal. (4) I feel dry mouth. (5) I feel peaceful and pleasure.
(1) 930时感到双手手掌掌心发热、十指发麻有如小针扎。(2)身体很温暖。(3)颈椎左侧一阵有些跳疼随后正常。(4) 感到口干。(5)内心平静愉悦。

* Luojia Z - Canada,Vancouver
I feel calm in 930, very comfortable and pleasant during the 930 remote healing. 930时感到内心平静并非常舒服、愉悦。

* Guangwu Z - China, Shanghai
I was traveling during 930 time. When I changed to local 9:30pm with follow grandmaster instruction to receive the energy signal, I could feel the strong energy infused into my body deeply immediately! Thank you, Grandmaster!

* Lori from California
I am very grateful to Grandmaster for all the help I have received. I don't think I told you that I had numbness and pain in my arms, legs and back for years. That is so much better in the short time I have been doing the exercises and taking the energized tea and food. Also my digestion is usually pretty bad and that is so much better also. I am very grateful for these miracles and also grateful that Grandmaster energized the bracelet and necklace for me. That was very kind.

* Kurt wrote from Switzerland
For a long time in this life I have abused my body resulting in a lower life force and especially lower kidney function. Obviously reducing the overall quality of my life, it has also impeded the possibility of my having children; also I used to have a left eye that kept twitching and blinking involuntarily; and when walking on the mountains, I would get tired and exhausted very quickly and have trouble breathing.

Various products that Grandmaster prescribes for me!! Now things changing so quickly, since I’m using Grandmaster’s energized products a lot every day, result is great for the life force energy tremendously! I can really recommend that the Qinway energized products it’s so improves one's attitude in a big way!

* D. C. Honolulu, HI
I felt so much joy and peacefulness during the remote healing. The energized products really helped me. I still feel the calmness carry over to the next day. I am extremely pleased to make a donation to support the qinway unique healing Retreat Center. Thank you, Grandmaster, for your compassionate healing.

* M. P. Euclid, OH:
Thank you very much! I could really feel the energy on the left side of my body..the energized products has real help me.It was very strong around 9:30 pm. It felt like rain falling. Excellent!