930 Remote Healing Feedback

Terrific Feedback from 9/30 Remote Healing with Grandmaster Qin

Powerful annual remote healing just finished, there was truly a magnificent experience for many people from all over the world. The testimonials demonstrated the Qinway powerful high spiritual energy system can most benefit the karma people. See Some of 930 Event Feedbacks in This Year:

* Guang Zhu, China, Shanghai
I could feel the strong energy coming during begining of 930 time. Promoting saliva in the mouth during the mid of 930. Then I feel very sleepy during the last part and fell into sleep for about 20 min.

* Vicky Bao, China, Yunnan
I connected with the Moon spirit during 930 time. It was surrounded with colorful lights and many white lotus flowers flying in the middle, so beautiful. Huge energy suddenly coming into my body! I feel so thankful to the Qinway three high being and Grandmaster!

* Shirley W - CA, Milpitas
On 9/30 my head became numb and dizzy, especially when I imagine the immortal waterfall, my whole body started shaking for about ten minutes. I feel sleepy for a while and the Guanyin Buddha image appeared in my brain. The whole process was very comfortable. It was finished at ten pm and I feel energetic and recovered very well. Thanks 930, thanks you, Grandmaster!

* Lily L - CA, Fresno
Trough 930 remote healing event, my shounder feel relax and less tight.
经过 930肩膀没有以前那么紧了!

* Helen H - CA, Fresno
After 930 remote healing event I feel energetic and not tired.

* Karen - Napa, CA
Thank you very much!

Today has been first day of Bigu. I feel the immersion of qi continuing from last night 930 Remote Healing. This is very happy! It feels like I have been embraced with a blanket of qi taken away from ordinary scatteredness of attention.

I am noticing the detoxing has started, with lot of energy in my head and head achy feeling, however this is ok.....as the immersion of qi is what is most noticeable.

When I did the 108 day Bigu a year ago .... I wasn't up to receiving this level of immersion of qi....in the midst of the Bigu.....so the mechanics of the detox were happening and I wasn't that hungry....however I was not contacting this level of immersion. So I feel like now I am getting in touch with what the Bigu really is!

* Joyce Hess, Iowa
I felt very high energy entering the top of my head. It continued to circulate throughout my body even after closing the 930 session. I am very grateful to Grandmaster for her sacrifices and willingness to bring this system to the World.

* Chander Mishra, TX:
I Got the instructions and followed it to calm my self. Looking forward to changes in next few weeks. Very vivid dream space after healing. Thank You!

* Eric Lowe, OR:
I began using the yin yang tea about 10 days ago. I could feel the energy from it. I felt more energetic and went through a period of detoxification.