930 Remote Healing Feedback

Terrific Feedback from 2020 9/30 Remote Healing with Grandmaster Qin

Powerful annual remote healing just finished, there was truly a magnificent experience for many people from all over the world. The testimonials demonstrated the Qinway powerful high spiritual energy system can most benefit the karma people. See Some of 930 Event Feedbacks in This Year:

* Leo - CA, Milpitas
First, sincere thanks to you for inviting and guiding me through this recent 930 Event. It is a great honor to participate this wonderful event from a different dimension.

Phase I: Sat down facing the Guanyin statue with Ying/Yang tea. Sat on floor and with crossing legs and cupping palm up to start. Breathed slowly and chanted.

Phase II: There were a couple of times that my mind was in a peaceful and emptiness state yet not a feeling of fallen in sleep. Without noticing, there are a number of times that the saliva has filled the mouth. Slowly swallowed this liquid down together with the thousand ton water from atop. At times, there was somewhat rainbow-like colors that seemed to go down with the saliva when swallowing. Also at times, some tiredness or painfulness on the muscle was felt in the kidney areas. Very frequently, while reminding myself about the thousand ton water pouring in from atop, my head skin and both ears were shaking back and forth by themselves. These momentary feelings were wonderful but wouldn't stay for long.

Phase III: With gratefulness to Qinway and the opportunity to participate 930 event, I tried to focus on keeping the harmonious freshness during the state. Eyes were well watered from Phase II to this state, mind became fresher while attempted to keep external energy to the inside of the lower DanTian. Drank more Y/Y tea at the end of this session. With an obvious much awakened mind in ending this session, I closed my palms to thank Grandmaster, Guanyin, and all high beings that might have brought the external signal to me during the 930 event, and finishing this writing with deep appreciation.

Thank you GM and Qinway.

* John G - Ojai, CA
Following the instructions preparations, at 9:30 pm I entered a higher dimension. Color characteristics are always indicators. I was seeing a dynamic artistry of color and movement like fire or energy plasma. The color was like electric indigo blue, but of the light-saturated higher dimensional non-ordinary color. Color changes occurred, all in the higher frequencies associated in Yoga with the higher energy chakras. There was a stately procession of great figures like kings and queens, but of the high spiritual realms. Spiritual power was prevalent.

I moved my hands and arms about and could see them, although my eyes were closed. Like when I was doing constant Bigu and hours of Qigong daily years ago. Chakra colors were dancing and swirling around rows of books, which seemed a good omen. The feeling was of deep peace, awe, and connection. There was more, but indescribable. By 10:18 pm I was back in ordinary consciousness, feeling profound gratitude to GM, the Qinway family and lineage.

Deep gratitude and love.

* Rachel - Eugene, OR
I noticed lots of qi movement around my liver/ribcage and left arm. The ten thousands tons of Immortal Water felt very cleansing and joyful. I slept deeply last night.

Thank you GM.

* Karen - Napa, CA
Thank you very much. This was a most remarkable session. I have in the past participated in the 930 Global Healing and have experienced how powerful they are.

When my husband came home last night I had completely forgot about the 930 Healing Session that would happen later in the evening.We watched this amazing documentary ‘Kiss the Ground’ Review: Regenerating Hope for the Climate.

While I was watching the film I noticed how calm I felt, however I was still not remembering that I was to participate in the 930 Healing Session. Then about 11 pm I suddenly remembered that I had completely forgotten to participate. That was stunning to me, I was wondering how did that happen! I did notice that I intuitively didn't have a heavy dinner. I ate very lightly, however it wasn't because I remembered the instructions.

So it seems that even though I wasn't consciously participating in the formal session, I was receiving the Healing Qi. This morning I feel a deep resting in my psyche, coughing up a lot of phlem....

It is remarkable to feel the force of the Healing Qi. I am grateful. Thank you very much!

Grace, love, and best wishes!

* Joseph - Pasadena, CA
I went into emptiness, no sitting, no breathing.

Thank you GM.

* Natasha - Santa Clarita, CA
Thank you, Grandmaster and High Being System! Ten tons of water really felt cleansing, purifying and healing. It was challenging to stay in awareness but it felt powerful.

Much gratitude and respect.

* Billy - Eugene, OR
The 930 healing was also very potent. My body was enveloped with qi. It was if I was in a qi cocoon. Very smooth and healing.

Thank you GM.

* Gehan, France
I did the meditation. During the meditation and the signal, my right arm started twitching for a while. My injured left hand became more painful during the meditation.

Thank you very much again.

* Dr. Ron, CA:
Love you for all the good things you do for humanity! Blessings to you

* Dharmata, CA:
Thank you Grand Master for the healing signal. I felt the potency, power and clearing. I felt a zing of energy which I felt was coming from you and High Beings when at that moment I looked at the clock it was 9:30 exact. Then I felt the healing unfold in its many ways.

Very grateful to you and the High beings, Much gratitude.

* Vicky - Dublin, CA:
I started to play Qin music and meditated at 9 o'clock. After connection, I started to yawn with lots of tears. I massaged my eyes with energy and made my eyes more comfortable. Thanks to the energy support of the Grandmaster and Qinway three high beings!

* Cherlin - Dublin, CA:
On the day of 930, I first went outside to connect with the moon. The moon that day had a brilliant aura around it.

During the 930 exercises, my third eye was tingling, and I was continuously wiping tears and blowing my nose, it felt like there were toxins coming out of my body.

Very grateful to GM and the High beings.

* Guangwu - Shanghai, China:
8:30pm, listen to Qin music to meditate, and feel faint pain in the chest and ribs
9:00-9:45pm, the pain in the chest and two ribs is getting stronger, and the sleepiness is getting stronger and stronger
9: 45-10: 00pm, drowsiness gradually reduced, chest and rib pain relieved

* Charlie - Castaic, CA:
During the 930 meditation process, I sat quietly until about 9:30, and suddenly the cross-legged posture made the pain of the foot being pressed particularly obvious, and I couldn’t concentrate on meditation at all. I felt a voice in my head always saying change the posture and relax. But another voice warned me not to give up. The voice made my willpower become superficial and weak. I adjusted my thoughts so that I would not pay attention to this physical feeling. When I emptied myself, the sound disappeared slowly, and the uncomfortable feeling of oppression disappeared. I felt a tiny electric current all over my body. When the ten thousand tons of immortal water entered my body from Baihui, I experienced a force pressing down from above. My lower Dantian felt like a big empty jar.