930 Remote Healing Feedback

Terrific Feedback from 2021 9/30 Remote Healing with Grandmaster Qin

Powerful annual remote healing just finished, there was truly a magnificent experience for many people from all over the world. The testimonials demonstrated the Qinway powerful high spiritual energy system can most benefit the karma people. See Some of 930 Event Feedbacks in This Year:

* John G - Ojai, CA
I knew I shifted dimensions. Three balls or spheres appeared. White slid in from left. Then orange, Then, I think, blue. Both from right. Beings from other dimensions. Relaxing darkness of deep space, Perhaps outlines of constellations. An unknown woman’s lovely nude breasts with pert nipples. I felt that sucking them would be comforting and nourishing. But I didn’t do that. Not particularly sexual. Yin, which I need. I have been noticing sacred numbers on my clock, especially 13, which is a feminine number associated with the Moon. So the sacred cosmic feminine principle is being emphasized.

Deep gratitude and love.

* Karen - Napa, CA
Extraordinary. Thank you very much Grandmaster.

I, the entire body mind, am pressed deeply, into an immense blanket of qi, that radiates beyond time and space. It presses into me and I press into it.

* Jiali - Castaic, CA
After Chanting, the breathing slowly becomes weak, and the body is relaxed as if it does not exist. When the consciousness is placed at Baihui point, I feel a strong energy input into the body, and the whole body feels tingling. The energy of the palms is more obvious, but in the end it gathers in the dantian. The feeling is not very obvious. I feel that the energy of Baihui point is bursts, and I feel that there is a consciousness in the brain that interferes during the whole process, and I have to remember and analyze it, so that it slowly starts to relax later and I can't concentrate on it.

After healing, when practicing energy recharge Qigong, I feel that the energy is connected faster and more intensely.

* Quan - Castaic, CA
I was feeling ill yesterday for two reasons: Back pain that started a week ago and Upset stomach / diarrhea / general weakness.

I felt relaxed during the hour of practice. I ended up laying down most of the time.

Today I feel much better. My back is almost back to normal and stomach is also much improved.

* Minder - Berkeley, CA
Thank you very much for the master's blessing, 9/30 activities, and it feels good. When chanting, the whole body is feverish, especially the back and lower pubic region. In the second stage, Baihui acupoint has a strong sense of qi to cover the top and send down to the whole body.

* Natasha - Santa Clarita, CA
Thank you for healing work! Beautiful sweet energies!

* Wen - Berkeley, CA
Thank you Grandmaster!
1a: When doing shaking, I feel very happy. Not sure how to open and close the Third Eye, try to imagine.
1b: The feeling of reciting numbers is very comfortable. 2: Although there is no clear sensation of nectar water initiation, the whole body is numb and warm. Thank you in my heart.
3: I don't quite understand how to raise qi in Dantian. I am willing to continue to change my habits, repent of bad karma, cultivate compassion, and continue to be grateful.

Thank you very much, Grandmaster!
There is also a subsequent benefit report:
The next day I was in good spirits, without any vaccine reaction (the second dose of the covid virus the day before), and the swelling and pain in the arm vaccination site disappeared in the evening.

When I had my first shot, I was very tired the next day, and my arm hurts for three days.

* Lan - Fremont, CA
Fortunately, I can participate in 930 event every year. From the very beginning, when I entered the state, I felt a strong qi field. I kept burping full, and the qi in my body rose to my throat, and tears flowed weakly. Although I was not tired, I kept hitting Hache.
I kept turning my head slowly, and I couldn't stop even if I wanted to, but I felt very comfortable. At the end, my palms were full of vitality, and now I can feel the current when I type. It is a wonderful experience.

Sincerely with my heart

* Shirley - Milpitas, CA
I only had lunch today. I was very busy at work in the afternoon and didn't feel hungry, so I didn't eat dinner, but I was very energetic.

After 930 remote healing started,I feel the Baihui acupoint on the top of the head became hot. It looked like qi turning on the top of the head and kept yawning. The eyes were very moist, and the whole body was very comfortable.

Thanks to Qinway for making me feel the energy of the universe! Thank you Grandmaster, thank you Qinway High beings!

* Billy - Eugene, OR
The qi healing was very gentle and nourishing. It was an energy that came over me soft and smooth. I am very grateful for being included. My deepest gratitude.

* Gehan, Paris, France
Thank you again for inviting me to attend the signal event.

Before the signal I felt like there was two light balls in my opened hands, during the first meditation.
During the sending of the signal,i felt a lot of strong pulse movement inside my body in all directions ,and it was focused in at one stage in my head, like something wants to get out.
I collected the signal and stored it in my lower dian tian.
I have to say this time the sensation was very strong inside the body. I began seriously to drink and eat the products two months before the event. I will continue to do so.

* Dr. Ron, Los Angeles, CA
Beautiful Experience. Love you for all the good things you do for humanity!

* Candyce, Seattle, WA
During 930 event, I felt discomfort in dantian which became very hot and clammy for a short time. My body was very very heavy. I briefly felt better mood and also bad mood.

Thank you very much for your continue to help me retry to do this .

* Kathy, Oceanside, CA
Thank Grandmaster very much for guiding us participating the 930 global remote healing event!
I was not able to concentrate, nor empty my mind at the beginning even I tried hard, so I started the phase II chanting in mine mind for a while and then chanting out. I saw purple lights in front of my closed eyes when I was chanting. Both my hands felt heavy right after I stopped chanting, then my palms felt very warm, all the way to the end. I felt very sleepy toward to the end so I went to bed and slept deeply all the way to the next morning. I feel very energetic all day today.

Very grateful to you and the High beings, Much gratitude.

* Vicky - Fremont, CA
Thanks to the 930 energy signals from the Grandmaster and the three high being system. In the past few days, I felt full energy and I don't want to eat at all. I received the bigu signal on the evening of 9/28 and the detoxification reaction of the body is very strong!

At the beginning of 930, my whole body was trembling all the time, the huge energy made me unable to stop, and tears kept washing my eyes. In the middle I also used energized object Gourd to healing my shoulders, and now I feel much better!

Thanks to Grandmaster and Qinway, looking forward to Qinway Longevity Villa!

* Cherlin - Fremont, CA
Thank you very much for the 930 energy support! Grandmaster and the three high being systems!
This time during the 930, my third eye has always felt thorns, which is very strong. When receiving immortal water, I felt my palms were very hot, and felt a lot of energy rushing to my fingertips. At the same time, when I closed my eyes, my eyeballs began to feel a little sore, and there were a little tears.

Very grateful to GM and the High beings.

* Guangwu - Shanghai, China
phase I-b: mouth is full of fluid
Phase II: the mouth is full of fluid, and the chest is like a huge wave rushing, and there is a clear feeling of rising. The corners of the face and mouth are shaking unconsciously.
Phase III: The swelling of the chest gradually decreases. The dantian has obvious qi gathering and bulging sensation and itching sensation on the face. Afterwards, the dantian rose slightly, the breath was clear and energetic. Thanks Qingway!

* Xinhai - Shanghai, China
I felt hot in the back and lower abdomen, a sense of qi pulse and a sense of qi covering the body.

* Charlie - Shanghai, China
After the preparation, I meditated in the study room. Palms up, feeling slightly warm and calm. I meditated for about half an hour. I was a little sleepy. I lay down naturally and slept for two hours. I felt very energetic when I got up. In addition, I drank the yin and yang tea, the taste is wonderful and refreshing. Thanks Grandmaster!

* Leo - Milpitas, CA
First, I want to express my gratitude for having me be part of the Qinway Global 930 remote healing. Below is my recording of and throughout the retreat session.

Preparation and Phase I-a session: I was getting ready in a bit of rush at the beginning. Took some time to settle at a comfortable spot at home. Tried to calm down from everything else to be ready. But I have to say that my mind was not settled enough, although tried to be calm and peaceful. Further into the session I-a, I was able to gradually emptied myself as much as possible.

Phase I-b session: Through this session, progressively and gradually, I felt that the Dong-Nine-Three-Dong-Dong-Dong became an enjoyable wisdom, especially at each ending of a round, where Dong-Dong-Dong got a very nice echo as if it came from a very large empty space yet the echo sounded like the sound of large echoing bell. At the same time, I felt that I was able to empty out my mind and prepared to receive signals from the Higher Being or the universe. At the ending of this session, eyes began to fill with juice and a nice and comfy experience.

Phase II session: In this session, I was able to be in a very calm state, using the third eye to visualize the ten thousand tons of Immortal Water (with colors) pouring into my body through the Hundred Meeting Point, through different parts of the body, through the different layers of the body and organs, into the deeper layers or the roots of the body. Tried hard to keep concentrating the emptiness of mind while meditating with cupping palms. In no time, the first mouthful of saliva came and I had to swallow it, slowly tried to swallow to the Dan-Tian inner space by visualizing with closed eyes. The same scenario repeated 3-4 times through the session. And at the same time, the watery eyes turned into tears flowing down the face. This scenario repeated 3(or 4) times (about 15 seconds each). The quantity of the tears is not that much but enough to wet my shirt with small marks while drops of tear may stay hanging on the face causing me having to wipe out later.

Also through this session, moments of emptiness or deep quiet state had occurred three or four times. They were short and I wasn’t sure if I was just fallen into sleep. However, it was a very nice feeling when the emptiness moments came. Other moments I felt a strong feeling on both sizes of my back had some discomfort --- some sort of qi or force being stuck in the mid-height of the back. The spots were seemingly at the upper kidney area with a size of an apple. This discomfort occurred at least two times, and finally I had to bang my fists onto the spots to overcome. This entire session made the entire meditation experience wonderful. When I looked at the time to move onto next session, I was hoping the time could stay moving slower.

Phase III session: Closing/finishing was done with my palms pressing against the Dantian area, visualizing and memorizing the special feelings and moments during the entire retreat session, and focusing those benefits to settle into the Diantian space. This seemed requiring a deep focus of having the wonderful feelings buried into the Dantian field with deep gratitude to the High Beings, Grandmaster, and the Universal Energy. This was how I tried to achieve throughout the finishing session but not sure if it was done correctly.