Qinway Qigong in the News

An Interview with Lady Qigong Grandmaster Qinyin, July-August, 2006, The Inspiration Magazine new!

Environmental Healing and Healing the Environment, March-April, 2004, Awareness Magazine

What Food Is Good or Bad for Your Qi, May-June 2003, Awareness Magazine

Discovering China's Sacred Mountains, Spring 2003, Qi Journal

Chinese Qigong Master Brings Blessings, Nov.-Dec. 2002, Awareness Magazine

Women and Spiritual Mastery: Master Qinyin Discusses Qigong, Meditation and the Path of the Feminine, Fall 2002, Common Ground

Qigong Mistakes, Spring 2002, The Empty Vessel Magazine

For A Healthy Lifestyle: Avoid Toxins, Jan./Feb., 2002, Open Exchange

Qinway Qigong: A modern master's approach to an ancient discipline, Fall 2001, Mount Shasta Magazine

Qin Way to Health and Rejuvenation, Spring 2001, Qi Journal

Qigong Goes to Battle: Winning the Fight against Cancer, Dec. 2000, Kungfu Magazine

An Interview with Qigong Master Qinyin, Sept.-Oct., 2000, Eastwest Bookshop Catalogue

Chinese Qigong Master Teaches Healing in Soquel, Sept. 12, 2000, Santa Cruz Sentinel

Reclaiming My Health from Rare Diabetes with Qinway Qigong, Jan. 2000, Kungfu Magazine

Nothing Mythical about the Healing Power of Qigong, Sept. 1999, Kungfu Magazine

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