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Unique Soul Healing Resort

Grandmaster gathered intelligence and experience from heavenly and the human life, experience successively thousands of hardships and pressures and finally completed the design of unique “special soul healing resort” which can save millions of human beings.

Phase II “special soul healing resort” is on the basis of successfully verified Phase I through the first 10 year at the United States, further extensive and in-depth refining the mind, body and spirit energy and gradually entering the Enlightenment stable stage, this is a step by step method and at each step it can be verified and leading towards enlightenment program.

Phase II is characterized as a special optimized soul healing resort for body and mind stability (27 days and 108 days or depends on the karma), below is a general outline and introduction:

  • Special healing's for the body energy refinement to enlightenment spirit awaking:

    *High energy connection with universal channel

    *The personalized cleansing diet energy and the correspondence cooking method

    *The youth increasing wisdom method

    *The youth clear vision method and the prevention of near sight and treatment

    *Female merit “Dan” qigong

    *The anti-aging qigong

    *Reduce weight qigong

    *Driver qigong

    *Heart treatment qigong

    *Lung treatment qigong

    *Kidney treatment qigong

    *Stomach treatment qigong

    *Liver treatment qigong

    *Daily measurements of your blood pressure and blood glucose, vision, and other indicators, Change! Change! Change!)

    *Characteristic Feng-shui energy arrangement

    *Eight Diagrams and Yi-Jing forecasting

    *Precepts and effects
  • Special healing's for the mind energy refinement to enlightenment spirit awaking:

    *The emotional trauma draining method

    *The spirit wound removal method

    *The brain function rehabilitation method

    *High energy connection with universal channel

  • Special healing's for the spirit energy refinement and uplift to enlightenment spirit awaking:

    *Explore the three previous life causes

    *Understand the six present life results

    *The wisdom flower blossom through “ding-li” practicing

    *Is Nirvana, the gold key leads to advanced super scientific Enlightenment. Obtain the golden key of achieving the enlightenment in this life

  • Superpower or Special Ability III:

    *Perak palm to remotely put out forest wildfires

    *Read others minds to remotely promote kind and suppress bad efforts

Construction of great virtue field by registering your Enlightenment account number

Open an account: donate money wisely, the great blessing covers Yin descendant

Participation: Enter your limited life into an infinite "virtue" world

Interest dividends: Germination the lotus seed, harvest the best fruit

Virtue-clear the spiritual fog: Give away big, Gain big. with discipline & strong will comes the wisdom viewpoint and Ding-li (never turn back discipline)

The successful rate of physical and mental rehabilitation is 96% for the students being approved to attend the Phase II, after the mind and body treatment;

And sowing the seeds of wisdom will inspire the upper root for insight in this life; lower-roots wisdom will grow rapidly; this is a personalized, long-term, and stable field to set up the soul growth effectiveness. A good analogy (imagine) this program is like a securing a first row seat on the fastest space shuttle to enlightenment.

1) Depend on the karma, the above mentioned courses may be adjusted.
2) Phase I and phase III may be added into the contents as well, as appropriate, will be determined.



Fund Raising & Project Assistance for Powerful Soul Healing Resort

Grandmaster Qinyin came to this world with a great wish. To save all beings, she has never ceased to explore and contribute.

Especially after the manager event of last October, eventhough in many difficulties, Grandmaster still successfully finished a more comprehensive and profound Phase II program with a higher gold content technology. It’s truly inspiring. Check more exciting testimonial stories.

1) Whom will be benefited from this project and why it’s important to fund it?

Grandmaster is very knowledgable and talented, full of the wisdom and experience of Spiritual/Nature Healing and Enlightenment, she is also a master with a strong commitment to responsibility and mission. She is the best in designing and implementing the unique Soul Healing Resort and the scientific software of Enlightenment Temple.

When the Karma is ready, she will teach each course and personally supervise the training of professionals, including teachers of all sujects, qigong exercise instructors, culinarian, energy field management and office management, logistics, and customer service etc.  She hopes that this charity business will save millions of the suffering beings, and in the future most of the income from this project will be donated to the Soul Healing Resort and the building of scientific Enlightenment temple, and the rest will be returned to the investors and outstanding contributors who need it.

Grandmaster wish her good will, her specific ablility and talent, vast knowledge of the Health can be contributed and benefit the people of this century, in addition to the Phase I, which has been successfully launched and verified for more than 10 years(Phase I contributes only about 10 percent of the project).

Phase II, proposal and construction of Soul Healing Resort software, is a project can bring impacts to the society tremendously, including great saving in medical expenses for the state, enterprises and families, reducing painful side effects from Western medicine for the sicks, especially, opening up wisdom channel, health and beautification for al walks of people: entrepreneurs, investors, politicians, entertainment business, sports, the elderly, women, children, adolescents. and so the role is very great. Grandmaster called on all sectors of the community give active support and participation – unlimited virtue! 

2) The important ways to raise fund:

From Beijing to the United States, over the years people have always been praising Qinyin Grandmaster as the modern Ganyin Buda, the Goddess of Mercy. "Effective, responsible and fundamental" - this has been her motto. So far, Grandmaster hope Phase II  will roll out with sufficient human resource and funding, to guarantee the best interest for each participator in this special healing retreat before and after the treatment.   
Therefore, she hopes this project will be supported or funded by the virtuous donors or private investors, to have the economic base to create a unique, good and stable Resort place and the office sites for the preparatory phase, in particular the necessary funds to build a very important team of operation (instead of volunteers as the main force with undefined responsibility), like hiring a qualified general manager and professional secretary, translators and the CPA, Web Master, the Senate ?, lab personel, media, teaching assistants and instructor training, and logistics, restaurants, warehouses supply, transport and customer service. It will will take about 1 million U.S. dollars for start-up fund.

3)This is the greatest virtue to make Phase II successful.

In order to officially entered the preparatory stage, phase II karma Committee will be set up to absorb another good wishes to the students and friends of all circles to promote financing for the karma. Such as:

* "Phase II karma committee" will continue to expand good connections, (by increasing the final period retreat students, through the communication of the old and new students with Grandmaster, or lecture, or practice, or mountain tours, or visit, more understanding of the phase II, to come up with a sucessful planning of the soul healing resort)

* Find people with experiences to write proposals to apply for individuals or the Government Fund;

* Find a good wish person, such as: philanthropist Bill Gates, and Jackie Chan, release to the public qinway’s past achievements and phase II of good wish, etc.

* Gather donations from all the parties, to support Grandmaster Qinyin through the most difficult stage of phase II venture;

* Recruit volunteers from the society, Hold various introduction meeting, printing of promotion materials to introduce phase II to the unknown the world, and the much-needed publicity to the outside world the most difficult stage;

4) Timely update the historic virtue tablet.

Any "phase II karma Committee" member who sustains to the final success will become honored member of lifetime.

5) News! The popular and classic "Special Ability Rejuvenation 3.2D Retreat" is coming back

Recently, Grandmaster decided to re-open the classic 3.2D retreat class to prepare for the Qinway’s phase II, under the guidance of the spiritual 3 high being signal system and her linage of teachers.

As the first 10 years of holy mission has been successfully completed, classic course "Special Ability Rejuvenation 3.2D Retreat" has been stopped since 2007 because the sacred holy mission is turning to the second ten-year period, although inquiries and request of attendance have been flooded. Check more info.... 

6.Virtue Donation are very Welcome

Since the turning of the sacred mission from last year, Grandmaster has been focused on the dedicated research of Phase II. Qinway’s and her own financial situation is now very difficult. Any body who makes supporting donation in this crucial time of Qinway will carry unlimited Virtue and will be greatly appreciated!  Donation can be made at http://www.qinway.org/virtue-tablet.htm;  

With gratitude!

7. Volunteers are Welcome

Qinway welcomes you to join the team of volunteers, especially if you understand some Chinese. Grandmaster has been grateful for the helps from volunteers, particularly the great volunteers who often come to work at the office on a daily basis.

She hope that Qinway’s new and old members and new and old friends will give strong support as usual to give the birth of the project of the phase II, Soul Healing Resort and Scientific Enlightenment Temple and even phase III to benefit the world.


The dedicated volunteer in this crucial time are very important and will be recorded in the Qinway’s historic Virtue tablet.  To volunteer, please Email to 930@qinway.org.  

If you have any intention and strength to greatly support phase II, Grandmaster also welcome you to Email her: 930light@gmail.com

8) Energized product information

For more than 20 years, the Qinway energized products have been tested with excellent result for the mental treatment and rehabilitation and energy elevation, both in China and North America. All products are developed, researched and produced by Grandmaster with strong universal energy and signal. If you are interested in the wholesale of any product on the "miracle products" page, please contact Qinway.  You will get the best prices. With long-term success with distribution of large quality, you will be honored and recorded on the historic virtue tablet and enjoy the preferred treatment in the Soul Healing Resort & Enlightenment Temple.

Why Re-open the Special Ability
Rejuvenation 3.2D Retreat

See how many diseases have been healed through retreat? Allergy, Asthma, Arthrtis, Addiction, Overweight, Depression, Thyroid, Diabetes, Cancer, Leukemia, Hypertension, Back pain, Intestines, Digestion, Female system, Lung, Heart, etc. In order to connect more karma people, Qinway re-opened the classic Special Ability Rejuvenation 3.2D Retreat.

In modern society most of people are suffering all kind of health problems. Qinway’s Retreat, verified by previous ten years experiences, can cure most kinds of diseases, in addition, it will remove the root of the disease. Through the special and profound effects of the Retreat, the karma people can cure their diseases and in the mean time experience Qinway three high being spiritual signals system and understand the power and the effect of the universal energy in mankind.

Phase II Healing Resort will be launched with the base of the Retreat and help even more karma people, save millions of suffering beings. Through Phase II, bring more people into more advanced soul practicing project and reach enlightenment. This is why Qinway reopen the retreat.

Modern people are suffering lots of illness, such as hypertension blood, problems in heart, lung, liver, kidney, stomach, skin, etc. Rretreat has great effects in treating all these kinds of problems. After 108 days of bigu, the root of disease will be removed and in and out of the body will be changed PLUS with doing reguler monthly bigu, will help new body system stablized even more.

Reopening the Retreat will connect the karma of Phase II Healing Resort, which will bring more profound projects to the world. Our human life is so short, and moving to the more advanced enlightenment practice and reach the eternal enlightenment is Qinway’s final goal.

* However, because of the serious difficulties over the past year, several major projects may not be carried out, and also having a serious shortage of funds and manager candidates, Qinway hopes to get great support. If you have intention for help, please email 930@qinway.org

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