A Miraculous Healing Journey from Pain to Freedom

Carol's Bigu Experience after 3.3D Retreat

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Let me start by expressing my deepest gratitude for the results I achieved during my bigu. These results have lasted until today, except for having gained back a few kilos which I expected.

When I came to Qinway, I had constant body aches - even sitting down was painful! But I'm happy to share that during and after bigu, I am now more than 90% pain-free. Bigu was incredible for me!

Pain was a major issue for me, especially in my back, pelvic area, stomach, knees, legs, and feet. I couldn't even walk properly.

My first time doing 108 days of bigu was filled with many challenges, but I wouldn't have changed a thing. I learned to trust myself and the Qinway process, as I knew bigu was the best thing for me. Facing karma is very painful, but I am grateful to have Qinway.

Another point is that our marital relationship improved tremendously after the 108 days of bigu. We now recognize each other's value, are more in tune with each other, and have more respect and honor towards each other. Our love and sex life has also greatly improved, and we are like magnets towards each other. We have way fewer fights, and our children are not fighting or crying as much as they used to. We have a more harmonious and balanced life at home. We realized all this after the last 108 days of bigu! I have seen with my own eyes the incredible benefits and support that bigu/Qinway/grandmasters can provide. I thought we would only benefit health-wise, but it turns out we have benefited physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually both inside and out. I never knew that we would be able to live in such harmony as a family with young kids here at home. Personally, I still have much more karma to face and many points to heal, but I am grateful for Qinway being a part of our lives.

I always look forward to the next time we can attend Qinway retreats. My wish is to attend every year.







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