930 Remote Healing Feedback

Terrific Feedback from 2022 9/30 Remote Healing with Grandmaster Qin

Powerful annual remote healing just finished, there was truly a magnificent experience for many people from all over the world. The testimonials demonstrated the Qinway powerful high spiritual energy system can most benefit the karma people. See Some of 930 Event Feedbacks in This Year:

* John G - Ojai, CA
When the Qinway 930 distance energy transmission took place, I immediately went into a deep calm sleep. Seeming like the fourth state of consciousness mentioned in the Yoga tradition of India. The next morning, I felt energized, lighter and relaxed. I felt that I had experienced a higher dimension of consciousness which is beyond ordinary description. The effect was profound, as usual with other 930 transmissions. I am 80 years old and in good health, needing no medication. I attribute this to the cultivation of life-force Qi energy, which Qinway provides.

As always, thank you Grandmaster and the Qinway tradition.

* Jiali - Castaic, CA
Before meditating, I hurriedly practiced Qigong for a few minutes.

Slowly relax the tension of consciousness. The whole body was relaxed, and I felt that the hair on the Baihui point on the top of my head seemed to be touched slightly. I suddenly thought of the photos of the third eye, the waterfall holy water and the radiant lotus that Grandmaster had selected, and consciously adjusted my three dantians to correspond to the three photos.

First, there was a strong force pressing into my body, and then the whole body was very relaxed. Slowly, the tightness and discomfort in the back became more and more obvious. I put all my attention on that point, and hoped that the discomfort would disappear, and the discomfort would not take long. The feeling really disappeared.

But then I thought that the connection this time was mainly for my mother. I pretended that my body was my mother's body, and wanted to sense what was wrong with her, and then my head felt stuffy. I also used the previous method of concentration to adjust until the physical discomfort disappears. Because I drank Yin tea before meditation, I slowly felt like I had to go to the toilet. But if I hold it back, the whole energy will go up along the body and then disappear, and the body will become lighter. After a few times, the urge to urinate became more and more intense, and the stomach began to rumble and became a little distracted. in the process of holding back the urine and letting the energy rise, a tear flowed out of my eyes unconsciously. I feel like I am a small ecosystem, like a river that evaporates and turns into clouds and then turns into water.

After thanking the Grandmaster and the three high being, the 930 connection ended. Go to the toilet to remove a lot of turbidity from the body.

* Lily - Fresno, CA
I began the meditation as instructed. I felt very comfortable and relax throughout the hour. On the next day, my eyes was better and not as dried as before. I pick up a Chinese book to read, and I seem can read better.

* Helen - Fresno, CA
The 1st phase, I saw somthing golden and shining.
The 2nd phase, I saw water pouring from mountain, like ocean surging water.
The 3rd phase, I saw all kinds of jewels, parades, and young and old bones with skeletons. Then I entered a cave, and saw a pagoda building.

* Billy - Eugene, OR
930 healing went very smooth. Strong chi in three dantiens deep conection and movement of chi through the body. Thank you Sifu, I am always grateful.

* Shirley - Milpitas, CA
At about 9:10 when I sat down, I felt numb at the fingertips of my hands, especially in my left hand. Then I could not help swinging from side to side. It was very rhythmic and I felt very comfortable. At that time, my head swell around the Baihui, and the whole head swell around the Baihui.

Later, for a few minutes, I became sleepy, the whole body was relaxed, calm, and peaceful. I heard the sound of water, on and off. During this period, my head was swollen, and I felt comfortable. I also sat for more than ten minutes to enjoy this unique 930 moment.

When I meditate, I always face the three Bodhisattvas: Guanyin Budda, Medicine Budda and Fortune Budda. I obviously felt that the aura at this moment is much stronger than usual.

Thank you Grandmaster, thank you Qinway High beings!

* Billy - Fresno, CA
During the 930 Event I felt a great calm and relaxation come over my whole being. In the 2nd phase, pain filled my right side kidney, spleen, and bladder meridian from my groin up into my ribs. Today my lower abdomen feels stronger.

In the 3rd phase I could longer perceive the boundaries of my body and my being felt limitless and unbounded. It was a very pleasant experience, and felt similar to my time at the retreat.

I offer my utmost thanksgiving to GM Qin for this wonderful program; my life and character has greatly improved since GM has entered my life.

* Gehan, Paris, France
Thank you again for sharing this wonderful event with us.

I was drinking the products to have a stronger feeling of the signal, and before the session I drank the energized Guizhi tea.

This time when I was saying the Dong part ,I felt the vibration of movement of these sounds inside my body moving in the legs and sides of middle dian tian.

During the signal, I started having a stomach ache, that was intensifying every time .i thought about the signal pouring in the middle line, and the stomach part. but I managed to store the signal, and followed the instructions.

Thank you very much again.

* Angela & Elsa, New York
I am so rateful to Grandmaster for the healing for my mother and me.

I felt peace during the qigong state and rest of the healing hour. I sat with my mother and although she would interrupt at times because of her memory problem, forgetting that we were in meditation, but she calmed down by the end of the hour.

We started taking the yin yang teas today. She’s very calm today, which is great because she usually suffers from anxiety and fear because of the memory problem.

I kept waking up all night and had my middle back ache in the morning. I feel very peaceful with the teas today.

* Kathy and Ocean, Oceanside, CA
We participated in the 930 remote healing event, we followed the instructions to empty minds and concentrate on receiving signals.

When we were chanting 0930, Ocean felt powerful energy entered his body; Kathy felt strong Qi surrounding her body and her palms felt heavy; and these felling lasted for about 15 to 20 minus. And then Ocean felt energetic, Kathy felt very sleepy and fell into sleep on the floor for about 20 minutes.

We both feel very good since the event.

Thank Qinway Spiritual Healing Institute! Thank Qinway! Thank Grand Master!

* Vicky - Fremont, CA
During the 1st section, I feel strong energy coming to my body when I chanting “0930”, with lots of tears.

The 2nd session, I could feel the energy coming to the Baihui, all my organs become clean and strong.

Thanks for the Global 930 healing session, appreciate to Qinway three high being!

* Guangwu - Shanghai, China
phase I: mouth is full of fluid
Phase II: Fingertips are numb, chest is swollen, and fluid is in the mouth. In the later stage, the body was hot and dry, and between breaths, a stream of Qi passed from Baihui to the soles of the feet and palms.
Phase III: When I put my hand on the dantian to draw a circle, I burp three times, and the turbid air is discharged from my mouth. Thanks Qingway!

* Charlie - Shanghai, China
1) Read the instructions twice before 9:00, then gradually relax
2) Take deep breaths at 9:10 and recite nine times
3) I feel my scalp tingling and a slight tingling sensation while reading
4) Sit still and imagine that ten thousand tons immortal water are pouring into Baihui from the top of the head, rinse the internal organs and meridians from top to bottom, and finally flow out from the legs through the soles of the feet.
5) Sore nose and moist eyes during
6) At 9:50, hold the energy bracelet in the palm of the hand, intending to guard the dantian, slowly stop the work, and have a peaceful mind.

Thanks Grandmaster!