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October 2003

My Turn to Take the Qigong Retreat

- Qigong student Tammy's experience

On September 24, 2003, Qinway Qigong student Tammy was volunteering at Qinway Qigong Institute in Oceanside, CA. A guest reporter stopped by, and a casual conversation quickly bloomed into a fascinating interview about how Tammy sent her cousin and both parents to the Qigong retreat first, and she was not able to make it until a few months later. And her Qigong healing experience spilled over to her cat Read the whole story

Qigong News #1: 930 Remote Qigong Healing

(We received many exciting feedbacks about 930 remote Qigong healing, below are just a few samples. Students taking Qigong retreat or doing Bigu all receive similar remote supports from Qigong Master Qinyin. To set up an individual remote healing with Master Qinyin, please visit www.qinway.org/remote.html).

At 9p.m. I could instantly feel the energy of the Qigong healing.  My body started rocking back and forth and then stopped, and then started rocking again.  My whole body got very hot, clammy... I could feel the bottom of my feet get very warm too.  My lower back felt much better after the healing and my energy feels better today. I burned the tips of my fingers on my right hand using Clorox bleach and my fingers feel much, much better today. (Stephenie, Corona, CA)

Almost precisely at 9:30pm, I felt some pressure on the backs of both hands, which were placed palms down, on my knees.  It felt like energy coming into them and filling them up.  This sensation continued for almost 15 minutes.  I also felt some sensation on my forehead, in the area of the 3rd eye. A few minutes after (9:50pm), I felt something like a breeze "whooshing" (suddenly blowing, but lightly) onto the crown of my head. (Lisa, Santa Rosa, CA)

After receiving the Qigong remote healing on 9/30, I was able to sleep throughout the night without going to the bathroom! (Alex, Massachusetts)

Qigong News #2: Individual Healing

When I came here my mind was very cluttered. After the Qigong healing session, it was very clear. ...It has always been hard for me to calm down and meditate. Surprisingly, it became so easy during my sessions with Qigong Master Qinyin. (Missi, Oceanside, CA)

After my first Qigong healing, I slept much better. I was calmer, and wasn't so agitated and angry. (Majorie, 77 year old, Hollywood, CA)

Qigong News #3: Fengshui Consultation

by Sarah (Carlsbad, CA)

It was a real honor to have Qigong Master Qinyin do her (fengshui) diagnosis (at my home). As you know, I had taken out a library book in anticipation of the visit and, based on the superficial explanations in the book, I was very worried about what the Qigong Master was going to recommend. Her analysis was so much different and so much better than I had anticipated!

All of the suggestions Qigong Master Qinyin made are going to be followed, and since her deep understanding and exceptional skills are far above those of the people who approach Fengshui from a superficial/mechanical perspective, I am very excited to follow all of her suggestions-many of which would probably have been lost to the average "diagnostician".

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