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October 2004

Qigong Remote Healing Feedbacks

* The Qigong remote healing was great! I was wide awake, sitting in the chair and 3 minutes after I made the connection I kept dozing off during the Qigong healing. That was amazing since I was so awake before the Qigong healing. I slept so, so good last night, better than I have in a long time. Even though I sleep good, this was different, it was deeper, better. I felt more energetic today and between my shoulder blades felt better too. Thank you so much for this Qigong healing! I really needed it! [S. B., Corona, CA]

* During the Qigong healing, I felt a tingling in my hands more like electricity jumping around. Then I put my hands on my lower abdomen. A little later I felt hot and tingle then my body seemed to go back to normal. I did sleep well last night. I usually wake up with thought of work and worry...During the (extended two days of) remote Qigong healing I felt very warm and tingly. Then I became cold. My bowel movement have a horrible smell. Sorry, to be so graphic. I have felt very calm. Not normal for me. I am sleeping very well. My energy level has been very good. [E. Y., Belmont, CA]

* I started receiving Qigong healing signals around 9:13 and had a lot of energy. I have had a blockage in my gallbladder channel and I was in the lotus position, the energy kept having me bend forward and keeping my head on the floor. I became very warm and also my left foot started bending inward after about 10 minutes into the Qigong healing. Today my lower back is feeling much better but my left foot is still sore. I went to bed after the Qigong healing and slept wonderful. [C. W., Corona, CA]

* Last nights' Qigong remote healing, I felt a little pressure on the 3rd eye area and light pressure on my head like a ring was on my head. [T. S., Tennessee]

* Later during the Qigong healing, I felt some piercing pain through the center of my eyes for 10 or more seconds. [K. C., Ontario, Canada]

* I got "connected" to the energy even though I was in an over-stimulated state before I started the Qigong remote healing. I felt some tingling in the hands. I have been feeling quite good energy-wise these few days. [T. W., Los Angeles, CA]

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