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Celebrate Holiday Seasons with Huge Sales
Energized Products Carries Grandmaster's Healing Signal Infusion

Energized Immortal Mushroom

immortal mushroom King of Mountain Food
Help marrow, blood and liver
• Great for arranging qi field at home
Excellent for diabetes, tumor & cancer
• Wild organic from China mountains
• Collect universal energy essence for years
Reg Price: $64 (4" x 6" bag)

Energized Lily Bulb

qigong lily• Known as "underground lotus"
• Nourish lungs, stop coughing
• Reduce fire, enhance vital Qi
• Grow black hairs, improve hearing
• Dispel negative spiritual signals
Reg Price: $36 (4" x 4" bag)
Sold Out

How Rare These
Healing Foods Are!

"I always like results which are measurable, after taking energized food during bigu my measured cardio Fitness level increased from 6 up to 7, and heard rate lowered from 76 to 69. My lung capacity increased and I need less time to walk on the top of high mountains. -Kurt, Switzerland, 08/08/09

"Energized Hawthorn Powder has really helped my 6-year-old daughter improve her weak stomach system. She eagerly asked for the tasty "Hawthorn Powder" herself when we met Master Qin!" -Cathy, West Hills, CA

"I finally received the energized mountain food. At last...how happy I am! The Yellow Essence is super energetic (plus taste also) ...Grandmaster Qin, thank you for making that special food available for us". - Chris, Belgium

"I missed the energized food and herbs during the first part of the bigu, and I noticed a big improvement in my energy level when I started taking the energized food and herbs." - Stephen, San Francisco

They are personally brought back by Grandmaster Qin from deep mountains in China, which are then infused with universal high energy to further enhance their vitality.

The use of Energized Healing Food has created many healing miracles!

Storage: Energy life of Energized Healing Food is about 1 years. For Energized Powders, please keep them refrigerated. For non-powders, please store in a dry place with good air circulation (refrigeration optional).

Return Policy: Because energized powders are consumables initiated with spiritual energy, all sales are final and non-returnable.

Note: The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These "Energized Mountain Food" are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

Energized Yellow Essence

Yellow Essence• Most powerful longevity wild food in history
• Wild organic from China mountains
• Collect universal energy essence for years
• Strengthen kidney vital Qi
• Regular intake increases longevity
• Reg Price: $64 (4" x 6 " bag big size)

Energized Yu Berry

Yu Berry Add to the soup or salad directly
Remove the toxins in the blood system
• Recover from surgery and rejuvenation cells
Reg Price: $36 (2.5" x 2.5" bag)
Sold Out

Energized Red Date

qigong red date• Rich in calcium, iron and phosphorus
• Excellent for nourishing the blood
• Support spleen and stomach Qi
• Help anemia, cold hands/feet
• Open meridians, alleviate insomnia
Reg Price: $36 (4" x 4" bag)
Sold Out

Energized Pearl Powder

qigong pearl• Used by Chinese royal families
• Rich in calcium, phosphorus and trace elements.
• Modern atomizing technique for easy assimilation

• Strengthen bones (e.g. osteoporosis)
• Beautify & whiten the skin, anti-aging
• Clear liver and calm the spirit
• Reg Price: $36 (2 tubes, package may vary)
Sold Out

Spiritual Food

Qigong spiritual food• Nourish the Yin energy of lungs
• Nourish the Yang energy of stomach
• Clear old-aged food & moisturize stools
• Help hypertension, hardened blood vessels
• Help diabetes & lung conditions
• Bonus Lily Bulb, Red Date & Rock Sugar!
• Reg Price: $36 (4" x 6" bag big size)
Sold Out

Energized Black Fungus

Qigong fungus• Jelly-like fungus to clean the stomach
• Reduce harmful effects of pollution
• Promote blood circulation and Qi
• Alleviate pain
• Nourish lungs and intestines
• Soften artery and release stones
• Reg Price: $36 (4" x 4" bag)

Energized Mixed Powder

images/Mixed Powder• Most Powerful & made from lotus root & seed, lily bulb, osmathus and tuckahoe etc.
• Nourish the spleen & lungs
• Strengthen kidney Yang energy
• Beautify skin
• Excellent for Yang deficient person
• Reg Price: $36" (4"x 4 " bags)
Sold Out

Energized Wild HuangQi

Wild HuangQi• Add vital Qi
• Improve the immune system
• Great for detoxification and rejuvenation
• Reg Price: $36 (3 " x 4 " bag)

Energized Maidong

qigong maidong• Reduce lung fire, heal dry cough
• Heal dry or bleeding throat
• Alleviate thirst, produce saliva
• Facilitate urination, anti-bacteria
• Achieve Yin-Yang balance & peace of mind
• Reg Price: $36 (3" x 4" bag)


Energized Mung Bean

qigong bean• Yin energy for reducing fire
• Purify dirty or mixed Qi in the body
• Dissolve toxins
• Make energy grounded
• Best to add some Rock Sugar
• Reg Price: $36 (4" x 4" bag)
Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Energized Sanqi Powder

qigong gouqi• Effective for improving blood circulation
• Dissipate blood stasis
• Remove injury
• Reg Price: $36 (2" x 3 " bags)
Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Energized Walnut

Walnut• Effective for stomach, blood, lung system
• Nourish Kidneys Qi
• Recover Brain Power
• Lowering cholesterol
• Strengthen bones and flesh
• Regular intake increases longevity
• Reg Price: $36 (4" x 4" bag)
Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Energized Wild Red Ginseng

Red Ginseng• Add vital Qi
• Excellent for nourishing the blood
• Improve the immune system
• Nourish the ying energy
• Great for recovery from illness
• Reg Price: $36 (2 " x 3 " bag)

Energized Almond

qigong gouqi• Remove toxins in the liver system
• Reg Price: $36 (4" x 4" bags)
Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Knowledge: What Healing Food Is For Me? A Quick Reference

Healing Food
Major Function
Healing Food
Major Function
Immortal Mushroom  
Marrow, blood, liver
Lotus Seed PowderHeart, spirituality
Black Mushroom
Immune system
Hawthorn Powder; Hawthorn Slice
Seabelt; Seabelt Powder
Lily Bulb; Lily Bulb Powder
Spiritual Food
Stomach, Bigu recovery
Pearl PowderBone, skin
Black Mushroom Powder
Immune system
Black Fungus
Kidney Yin energy
Lotus Root Powder
Lung, Stomach, Reduce fire
Goji Berry
Liver, eyes

* Special Note:

1. If the product is sold out, it will be replaced by another product with the same value.
2. The products are sold "AS-IS". The free one can be differnet type.
3. Because energized products are initiated with spiritual energy, all sales are final.
4. All the sales are required to pay shipping fee. If you forget, you may go to http://www.qinway.org/virtue-tablet.htm, use the donation button to pay.
5. If the Qinway retreat students do Bigu at home need the energized products support, you can email us to apply for the special discount price.

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