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Founder's Biography
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Strong Special Abilities

More than 20 years ago, Grandmaster Qin was invited to the United States,and sooner got extraordinary abilities green card.

She was born with unique talent and ability to interpret the truth and essence of high dimensional wisdom. She had spent years under a good number of Taoist grandmasters, who are known with extraordinary skills and live only in rural mountains. Grandmaster Qin later developed and built a complete system with high concentrations of dimensional escalation, with characteristics of human-universe harmony, and with unification of cultivation methods in modern science and technology.

她的天赋异禀已造福很多有缘人,她不仅具有与高灵沟通能力,更有能力运用超前的现代科技化语言来诠释高维智慧与疗愈的真相和本质。 她曾长期跟随数名有着超凡能力的隐师大德修炼,最终成功创建了以一个完整的与高灵系统接通的独特体系,该体系以快捷与显效神速、验证性强而著称。她创立生命三大立论以及以“人宇渺压”机理为机理指导下的排毒填元技术,令无数人的身心灵受益,尤其是以3.3D retreat形式,帮助了许多患有疑难杂症的学员不仅回到了“不再需要依赖药物的就得到的真正健康与青春回来”,并且还获得了“打鱼的技术”。

Currently, Grandmaster is transforming a high-dimensional spiritual energy signal system that has been proved to be strong and effective by a large number of cases into a temple that will not only retain the magical healing efficiency, but also have the inheritance function that will not disappear.


Carried the Energy Ball Bridge Between Founder of Modernized
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Detoxification & Energy Infusion
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Technical Procedure

Main Essence of Qinway

Detoxification & Energy Infusion

Help Remove Your Root of Diseases in Depth

Energy Infusion Detoxification Procedure

As shown in the above chart, the Qinway Qigong Technical Procedure starts from "Real Understanding", which has very much to do with "changing your mind", followed by the process of "Energy Infusion & Detoxification". An effective combination of both is the key. This combination results in "Real Health", including physical and spiritual health. Specifically, the process of energy infusion and detoxification through Qigong includes the following:


We achieve true health only through purifying our hearts and souls from negative emotions and balancing our mind so that it is serene. More importantly, 90% of diseases are caused by spiritual code problems carried over from past lives.


This is needed to facilitate the detoxifying process inside our bodies by drinking energizing-and-detoxifying Yin-Yang Healing Tea and other methods of Qinway Qigong.


It is important to correct some unhealthy information that happened to be reflected upon you through Qigong.


Through Qigong and bigu (energized-fasting), which means that you become "too Qi-filled to eat", you can achieve ideal human detoxification and energy-infusion effects.

Gasifying (Purifying) Detox

This process turns metabolic waste products and toxins inside our bodies into gas and thus evaporates them through Qigong.


By appealing to universal high energy, and opening up human acupuncture points, we can effectively activate the Human Spiritual System for detoxification through Qigong.

Have you noticed that many well respected, spiritual persons engaging in the subject of classical theory practice throughout this and other lifetimes?

Have you noticed that there are many lovely patients followed doctor's prescription all day long their cabinet full of drugs as well as nutritional supplements?

Or the millions of people everywhere who under doctor's orders keep their medicine cabinet full of prescription drugs and nutritional supplements?

Surely you have noticed the number of people today who in seeking the 'healthy life', will go jogging or exercising in the gym on a regular basis.

Yet with all of these current modalities available for youthful health and spiritual enlightenment, mankind still ages too early - their hair turns white and their final days arrive prematurely.

Why is this? One reason is because at present there is no mechanism for detoxification with energy infusion.

We need a program to follow that will provide these tools.

Indeed while a detoxification and energy infusion program in itself provides a very dynamic cycle, from a technical point of view the spiritual practice portion offers a 'steady state' meaning that extreme quiet produces active energy while the static produces the wisdom.

For the modern man who has been immersed in traditional methods of health maintenance, this transition is a drastic change in every detail, requiring the human body to establish an ecological mechanical cycle similar to an assembly line which can connect to the universe itself with much significant meaning.

While accessing this kinetic energy from the universe, man can still continue his everyday obligations ; (commuting to & from work/sitting in front of a computer daily for 10 hours and other regular activities.

Engaging in a human detoxification and energy infusion program is in itself a complete and comprehensive package operating both hardware and software configurations which open up the energy channels in order to connect with the universe.

One aspect - the 'Bigu' content, supplies the body with high energy derived food/substances. (unlike a regular diet where people may fast) Here it is thoroughly and totally different.

How? Through this process one enhances the body Emannuel qi field, this expands the aura, removes illnesses and opens the wisdom channel.

However with the present dieting programs available, although the stomach does experience a short term rest - what often generally follows is a fragile body including anorexia , and nutritional deficiencies which can even be life threatening.

Therefore never try bigu by yourself. Without a full range of settings, especially without opening the channel to connect to the universal energy and the installation of the 'energy ball' in the body, one would only be fasting so you can imagine the consequences of same.

This human detoxification and energy infusion program is a fundamental transforming process of the human body software system. It explores in depth the many past lives of deep rooted spiritual software accumulations including bad habits and evil.

During the program there is a set up of a closed door 108 day Bigu with many revolutionary rules and ideas. Enough to control that wondering mind.


You take a shower everyday, but have you paid attention to take "real internal showers"? The Qinway Qigong System uses natural methods (not depending on medicine or surgery) to detoxify the body and spirit. Energy infusion builds up a strong pressure of vital Qi in the body that pushes toxins out. The cleansing process can go deeper and deeper as long as there is sufficient vital energy in the body. Ways of detoxification differ from person to person, and vary from time to time for the same person.

Energy Infusion Has Following Aspects

By opening up the energy channels between the human being and the universe through Qigong, high energy can be received directly from the universe. "Energy infusion" has the following characteristics in the Qinway Qigong system.

1. This pure advanced energy can be used to substitute the coarse energy from junk food. You can use healthy and clean food as a healing tool under Qigong Master Qinyin's individual directions.

2. The opening of the energy channels between the human being and the universe through Qigong saves a lot of time in achieving energy infusion. You can achieve the state of energized-fasting almost immediately, which used to take at least ten years of devoted Qigong training.

3. Qinway Qigong system offers an advanced integrated program that can save you a lot of time and expense for Qigong training. You will go straight in your Qigong training, instead of many detours. You will be able to achieve your goal with unexpected benefits. Your success in the Special Ability Rejuvenation 3.3D Retreat is 100% guaranteed, as long as you follow Qigong Master's directions.

4. Qinway Qigong system emphasizes individual instructions over group teaching, featuring the adjustment of the individual's past lives' code, qi field, color of clothes, places to go or avoid, fengshui and more.

5. Qigong Master Qinyin use invisible energy infusion to open the energy channels for students. For example, almost all students can feel energy transmission from the Yin-Yang Healing Tea, Goji Energy Tea, Energized Objects or Energized Healing Foods.

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between East & West Culture

In order to Establish Unique Qinway System Successfully, GM Never Stop Doing Research.


At 20 years ago, Grandmaster through decades of intensive training and research to streamlined traditional Qigong into a set of simplified and modernized Qigong exercises with powerful healing and energizing effects - Qinway Qigong. The system emphasizes the opening of energy channels between the human being and the universe (union of humanity and nature), which allows unique Retreat students to experience universal energy in few hours instead of months or years in traditional Qigong. Another specialty of Qinway Qigong is cleansing and detoxification. Fundamental causes of most diseases are various toxins in the body, due to bad diet or lifestyles and vital Qi less. Grandmaster Qin has found out that simultaneous energy infusion and detoxification is the most efficient way to clear the body and renew the cells.

There are six major ways of detoxification in Qinway system:
spiritual, physical, emotional, Bigu, gasifying and supernatural. Qinway Qigong also encompasses the ancient Taoist rejuvenation technique of Bigu, which means eat universal energy but avoid is all of grain & reduced diet to enhance profound cleansing.

Founder Qin was born with inherent talents, understanding & special abilities which include a 'high wisdom' level of comprehension for the past and present.

By the age of seven, among other things she was able to 'listen' to a classical reading , or with one look photo-read an entire page with deep understanding of the mystical knowledge in the technology field contained therein. Through self teaching, she was able to energetically change the nature of an object instantly (including the human energy field) such as remove a cloud in the sky and invite the Sun to come out. Other matters include sensing, prediction etc.

There is the special time she decided chose to release all of her superior conditions and position in life in exchange for much hardship, in order to seek out and visit the masters who were hidden deeply in the mountains. There were only close disciples of a few famous masters who remain hidden deep in the mountains, and some masters will only pass on the knowledge to a Grandson rather than a son.Having a history of peer reviews, Qin was among a handful with special ability potential (one of the most perfect) and for more than 20 years she has manifested many life miracles for her students from around the globe.

With a modern background in high education and culture, Qin was an important member of the Academic Council of Chinese Human Science and served as the Special Senior Advisor in many sectors. With her high accuracy on future predictions, the late Chairman of China's National Defense Science & Technology Commission, (General Zhang Zhenhuan) personally wrote an inscription, naming her "Heavenly Master Zhang" and praising the Qinway culture system as a perfect example using a classic combination of traditional and modern advanced science.

During this time General Zhang not only sponsored Qin's research during the most difficult years but also wrote her letters of encouragement. Even the Health Minister, Cui Yueli and Dean Feng Lida personally met with Qin showing her much respect.During Qin's long term spiritual practice and retreat in the mountains, she wrote the "Theory of Longevity Law" which was connected to the High state universal energy signal. This shocked the academic circles in Beijing (capital of China) and the material was published during the year, pre-empting potential scientific journals in China.

While immersed in the 'three laws of life', Qin could feel the significance of the verification of theory and practice which really needed to confirm each other. In particular, while attending the Beijing University and Qinghua University (in Beijing) Qin could feel the suffering of others with her karma. This prompted her created and introduced the Qinway System, a revolutionary high technology, modern cultural system connected to the high-energy of the universe for detoxification and energy infusion and get rapid, fundamental and miraculous results. At that time Qinway became famous in Beijing.

In 1997 when Qin was invited to lecture in San Francisco (United States), she was issued a 'green card' from the U.S. government for her special talents and began residing in America. Qin, now acknowledged as a 'High Master' in the U.S. received a lot of students, many who themselves were masters from all sects. These students participated in numerous advanced Qinway projects and comments were many. "A True Master!" " It really works!" etc: http://www.qinway.org/qigong-testimonial.htm

She has receiving much recognition and world class awards, many articles were published about her work in American newspapers and magazines, and the Qinway system was verified due to the unique effectiveness of these advanced scientific methods.The students came from all walks of life including children and adolescents who, after personal experience from attending her special retreat program, even ten years later have proven a significant achievement has been reached which delights many parents.

GM, (a very rigorous scholar herself) pays close attention to combine the theory with practice while paying great respect to the classical truth and consideration to modern karma. To ensure meticulous practical cases correspond to each other and be verified truthfully and harmoniously, Qinway modern studies are taken on an individual case history basis one by one. Thus the major characteristics of the Qinway system are successfully preserved; unlike some scholars who only talk about theory or some masters who are knowledgeable yet totally unaware that the student does not understand which makes for a defective working system.

Qin is a grandmaster who does not seek fame, (which is a disturbance to her) rather she is seeking the fine and sharp. In every case she studies not one pattern but many, research into the special high energy field. In the absence of any government or group funding or assistance, she has never given up looking for confirmation of the unique research for the truth of life. Nothing has prevented her top level search of a massive human life study. This is indeed a very rare world-class professional who seeks confirmation of the unique mystery and truth of life.

To this end, she has quietly devoted and invested everything, includes her family, relationships, finances and most precious of all - time in her life. While her research and practice spans many fields including but not limited to: astronomy, geography, chemistry, physics, optics, biology, Zen, Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Feng shui, literary arts, qigong health, medicine, pharmacology diet, numerology, color, forecasting, cooking and so many other extensive subjects versus surgery or gossip Ching diet etc. She is often accompanied by long-term loneliness and is puzzled by same. Grandmaster Qin has unique style of doing things, never following the crowd. Her rigorous work ethic, always seeking confirmation, more refinement to allow her designs for her students to receive great life transforming functions from the program. Every detail implemented way beyond the worldly level of technical knowledge shows how the energy and hard work are being put into a very specific practice.

Qin is ahead of her time, with a very classical yet highly modern consciousness, presenting a perfect messaging system - to seek the truth without sticking to any one particular pattern. This is what makes 'Qinway 'a unique, almost synonymous term in America.In her very arduous effort to enhance body and soul evolution, Qin blazes new trails toward the human spiritual energy enlightenment. She is very versatile and creative; not dropping any religion, being unconventional, defying danger etc; her modern research and practice are still on the road of the midnight of this era which is very rare indeed.

Qinway has existed for more than 20 years now in spite of the many up and downs. She always moves forward, even without the support from the students, teachers and the karma friends due to their personal experiences and dedication to understand. However the Qinway system which is still in its infant stage could have died a long time ago rather than be born a product of the 21st century due to the unselfishness and full support of Master Qin, and her practice and recognition of this technology.

Now she and her volunteer team are working to create a masterpiece and a unique retreat center which can be handed down and spread globally. Previously only the most advanced and high programs were created for high level professional training (tentatively named 'Qinway Modern Temple'). Founder Qin wishes to bestow this special gift to the human race before her Hermitage.

Qinway cultural system welcomes your participation and support, especially to share the real healing info to benefit most human being with great virtue energy!

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