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Energized Products Carried Grandmaster's Healing Signal
Heal Yourself with Energized Healing Products & Read more Miracles Stories
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Qi Field ProtectiomNew!
Fengshui Object

• This is real forest plant seeds with
natural power

• The seeds call Puti, means to
enlightenment road, carry signal of wisdom‍

• Has different 18 kinds of beautiful
plant seeds

• Great for protection, as a gift
for your friends

Reg. Price $49 Buy Now

Healing DVD
Energized DVD kit

• Most Powerful healing tool to connect
Universal channel

• Grandmaster teach you at home,
easy self study practice benefit
from Day 1

• Effective for weight loss, diabetes,
insomnia, hypertension, beautification &

Reg. Price $298 Buy Now

Healing Tea
Yin Yang Healing Tea

• Famous green dragon tea
with special ingredients

• Infused Yin-Yang balanced
energy; good taste without caffeine ‍

• Effective for hypertension
weight loss, etc more healing
miracle results

Reg. Price $21 Buy Now
Sale Price: Buy 3 Get 1 Free

Qi Field Protectiom New!
Fengshui Object

• Energized avoid evil rosewood 216

• Has 216 beads of precious rosewood
with auspicious evil role

• It has strong healing and protection

Reg. Price $49 Sold Out

Qi Field Protectiom
Fengshui Object

• Most powerful object connecting to Qinway 3 High Being System

• Verified
very effective for protecting the

• Exquisite designed 24-K Gold plated
with gems

Reg. Price $298 Buy Now

Qi Field Protection
Fengshui Object

• Powerful tools for spiritual

• Excellent for carrying in car,
was reported to help people
avoid accidents

Reg. Price $36 Buy Now

Healing Signal Food
Healing Food

• Healing signal infused to further
enhance their vitality

• Nourish lungs, heart, liver, kidney,
skin & Reduce "fire"

• Dispel negative spiritual signals &
deep detoxify

Reg. Price $36 Buy Now

Qi Field Protectiom New!
Fengshui Object

• Energized beautifully ‍resin bracelet
carved dragon and phoenix

• Extracted from natural plant sap the
material, patterns moral perfection

• Has strong healing and protection

Reg. Price $49 Buy Now

Energized Wild Food
Immortal Mushroom

• Wild organic from China
mountains, rare with very
strong energy

Underground for years with
universal spiritual signal infusion

• Help marrow, blood and liver,
diabetes, tumor & cancer

Reg. Price $64 Buy Now

* Special Note:

1. If the product is sold out, it will be replaced by another product with the same value. The products are sold "AS-IS".
2. Because energized products are initiated with spiritual energy, all sales are final.
3. Qinway reserves the right to change the price.
4. Shipping time will be about 1-2 weeks.
5. All the products have to pay shipping fee, please go to http://www.qinway.org/virtue-tablet.htm, use the donation button for insufficient shipping fee.



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