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Qigong Founder Qinyin
Written in 1998

I'm a Qigong master and I founded my version of Qigong -- Qin Way to Health and Rejuvenation (Qinway Qigong). Although many people in China and America have learned and benefited from my Qigong, originally my dreams in childhood were to be an artist, novelist, astronomer, or scientist such as Madam Curie. Never had I thought of being a Qigong master and sustaining so much hardship.

Qigong grandmaI was weak when I was born. At the age of three, my maternal grandmother (see left) started to teach me meditation. Among many kids in my big family (including some relatives), I was the only one who could easily quiet down and sit in a full lotus position. My hometown in Southern China, Hangzhou, is a beautiful and historic city. But its climate is often cloudy and damp. One day, when I was playing, I accidentally found out that when I was freed of any random thoughts and called sincerely in the direction of the Sun, it would soon come out and shine brightly with the sky covered by splendid rays. That year, I was still in my early teens.

From high school through university, I was deeply occupied by some questions in my mind and tried to find answers beyond textbooks. One of the four most famous Buddhist mountains in China - Sacred Mt. Putuo (where it is said that Quanyin Buddha practiced Buddhism and became enlightened), is not far from my hometown Hangzhou. During a winter break, I went to Sacred Mt. Putuo and was lucky to meet with my mentor Abbess Huikong. She let me understand the real nature of Qigong and taught me invaluable secret Qigong exercises and true methods.

During this period of time, I gradually came to understand the renowned Chinese philosophy of "unity of human with universe". From what Abbess Huikong and later some other Qigong grandmasters taught me and my own practice of " dispelling-the-clouds-to-seeing-the-Sun", I was fully convinced of the ancient philosophy of "unity of human being with universe" and its epochal meaning for the wellbeing of humanity.

After I graduated from Zhejiang University, I became a faculty member in the department of philosophy at the same university. At the meantime, I was often invited by the Chinese Qigong Research Society and the Chinese Somatic Science Association to give some presentations and Qigong workshops. Increasingly, I was attracted to these presentations and Qigong workshops instead of my normal teaching job at the department.

In my Qigong presentations, I not only gave my audience some knowledge of Qigong but also taught them some simple Qigong methods benefiting their health. Sometimes, after these presentations, I received joyful phone calls reporting on the alleviation and even complete recovery of their diseases. These moments were the happiest time in my life. An old patient who had long been paralyzed was able to walk at the fourth day following my Qigong healing.

In Beijing, one attendee told me that his diabetes recovered from "+ + + +" to "+" at the second day following my Qigong presentation. Another participant with leukemia did Qigong bigu (energized fasting) continuously for 17 days after my Qigong presentation and fully recovered after discharging some smelling feces accumulated in his bowels.

Finally I decided to say good-bye to my normal academic career and founded a small Qigong college in 1991 by myself in southern Zhejiang Province, China – Purple Bamboo Qigong College. Dedicating to the brilliant ancient Qigong healing arts, its spectacular effects soon drew significant regional attention.

The then president of the Chinese Qigong Research Society, a prestigious Qigong organization in China, Mr. Zhenhuan Zhang kindly acclaimed me as "Little Heavenly Qigong Master" and strongly encouraged me to promote my Qigong on a national scale. He inscribed, "it will bring great benefit to the society, if applied more broadly to the whole country, it can have a more significant impact".

Qigong sifuHowever, in the process of my teaching Qigong, I acutely felt that traditional Qigong, although excellent, was still too complicated and sometimes obscure and therefore uneasy for modern people to practice and derive health benefit in a reasonably short time. I made another big decision in my life. I temporarily closed the Qigong college and started to search all over China for legendary true Qigong masters hidden around the countryside throughout China. For one time, I practiced Qigong training with my masters and friends in a cave in Emei Mountain, Sichuan Province continuously for 49 days and we only drank water dripping from the top of the cave.

One of my Qigong masters can meditate in the air and move thousands of things (no one knows
where they used to belong) into an empty room in just a few seconds by using his mind. Another Taoist Qigong master can walk on waters and burn papers first into ashes and then knead them into medicine pills instantaneously (see the above picture). Another of my masters is a lineage holder of a renowned Taoist Qigong school, Wuliu School, which used to teach only their grandson and not son. I was also student of Tibetan Buddhist masters (see the picture below).

Qigong sifuAfter enduring much hardship and being genuinely instructed by these highly qualified Qigong hermits and repeated exploration and experimentation, I realized that Qigong should not focus solely on training the "Qi". Actually, it should also emphasize how to efficiently utilize the Qi to achieve health benefit -- human detoxification, or in other words, removing toxins from the human body. An effective combination of energy infusion and human detoxification can yield a more satisfactory outcome with less effort. Besides this, I also established some other important Qigong theories and practice that help to successfully streamline traditional Qigong into a set of simple, clear, and more powerful Qigong exercises - Qinway Qigong.

In Beijing, People benefited from Qinway Qigong ranged from high-ranking officials, university professors to illiterate ordinary civilians. One patient who had long been distressed by numerous diseases including heart disease, chronic nephritis and uterus cancer recovered rather rapidly after practicing my Qigong. She lost 30 pounds and her uterus cancer miraculously fell out in the bathroom. Another lady lost 30 pounds in just a week and her heart disease was healed. Another Qigong student completely recovered from hypertension and his obesity was miraculously reduced. International tourists were also attracted to my Qigong classes. Qinway Qigong's reputation soon spreaded and culminated in its recognition as one of the most recommended versions of Qigong by the Chinese government in early 1997 at the First National Conference of Public Health and Qigong.

Now I have successfully held more than a dozen "Energized-fasting Qigong retreats" in Northern California, America, with the purpose of fundamentally and thoroughly healing chronic and difficult diseases and significantly increasing the energy level. I had various types of Qigong classes in Beijing, but why do I only hold a special "Energized-fasting Qigong Retreat" in America for the present time? One important point is the difference in cultural background. The Qigong retreat is especially helpful for Americans who do not have much knowledge of Qigong or even Chinese culture and those who do not believe in Qigong.

In my Qigong retreats, I often perform an interesting experiment of twisting a steel spoon to show my Qigong students of the existence of invisible energy -- the Qi. The spoon, impossible to be twisted even by strong young men, became very soft in my hands. In the Qigong retreat, participants can open up their acupuncture points and energy channels and connect them with high energy in a shortest time possible. Under the condition of acquiring an enormous amount of real Qi, every participant (even those who have not been exposed to Qigong practice before) was able to achieve an advanced Qigong state -- energized fasting, that is being "too Qi-filled to eat". They were not hungry at all with no food and still had high spirit in a few days. It has been proven that energized fasting can greatly facilitate various methods of detoxification, an essential part of the healing process. One participant "perspired the largest amount of sweat since she first came to America", another discharged urine for 29 times during two days, and many celebrated in removing stinking stool out of their bodies.

Therefore, it's understandable why the miraculous Qigong healing effects have happend. On average, obese people lost from 8 to 18 pounds within six days and many looked 10 years younger after attending my Qigong retreat. An American lady wrote in her experience form during the Qigong retreat, "I had no coffee and no food. I did not get a migraine -- I always get bad headaches when I don't have coffee. And all day I was not hungry with no food…. So far I lost eight pounds and feel wonderful, even my boyfriend said that my eyes were so green ". Until now, according to incomplete statistics, diseases that have been successfully healed or greatly alleviated in Qinway Qigong's retreats in the bay area include: hypertension, diabetes, insomnia, migraine, arthritis, vertebra ailments, skin diseases, kidney stone, intestinal and gastronomical problems etc. Some famous TCM doctors and Qigong practitioners are among its beneficiaries. Their energy levels and healing skills were greatly enhanced. Some strange and difficult diseases were also healed.

Qinway Qigong is dedicated to benefit more and more people from all over the world with its unique techniques of energy infusion and internal cleaning. Please join us to share these precious knowledge and techniques and enjoy lasting health and peace.

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