My Amazing Experiences of Bigu Over 3 Years!

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My Amazing Experiences of Bigu Over 3 Years!


- John G.(Ojai, CA)

*John G. has been on Bigu (energized fasting) for over 3 years until now. He continues to make great progresses in his body, mind and spirit with remote supports from Grandmaster Qin. Below is his report, and he want share and help more people, thanks John.

a) Summarized his profound experiences with the Qinway Qigong System in May 2006 as follows:

"Since completing my first retreat in October, 2005, I have continued my Bigu program with the support of Qinway and grandmaster Qinyin until now in May, 2006, and I plan to continue further. I did my second retreat in February, 2006, and I plan to attend the upcoming one in August in Honolulu. Although I practiced and taught martial arts and qigong for several decades, this was a unique experience. This system is incredibly powerful with rapid yet amazingly deep results. Besides losing over 60 pounds, I was able to stop taking a medication with potentially harmful side-effects. Chronic ailments have disappeared and I feel like I am back in my prime in all respects. The positive effects are continuing and increasing. I'm experiencing strong qi while doing qigong - much stronger than in my previous qigong work and in practicing and mastering martial arts. Sometimes there are feelings of body parts "disappearing" during practice, and seemingly other dimensional scenes and colors appear. There have been various water images - one time a torrent of rushing water - which I regard as positive signs of ongoing cleansing, detoxification and a "cooling down" of my condition of "too much fire." There have been many deep spiritual experiences and realizations as well. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have connected with Qinway and grandmaster Qin." - John Griffin, Ojai, CA

b) Sample Feedbacks that John G. sent to Grandmaster Qinyin are below in a chronological order:

[11/6/05] I must say that the Qinway Qigong system is a most astounding and wonderful experience and everything it claims to be.

[11/13/05] The bigu and qigong training are going quite well. I feel much more energized and other positive changes are happening. At this point I've lost about 21 pounds.

[11/17/05] I love the practice and it's going more and more smoothly.

[11/25/05] I enjoyed a quiet Thanksgiving and reflected on some important things I have to be thankful for, including Qinway.

[12/4/05] Progress is excellent with feelings of strong qi, further weight loss (35+ pounds now) and continued hair growth. I'm also feeling lighter in a way that's unrelated to physical weight. As we were talking when you and Master Qinyin were here, she asked what was different about practicing sitting in horse stance in Qinway qigong from my previous martial art experience. I said it was easier because of the strong support from qi. I think that perhaps the heaviness of the usual physical experience is somehow lightened through the experience of the "qi dimension." The pain at the bridge of my nose stopped some days ago.

[1/1/06]Hello and New Year's Greetings, I'm still doing well with the Bigu and Qigong. This morning I weighed 165 pounds, which is a loss of 47 pounds from my weight of 212 at the beginning of the Retreat on 10-27-05. I hope and assume that most or all of this loss is unneeded fat and toxins. I feel good and continue to note beneficial changes.

[1/8/06] My bigu is going wonderfully well as is my qigong. My weight this morning was 162 pounds, so I have now lost fifty pounds since October 27. I feel good mentally, physically, emotionally, and particularly spiritually, although I sometimes feel a little physically "unsteady" momentarily in a very busy public place but that momentary feeling is quite minor and not a problem. In the qigong practice I have periodic pains in my back so I assume the "bad qi" is being attacked there in particular. Some visual things I've experienced during qigong practice have been inner vision color fields of green and purple as well as light images, including a beautiful vision of the sun with birds wheeling about in the sky. I have strong feelings of qi, especially in my hands during practice and in the "supreme renewal" posture I usually "see" and sense the particularly strong qi energy aura around my hands even when my eyes are closed or nearly closed.

[1/15/06] Bigu and qigong are proceeding well...This morning my weight was 158 pounds, so I'm still losing.

[1/22/06] I moved all the largest of my belongings last Friday via a U-Haul truck and with the paid assistance of a friend's son who is in his early twenties. We worked non-stop for over ten hours, often lifting some quite heavy objects, and I maintained a constant, smooth energy output the whole time. He was worn out when we finished and although I was definitely ready for a rest, I still felt that I had some energy in reserve. The Qi is marvelous. Bigu is going well but my Qigong schedule suffered on a few days with only one set possible. My schedule is more normalized again now.

[4/6/06] Continually deepening spiritual perceptions and realizations. Feelings of strong qi are often quite evident. I have continued to experience periodic visual imagery such as images of flowing water and an image of the healing mantra picture with my eyes closed. Also colors and patterns. I sometimes have feelings of lightness and non-corporeality. New, dark colored hair continues to grow in on the top of my head. After losing about 60 pounds, I'm feeling good and energetic.

[4/19/06] Continually deepening spiritual perceptions and realizations. Feelings of strong qi continue. New, dark colored hair continues to grow in on the top and back of my head. My mustache has become noticeably darker.

[5/4/06] Strong qi while doing qigong. Feelings of body parts "disappearing" during practice. Seemingly other dimensional scenes and colors sometimes experienced during parts of practice. Various water images - one time a torrent of rushing water.

[5/14/06] Continuing visions of ethereal colors and images that seem other dimensional. During one practice session this was especially pronounced. Experiences of a special light which totally illuminates in an unusual way but has no glare at all. Some light disc images like sun and/or moon. Strong qi feelings. Lots of sweet saliva too. Hair continues to grow in on the top of my head, although it's still sparse.

[5/23/06] Strong feelings of qi continue to occur during qigong. Wu is active. I'm also studying qigong related material to deepen my overall knowledge and understanding. Occasional strong imagery, including an energy pattern with light energy radiation moving from an outer circumference to an inward center which I spontaneously visualized with my eyes closed. This image was quite pronounced and powerful.

New hair continues to grow, on the top of my head especially but also on the sides. It is still sparse but continues to fill in. My overall hair, including chest hair and facial hair, is progressively darkening. This seems to fulfill a dream which I had just after my mother's death when I resolved to find a high level qigong master for rejuvenation practice. In the dream I was looking in a mirror and seeing my nude upper body. In this image, the hair on my head had grown in and was dark in color as was my chest hair and it seemed to glow with vitality and energy as though electrified. I told some friends about the dream and my feeling that it presages a wonderful transformation in my health and vitality. From my knowledge of dream consciousness and symbology, which I teach, this seemed an obvious interpretation. My friends, also knowledgeable about dream symbolism, agreed. Soon after this I discovered Qinway.

[7/2/06] Starting June 19, the black and white "Picture of No Disease" turned a pink-rose color when viewed with my left eye while I focused my attention on it while reciting the mantra (I don't have fusion in my vision and use my eyes independently). This impressed me as being a color of health and healing. It was as if the symbol had come more alive in some way. "In the pink" is an old saying not heard much any more but which meant to be in an optimal state and was usually related to a great state of health. On June 20, the symbol became pink and light blue when viewed with my left eye but when I viewed it with my right eye it was green. This has continued, mostly during my evening practice. I have continued to have other visual images and colors, including one recently that looked like some kind of high energy grid. Light imagery also continues, along with feelings of pronounced lightness or even "disappearance" of body parts. Wu experience deepens with continuing spiritual insights.

[7/5/06] UNIQUENESS OF QINWAY BIGU: Master Qinyin asked me to give my perspective on why Qinway bigu is unique. I agree that it is, having experienced many different kinds of health and healing substances and methods as well as qigong. They were all helpful to varying degrees but none even remotely came close to what I've experienced with Qinway and Master Qinyin. The Qinway bigu system is a special adaptation of an ancient Daoist dietary qigong practice and is dependent on Master Qinyin's special abilities to prescribe the precise individual approach. Some aspects are generally applicable but it is not a "one size fits all." In my case she accurately diagnosed that I have "too much fire" and this has proved entirely correct. Her bigu prescription has succeeded in an astounding way, even promoting the growth of new hair as an indicator of ongoing general rejuvenation as my kidney energy has strengthened. The point is, that this system is unique and successful without the need for additional outside elements which, good as they may otherwise be, might only cause a weakening of effect or even be contraindicated in some way.

[7/15/06] I continue to see color "visions" and what might be described as a subtle energy gridwork pattern and other visual phenomena. Feelings of strong qi continue, especially during some exercises. When I pet my cat after I have practiced qigong, she seems to be sensitive to this strong qi in my hands. My hair continues to thicken and darken as an obvious sign of ongoing rejuvenation. Most importantly, spiritual feelings and insights continue to arise.

[8/30/06] It was a wonderful retreat with powerful new realizations...In the Marrow Washing experience I had a vision of waves of water, like ocean waves, washing over what looked like a long stretch of porous rock. Then I realized that this hole-filled "rock" was what bone marrow looks like. This vision was quite powerful and, considering my background in mind cultivation and training, I believe it symbolically represented a real process that was taking place internally with my bone marrow and was not simply my own imagination induced fantasy unconnected to a true somatic and energetic experience.

(Note: John came to Hawaii to repeat Special Ability Rejuvenation Retreat during August 24-27, 2006)

[10/2/06] Accompanying good "side effects" continuing and deepening in general. Often there are exquisite inter-dimensional visions with various "scenes" and luminous colors and patterns. Deeply blissful. Sometimes there are momentary lapses as the "dusty world" intrudes, but these do not last.

[10/12/06] An interesting thing happened after the 930 Healing - my watch slowed down and lost time. The battery should still be strong, but I thought I would have to replace it the next trip to Ventura. I decided to reset the time and see how long it would take to slow appreciably. It has not slowed again. I now think it may have had something to do with accessing other dimensions, which has been happening regularly, but probably it was caused by the particularly strong influx of energy during the healing.

[11/3/06] I now feel that I am within the interdimensional experience rather than looking in upon it. This whole experience continues to deepen and sometimes it becomes so deep that I tend to lose track of time and the ordinary level of experience including the sequence of my qigong practice set. I previously mentioned my watch inexplicably losing time which seems related to this (it's been working fine since I reset it). Color experiences are still pronounced and the intensity of qi is sometimes quite awesome. The feelings of lightening, levitation, and even temporary disappearance of body parts continues. Although it's sometimes hard to make the time to maintain my daily practice, I can't skip it as I feel that something crucial would be missing. There are wonderful feelings of Ananda or divine bliss during the practice and otherwise too. WU is constant and strong and is also producing new insights into my prior qigong and martial arts training, even back to my early training in Japan.

[1/1/07] Interdimensional experiences have increased even further. They are incredibly beautiful and create a deep sense of coherence, peace, and equanimity. Time seems to be transcended and a feeling of lightness to the point of levitation and "disappearance" occurs. During the Spontaneous Adjustment exercise, I do "wave hands like clouds" as an essentially spontaneous inclusion and I immediately am immersed in wuji and wu kong. Sometimes it's hard to keep track of the practice sequence because of the dimensional shift. Parts of my hands will sometimes temporarily seem to disappear even when they're passing before my face. During one of the 8 Guan Yin exercises, I can see a pronounced energy aura around my hands and parts of them will sometimes seem to be transparent, particularly the right hand. Higher dimensional colors and patterns continue to appear, along with images of beautiful clear light. There are also frequent appearances of what look like energetic patterns. Meditation continues to deepen. My Heavenly Third Eye is obviously open during practice. Wu is strong, and relevant reading material comes to me in a timely way to further my understanding of what is happening.

[1/27/07] A notable physical occurrence is the healing of my left thumb, which had been stiff and essentially frozen for the last several years. This was the result of old injuries and arthritis. Recently, it developed a pronounced red rash along the topside for no known reason. Then it suddenly began functioning normally, with only a slight and barely noticeable stiffness remaining for a while. Now it is completely mobile and normal and the "rash" - which I assume now was the result of vital chi "attacking" the problem - has disappeared. This is a wonderful happening - not only in regaining the normal use of that thumb but as an indication that my other injured and stiffened fingers can likewise eventually be unfrozen and return to normal. In the meantime, all the pain is gone that I had constantly experienced prior to starting Qinway Qigong practice.

Read my amazing 930 experience.


我在2005年10月參加了Qinway3.2D閉關班,在沁音大師的支持精心指導下,我堅持在做沁丹能辟谷項目一直到2006年5月。2006年8月我又回爐參加了在夏威夷舉行的3.2D 關班,每次的效果奇特但又是那麽不一樣,收獲的角度與層次都是不同的。盡管我有學習幾十年的跆拳道及其他氣功的很多經驗,沁康平仍是一個非常獨特的體驗。


在練習沁康平的過程中我能感覺到很強的氣場,比我以前練的所有氣功太極和跆拳道都更強。有時在練習的過程中會感覺到身體的一部分消失了,好像出現了另一高緯度的情景和顔色,常常看見水的圖像 。有一次看到了奔騰而來的湍流,我理解爲這是身體的排毒現象,我身體上太多火性的狀況得到了明顯的改善,與此同時,我還有了很多靈性能量升華,特殊功能被開發出來的奇特經曆。



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