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Grandmaster Predict 3.3D in the Future

Master Prediction A. The Beautiful Future of 3.3-D Science

When the 3.3-Dimension science becomes popular, its beneficial area will be huge and deep. The healing process will automatically appear 3.2-D scientific function, covering the whole health & fitness areas.

It will transform the Western Medicine system, people's diet, supermarket supply chain, as well as the beauty and drug industries. People will be kinder and more peaceful, and pay more attention to spiritual practice than material benefits.

hen the 3.3-D health and healing techniques, along with new lifestyle and new concepts, will get into the mainstream society in America & Europe...

In this way, the American government can save a large amount of healthcare and insurance expenses, and people can learn and hold the gold key to natural healing and self recovery, which will become a popular new lifestyle.


Grandmaster Got into Wuji High Dimension
for Prediction.

B. The Current Dark Bottleneck

However, before it happens, humanity will still be surrounded by diseases, environmental toxins, and "conservative" sciences, and move slowly in darkness and stagnancy. Although some people have the karma to know this super science, they are not willing to really change their life quality because of attachments and habits, while just complaining about their current situations and the ineffectiveness of the regular medicine.

he automatically appearance of human being 3.2-D science may happen in 50-200 years. It depends on the birth of a giant scientist to consciously or unconsciously discover and verify Qinway's 3.2-Dimension super science in mathematical, physical and biological fields, developed from what Albert Einstein has not finished about over 3-D science.



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