Retreat Saved Me From Incurable Disease

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Unique Retreat Saved me from Scleroderma
Identified as Incurable by Stanford Medical Center

I wanted to deeply thank Grandmaster Qin, with her support I have sucessfully finished the Bigu from October 15, 2004 to December 25 of 2004.

When my Bigu was over, I feel the most immediate change is my digestive system problems completely gone, before I have to take drugs to control the stomach pain, stomach acid reflux and bloating, after the Bigu all these symptoms disappeared and I don¡¯t need the drugs any more!

Most noteworthy is that the disease scleroderma (scleroderma) I was suffering from years now is well controlled and fundamentally healed. In western medicine it is determined as the development of irreversible disease. I didn¡¯t expect this healing at first.

In February 2005, my Rheumatology specialist Dr. Arthur M. Bobrove (from Palo Alto Medical Foundation) checked my upper body skin and he was very surprised, said: "your skin doesn't look like scleroderma's skin. " The scleroderma made my upper body skin become very thick, they are too thick to be squeezed by hand, but during the check up the skin become very easy to squeeze, and the thick skin also become thinner and changed to normal.

From the perspective of Western medicine, scleroderma is irreversible immune system diseases, the incidence of unknown cause and no cure. But through Qinway 3.2D retreat program and daily three or four hours of Qinway technology practice, my body appeared so miraculous change!

The progressive development of my lung fibrosis (fibrosis) also becomes stable. Since last year I participated the Qinway 3.2D retreat, I has been feeling very good, energetic, my physical condition is much better than before!

Through the changes of my own health, I realized that in order to get miracles from the retreat we have to be persistent and hard working. If we think Qinway retreat is just a simple weight-loss program, it would be wrong. Qinway technology is a thorough transformation technique to correct the error systems in human deep layers , and its miraculous effect is even more apparent afterwards.

Qinway technology benefits my entire life!

Shirley Kwok

Southern California, March 2005


我要深深感謝GrandMaster Qin的支持,使我在2004年10月15日到12月25日的辟谷成功了。最值得一提的是我患有多年的硬皮病(scleroderma)得到很好的控制和根本性的治療,因爲這在醫學上被判定是無法逆轉的發展性疾病,這變化當時倒沒有一下子就顯現出來,辟谷一結束,我感到的變化最直接的是消化系統的毛病徹底好了,以前要靠藥物控制的胃痛,胃反酸和漲氣都在這個之後不知不覺的消失了,藥也不用再吃了!

在2005年的二月,我的醫生Arthur M. Bobrove, M.D. (from Palo Alto Medical Foundation, He is a Rheumatology specialist) 在檢查我的上半身皮膚時驚奇地說: “ your skin doesn’t look like scleroderma’s skin”. 這個硬皮病使我上半身的皮膚變的很厚,厚到用手無法捏起來,但是在那次檢查時卻非常容易就捏起來了,而且皮膚也終于由厚皮變薄了(變正常了!)





南加州,Shirley Kwok


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