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Outline of Qinway 3.3D Magnetic Retreat Hot Spots

A. During four days retreat, the unique retreat will make even very sick student become super healer with special abilities being opened on the spot! This miracle can be verified immediately.

1. Retreat first day, Grandmaster will install a very precious universal energy ball for each student. It means each student will get full energy and feel not hungry.

2. Learn a set of powerful and unique Qinway qigong signal exercise (software & hardware system), including Quanyin sleeping qigong.

3. Grandmaster sends invisible individual healing signals to each student any moment during the retreat.

4. One of the program called instant energy connection, the students receive & verify the energy instantly on the spot, each student’s palm turn into lotus energy lights palm immediately; especial Grandmaster lets each students experiencing finger growing suddenly program and verified on the spot!

5. Opening the student’s special healing & diagonals abilities, teaching four major methods of diagnosis and five supreme techniques of healing;

6. Teaching secret methods of "protecting yourself". How to remove illness & evil Qi

7. Open student’s special abilities for the "Remote Diagnose" and palm reading

8. Opening special abilities, activating the third eyes & and see the aura of the finger and head

9. Grandmaster will send each student to experience the heaven with wonderful “Soul Traveling”

Especially the "Ten Tons Immortal Water" will flowing down to the students inside body for deep healing.

10. Teaching how to do "0" distance closing the natural, using energy signal communicates with the tree, mountain, or ocean, rock;

11. Teaching how to do Immortal Walking Qigong, Back Qigong, and Running Qigong;

12. Let students acquire strong personal energy magnetism, and become a certified healing instructor.

13. Very strong "Crown Infusion" will change the student body to become very special quality through the unique universal energy stream.

14. Grandmaster will send a very unique gift called Wuji Dimensional Needle, most students will successfully receive the unique Gift.

15. Qinway Recharge qigong Instructor Qualify test and award Qinway qigong instructor certificate.

16. Each student will receive the 108 day Bigu "homework" by Grandmaster, which includes the complete individual designed about diet, Fengshui, Number, Color, Directions, etc.

B. Outline of Qinway Magnetic "4 in 1" Retreat

1) The magnetic “4 in 1” 3.3D retreat has combined four retreats, fundamental healing energy ball retreat, special ability I retreat, Special ability II retreat, Magnetic certification intensive retreat.

2) Who is suitable for attending the retreat:
a) The retreat is very effective for healing the health problems and get rejuvenation, for example: addiction, asthma, allergy, overweight, hypertension, diabetes, joint, skin, female system, heart, intestines, depression, chronic diseases, immune system, insomnia, thyroid, spine, etc. The students disease problems will be resolved and the healing results definitely can be appeared during the retreat, and if the students continue the Bigu homework for 108 days, the root of disease will totally be gone!

We suggest the student to carry or the organization to provide the measurement tools (such as sphygmomanometer) for blood sugar, weight, blood pressure and the student will be more confident about the program.

b. Highest level for training the natural healers and instructors or who interested in spiritual growth, opening wisdom and enlightenment practice.

3) Who will be unsuitable for the retreat:
Mental problem, or person who has cancer or serious infectious diseases, or someone very stubborn and deny to change his mind

C. The 4 day retreat is scheduled
The schedule will be flexible because any moment is on the special healing, Grandmaster will see each student's detoxification reaction to make on time adjustment.

Day 1 ( start 4:30 pm)

1) install the energy ball to each student and student will eat special unique energy dinner

2) lecture about "detoxification and energy infusion" with some real healing possible reaction;

3) lecture about "successful key point"

4) lecture about "Qi field protection"

5) Learn very powerful and unique a set of Qinway qigong signal exercise (software & hardware system),including Quanyin sleep Qigong;

6) lecture about "during the sleeping qigong" attention notices.

Day 2, Day3, Day 4 refer to “A” session and read carefully.

The retreat miracle result is appeared in this 4 days and students will experience and verified to reduce the diseases with special healing power, also they will verify the special abilities on the spot. Qinway suggests the students to start measuring the blood sugar and blood pressure on the third day after the first day measurement.

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