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Qigong Retreat: Now It Is My Turn

- Qigong student Tammy's Experience

Qigong Tammy

On September 24, 2003, Qinway Qigong student Tammy was volunteering at Qinway Qigong Institute in Oceanside, CA. A guest reporter stopped by, and a casual conversation quickly bloomed into a fascinating interview - about how Tammy sent her cousin and both parents to the Qigong retreat first, but she wasn't able to make it until a few months later. And her healing experience with Qigong spilled over to her cat...

Tammy received a Special Abilities Certificate from Qigong Master Qinyin.

Reporter: What do you think about Qinway Qigong?

Tammy: I feel like it is a miracle. I've never had a life changing experience like this before.

Reporter: Really...

Tammy: It is a learning experience and an internal growth process for me. Qinway Qigong has taught me a whole new way of taking care of my health. It is like my body hungers for it and I cannot get enough. It's a whole new life process, different than I have ever experienced before.

Reporter: This is great. How did you find out about Qinway Qigong?

Qigong StephanieTammy: My cousin Stephanie found Qigong Master Qinyin in the Awareness Magazine, and asked me to give her a ride to see her. I got some brochures at Qinway Qigong Institute and went into my car to read, while Stephanie receiving her Qigong healing session. I remember thinking to myself, "This is it. This is the answer to what I have been searching and waiting for all these years". Later Stephenie confirmed that her Qigong session was indeed a totally different experience. In March, Stephanie signed up to take the Fundamental Healing Retreat. She did Qigong bigu (energized fasting) for 45 days after the Qigong retreat. Stephanie now looks great! Stephanie has her natural glow, and rosy cheeks back in her face, and her pains went away. She has gained the strength back in her legs, and she has lost weight (see comparison pictures on the right).

Reporter: Fantastic! By the way, how old is your mom?

Tammy: She is 72 years old. Two weeks following mom's stroke, my mom was free from all medication that she had been taking. She did 70-day Qigong bigu continuously, and practiced Qinway Qigong exercises religiously everyday. After that, doctors checked her cholesterol, and it was normal. So was her thyroid. She went to see her eye doctor for her Glaucoma, and the doctor said, "Your eyes look good. Keep doing what you are doing". Little did he know that my mother had not used eye drops for almost three months (see comparison picture below).

Qigong Margaret Then Qigong Margaret Now

My mother now looks terrific. She feels great, and is full of energy. As a bonus, she went from size 16 to size 10 in 70 days. I was shocked at the results she had received in such a short period of time. She looks astonishing. All this happened at the end of March.  Then my father had 2 strokes in April 2003.  We encouraged him to see Qigong Master Qinyin and then take the Qigong retreat.

Reporter: Another great opportunity for your family!

Tammy: Yes, it certainly is! I wanted to go to the Qigong retreat myself in April, and then in May, but I had to help my father move from Santa Maria by the end of May. Upon my return from Santa Maria, I had hopes of attending the June Qigong Retreat, July Qigong Retreat, but again this was not possible.

My father received a couple of Qigong healing from Master Qinyin in July. Master Qinyin cleared the blockages that caused his strokes and reconnected the meridians in his brain, allowing him to focus and think clearer, and restoring his memory. I watched over the months as his fogginess and forgetfulness went away, and my father could again speak in entire sentences without hesitations. It wasn't until August 1, 2003 that my father was able to attend the Qigong Retreat. Today he has more strength, energy in his body and continues to heal. My father walked two miles this week, and before he took the Qigong retreat he could not even walk to the mailbox without over exerting himself.    

I said ok! It is my turn to take the Qigong retreat. It would not be until August 15th, 03  that I was be able to experience Fundamental Healing Retreat with Qigong Master Qinyin myself. Oh! It was great!

Reporter: So what was your experience?

Tammy: You have no idea that how awesome I feel. Today (9/24/03), I'm on my 40th day of bigu.  My Energy is so high. I can get up by my self, and is able to accomplish things that I haven't been able to do in quite a long time.

Reporter: How was your health condition like before you came to the Qigong retreat?

Tammy: I had fatigue all the way through school, and up into my adult years. My mother would spend one hour every morning during my grade school to high school years trying to get me out of bed. I was always exhausted. I would have my mother call me and get me up every morning, and this was no easy or fun task for her.

Since I attended the Qigong retreat, I do Qinway Qigong exercises daily. I sleep better at night, and I can now get up on my own without assistance.  I feel refreshed in the morning, and I feel great during the day and do not get tired as early in the day as I used to. Doing the Qinway Qigong exercises makes me feel more vibrant, more energetic, and more alive. I have not felt this way in years.

We as Americans have needed this type of Qigong healing, and rejuvenation program for a long time now. I would like to open up my heart to this and embrace everybody and share Qinway Qigong with him or her and let him or her know what it has done for my cousin, my mother, father and myself. I just want to go out and shout it to the world that they don't have to live in pain, discomfort, and be miserable anymore. If you are tired, or unhappy with your life, Qinway Qigong can definitely be a life-altering experience for you. It is a miracle for my family. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming. What my family has experienced was so awesome.

Tammy: From that point on Thimble shares a cup of Yang Tea with me in the mornings and a cup of Yin Tea in the afternoons, and any other time she wants it.

Reporter: Do you plan to use Qinway Qigong in other areas of your life?

Tammy: I would love to see every individual benefit from this. Just imagine the number (very large percentage) of unhealthy people in this world. Can you imagine how much negative (heavy) energy we are surrounded by daily? This is not good. If each of us does our part in healing our own body, then we will have changed our energy field to flow positive. Then our planet will be encircled with positive energy and our planet will flourish, grow and be healthy.

Reporter: I can see in your eyes, your face, and your smile that you are really happy.

Tammy: I am extremely happy. I am ecstatic (throwing her hands and arms outwardly).  My family and I have had remarkable results from this Qigong experience that we would like to find a way to share it with everyone, everywhere. To bring public awareness to others so that they may have the same rewarding experience and opportunity with Qigong that we have had, to live a pain free, healthy and happy life.

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