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After a legendary first 10 year healing mission (1996-2006), Qinway Qigong Institute has moved to Honolulu, Hawaii (a balanced energy center of the Earth) to begin its second 10 year spiritual mission to establish a Hawaii Enlightenment Retreat Center (HERC). Upgraded programs (for example, 3.2D Spiritual Healing Retreat, i.e. over 3 Dimension spiritual energy uplifting techniques, which includes important parts of the popular Special Ability Rejuvenation Retreat) will continue to be offered in Hawaii, while new programs be added (for example, 3.3D, 3.4D… Enlightenment Retreat).

What Is Enlightenment?

Achieving enlightenment has the following necessary conditions.

(1) Body: Keep the body in a good condition before successfully achieving enlightenment. As the spirit succeeds in enlightenment, the body can turn into light correspondingly. The body can come or go at will through the control of mind and the corresponding level of spiritual attainment.

(2) Mind: In a highly balanced state, peace and deep calmness/concentration like a flat lake for a long time.

(3) Spirit: Attain complete virtue, and be received by higher beings. Completely understand "causes and results", and the origins and transformations of the universe and lives. Be free from the karmic force of rebirth, and transcend to the 4th dimension or up to 9th dimension.

I. Qinway Qigong is so successful in healing, why turn to an enlightenment mission now? What is the representing program during this turning time?

Saving one's body is a virtue, but much less than the virtue of saving one's spirit. Physical body is perishable, yet the spirit lasts. Many modern people are confused about where their spirits are going, what practice to follow as there seems to be too many teachings. The most miserable thing that can happen to a human being is that his or her spirit drops to a lower dimension, and can no longer assume a human body in the next life (let alone ascending to a heavely realm).

Grandmaster Qin carried a great wish to this world, i.e. to awaken modern people through modern language and effective techniques while integrating ancient wisdom. Qinway Qigong's first 10 year healing mission was an important period to make people trust, while the second 10 year spiritual mission focuses on the ultimate goal. During 2006-2007, Qinway's mission will focus more on establishing over 3 Dimension (such as 3.2D, 3.3D…until 3.9D, 4D, 5D) step-by-step complete enlightenment system.

Master Qin and the Qinway Qigong System were born from many special karma. This high-energy Qigong system is characterized by its uniqueness in its missions of each period. She carries the divine mission from higher beings in the Wuji dimension to this modern world to offer modern teachings following modern karma. Today, the karma for the first 10 year Qigong mission is already completed, and Qinway Qigong will formally turn into an Enlightenment System starting from 3.2D beginning Enlighterment Heavenly Ladder.

1.What are 3.2D, 3.3D….Retreats? What’s the karma of 3.2D Retreat related to the first 10 year and second 10 year missions?

(1) "D" means "Dimension". Usually, ordinary people live in the 3 dimensional world (so called "3D people" or "3D lifestyle"). The meaning of 3.2D is to transcend the concept, ability, level, healing, eating and lifestyle of 3D, and purify and uplift the spiritual energy.

(2) Why should 3.2D Spiritual Healing Retreat include some important parts of the original 72-hour Special Ability Rejuvenation Retreat?

Because a precondition for enlightenment is to purify your physical body (as the "house" for your spirit), especially to go through spiritual healing process, such as removing "negative karma" of your software from past lives. In this way, your spirit can become light enough to transcend to 3.3D...4D, 5D. An important advantage of 3.2D Retreat is its inclusion of healing the body, mind and spirit. So this is determined according to many people's strong welcome and calling for the original 72 hour Special Ability Rejuvenation Retreat. In short, 3.2D Retreat is a step up in the Enlightenment Heavenly Ladder to 3.2 Dimension. After 3.2D, there will be 3.3-3.4D program. This 3.2D Retreat is between the first & the second ten year missions, so it still includes some visible spiritual healing techniques.

(3) When will 3.2D Spiritual Healing Retreat will offered?

Because of the above advantage of 3.2D Spiritual Healing Retreat and many calling for it, it will be first offered in August 2006 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Because 3.2D Retreat is only part of the New Enlightenment System, it will be only offered 2-3 times annually in the future.

2. Summarizing the first 10 years

The first 10 year mission of the Qinway Qigong System is a collective mission from Quanyin Buddha, Medicine Buddha and Master Qin's Qigong sifus. It is accomplished through Master Qin's direct transmission of the Qinway Qigong super techniques to achieve rapid physical and spiritual healing.

The technical Qigong system of the first 10 years apparently includes individual advanced teachings from the Chinese Daoist tradition, in order to establish true believes and true thoughts for the second 10 year mission towards enlightenment. Its style follows the serious requirements of Chinese Daoist Qigong sifus, hence it is a big challenge for every qigong student (especially American students) in this modern society. Master Qin deeply commends every good Qinway Qigong students in the first 10 years, and the great efforts by those who assist around her.

3. What is Qinway Qigong's second 10 year mission?

The second 10 year mission will strive to follow the spirit of Sakyamuni, the greatest educator in history.

(1) Adapt Dharma to the current karma. Establish a complete New Enlightenment System, using modern language and comprehensive techniques to introduce karmic people with the great wish to achieve enlightenment this lifetime to the short-cut "Heavenly Ladder" practice; removing difficult and opaque expressions to help people remove ignorance and detour methods; helping people achieve verifiable step by step enlightenment this lifetime, and establish true believes and true thoughts.

(2) Establish a "Fundamental Saving Mission" from this New Enlightenment System according to the modern karma. The biggest goal is to save people's dropping spirits from the birth and death reincarnation, and activate the modern "asking to turn Dharma wheel" mechanism to awaken people. Tell people that, if you drop to three dimension or below this lifetime, the place where your spirit goes may bring unlimited suffering, many times of the physical pain you endure in this lifetime. Explain how blissful the world of over three dimensions really is, and the Heavenly Ladder of successful practice towards New Enlightenment.

4. What is the essence of modern enlightenment?

The essence of enlightenment is to be free from the huge karmic force of birth and death reincarnation, induce your energy and practice to deep understanding and paying off of karma. In this way, you can purify and uplift the spiritual energy and codes of life, and transcend into the 4th or even 9th dimension world.

II. What are the goals of the second 10 year mission?

"New Enlightenment Temple" will be established following people's collective wishes. The function of this temple is to connect with higher dimension energy signals, and through people's pious worship and prostration to dissolve their physical, mental and spiritual sufferings.

New Enlightenment Temple will provide energized Yin-Yang Healing Tea and initiated objects for connection (free or based on donation). A series of educational books about enlightenment following modern karma will gradually be offered to people hungry for spiritual nutrition. Master Qin herself will give dharma talks at the first New Enlightenment Temple regularly connecting with higher sources.

It will become a spiritual site for pious monks and nuns to dedicate their whole body/mind/spirit to practice this Modern Enlightenment Method. About 1-2 Super Enlightenment Retreats will be offered every year at New Enlightenment Temple. It will become a spiritual site for people who aspire to become enlightened and bring blessings of education and worship to their offsprings into the distant future. This spiritual site will be available for people freely. Whether it can be built depends upon people's acceptance, understanding of the New Enlightenment System, the accompanying great power of true believes and true thoughts, and their voluntary participation and financial support.

III. What are the major contents of the New Enlightenment System?

It consists of two parts: the part that can be verbalized and the other part that can not be verbalized. The first part includes,

1. The Theoretical System of New Enlightenment

(1) The Three Fundamental Theses of Spiritual Lives (This theory was established more than 10 year ago, and part of it has been lectured in Beijing, which caused a sensation in the spiritual and scientific communities).

(a) The law of physical and spiritual longevity
(b) The law of energy pressure equilibrium between humans and the unvierse
(c) The law of universal reflection and regression of informational

(2) The secrets and key factors about the life representation of spiritual energy and their transformation between different dimensions
(3) Reveal the secret codes of life spiritual energy, reveal "karmic force", establish new "cause and result" theory and new "karmic force" theory

2. Technical Practice of the New Enlightenment System

(1) Enlightenment Retreat (Level I): What is true "self"? Find your true "self" and be free from the birth and death reincarnation. Establish the standards of true believes and true thoughts. Establish the "functional" concept of dropping into the karmic force of birth and death reincarnation. Confirm verifiable signs of liberation from the birth and death reincarnation. Lessons on "diseases" - physical/mental/spiritual diseases from "greed, anger, and ignorance" and karmic diseases. How to remove obstacles on the path of spiritual practice. How to keep a suitable body conditon as a formal beginning of spiritual practice. Guide to the Heavenly Ladder towards enlightenment this lifetime (spiritual energy successfully transcends three dimensions) etc.

(2) Enlightenment Retreat (Level II Walking Stick Class): Learn Qigong techniques to quickly remove removable obstables in your body, mind and spirit. This class is based on the original 72 hour retreat with major upgrades.

Special notices: This retreat is only offered to people who are ready. Unready people are not encourage to attend. Many cases with pictures from the past nine years will be provided. More details are available on the website updated regularly.

(3) Enlightenment Retreat (Level III): Learn more advanced step-by-step theory and practice.

IV. Enlightenment is the ultimate goal of the life transformation. What are the sources of this advanced teaching?

There are six major sources.
(1) It comes from the true self and true vow of Master Qin, in a female role to carry signals from Quanyin Buddha to reach out to all kinds of people including ladies, people with different religions and from different countries.
(2) It directly comes from the information connection of Sakyamuni Buddha's modern mission
(3) It comes from the mission signal of Amitabha Buddha in the Western Pure Land.
(4) It comes from the Daoist founder Laozi's direct signal transmission.
(5) It comes from direct teachings of Master Qin's supreme hermit sifus
(6) It comes from the Dharma following current karma to awaken people lost in this world.

V. This Dharma belongs to a rare karma for modern time for people with high virtue to receive. How can one request this Dharma?

The rise or disappearance of New Enlightenment Temple all depends on karma, and follow natural rules. It depends on whether there are people with high virtue and high wisdom to request for this complete New Enlightenment System. Whether New Enlightenment System can be born through a big karma, as pointed out by the high energy signals from univeral higher beings clearly,

(1) It takes sincere people to piously request for this Dharma, such as organizing the place for teaching, and utmost sincerity in requesting to hear the Dharma. When the karma is not enough, the Dharma Wheel can not be turned. This would mean that the time for New Enlightenment System hasn't come yet, the results won't be good, so the Dharma will disappear with the karma.

(2) People with high virtue and great vows who come to request Dharma on behalf of all people have unlimited great virtue, which can eliminate negative karma from even ten thousand kalpas. They can achieve great spiritual status in this lifetime, and be commended by many Buddha and higher beings in the whole world in ten directions and the Pure Land.

VI. What Are the Different Characteristics of the First 10 Year Mission and the Second 10 Year Mission?

First, the levels of focus are different. In the first 10 years, Qigong students quickly achieved significant improvements in their health, testifying great power of spiritual connection to those who are still attached to their visible bodies. It is characterized by Qigong students following instructions in details. In the second 10 years, the focus will be to awaken people to get high-purity spiritual energy to achieve enlightenment, and remove negative karma to achieve complete virtue in this lifetime. It is characterized by the Master awakening karmic people to true constant believes and true constant thoughts and returning to their true selves.

Secondary, the means to achieve goals are different. In the first 10 years, active Qigong promotion was used. In the second 10 years, it depends on people to voluntarily request for turning the Modern Dharma Wheel.

VII. How Can I Get Info about the First 10 Years and the Second 10 Years of the New Enlightenment System?

Current information is mainly about the first 10 years Qigong healing.

(1) Go the Modern Enlightenment Center (the temporary Enlightenment Temple) to request Yin-Yang Healing Tea to drink, and get Energized Powders or Energized Objects to experience the benefits from high energy signals.

(2) Check website and Qigong literature to receive many successful Qigong testimonials from the first 10 years, such as life-changing Qigong healing cases that you would like to achieve yourself, to establish your believes.

(3) Use your heart to wait for a forthcoming book by Master Qin and Qinway Qigong's founding assistant John Chen. Achieve Successful Enlightenment through "New Enlightenment Temple" and more.

(4) Attend Enlightenment Retreat to get rapid experience and purify your spiritual energy. Quickly dissolve toxins in your body. Quickly remove removable dark thick negative karma. Accelerate your tendency towards true understanding and Heavenly Ladder.

(5) Try to see if you have the karma to reach a good Qinway Qigong student in the first 10 years or a high virtue person with deep experience to stablize your believes and thoughts. Anyone who has experienced the Qinway Qigong System, assisted with establishment and development of the Qinway Qigong teachings, or who are determined to improve one's quality, is possible to be qualified by Master Qin to be your beginning teacher when you just get to the door of the New Enlightenment System.

VIII. To Continuing Qigong Students

During the transitional period to the new mission, continuing Qinway Qigong students shall pay attention to make their own "transition" as well to improve your spiritual level. You shall focus more on how to make spiritual progress, and make a great vow to achieve enlightenment this lifetime so as not to waste this life. You shall gradually transit from the first 10 year "visible" methods of bigu and qigong to the higher level "invisible methods" of Heavenly Ladder towards enlightenment, which is the true progress and accomplishment.

Wish all karmic people achieve true Liberation and Enlightenment.

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April 26, 2006

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