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Qinway Qigong Turns to A New Enlightenment Mission (New)

The following Qinway Qigong Mission Statement refers to the first 10 years since the formal introduction of Qinway Qigong into this world in 1996.

Qigong Founder Qinyin received authentic training at Sacred Mt. Puto, one of the four Buddhist holy mountains in China, where it is said Quanyin achieved enlightenment. Master Qinyin's lineage as a disciple flows directly from Quanyin Buddha and other immortal Daoist Qigong masters. Our mission from Quanyin Buddha and other higher beings is to apply Quanyin knowledge and Qigong techniques, in particular Qinway Qigong, to uplift the mind/body/spirit of people living in today's world and to train Qigong instructors and Qigong healers in the Quanyin tradition.

Quanyin Buddha, who hears the cries of all the world

Qigong  BuddhaQuanyin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, is often referred to as Great Compassion Bodhisattva or Goddess of Mercy. Bodhisattvas are enlightened (or almost enlightened) beings who aspire to Buddhahood not only for themselves, but for all other sentient beings as well. Quanyin literally means the one who now looks down upon the world and hears its cries in Chinese.

Quanyin is usually depicted as dressed in beautiful, white, flowing robes, sometimes sitting or standing on a lotus flower, or riding a dragon. Quanyin's birthday is on the 19th of March each year (lunar calendar), which is celebrated throughout the world.

Qigong Master Qinyin and Quanyin Mission

Qigong MastersAfter decades of intensive Qigong research and practice, Qigong Master Qinyin successfully streamlined the thousand-year-old Chinese Qigong healing practices into a set of simple Qigong exercises with powerful healing and energizing effects - Qinway Qigong. By directly uplifting the mind/body/spirit of modern people, and training Qigong teachers and healers throughout the world, Qigong Master Qinyin is fulfilling a vital part of the divine Quanyin mission.

Since its birth, the Qinway Qigong system has created many Qigong healing miracles in the world. In order to fulfill this mission, we plan to expand the current Qinway Qigong Institute in order to offer a complete curriculum to train high-level Qinway Qigong faculty and special abilities Qigong healers. Thus the mission of Qinway Qigong becomes the mission of vast sentient beings.

All people who contribute significantly in developing Qinway Qigong will be permanently recorded on a Qinway Qigong Virtue Statue. Many people will be liberated from the shadow of stress, depression, diabetes, or even cancer because of your efforts. They will find new lives and spiritual freedom, and be grateful for your helping hands. "The higher being is the wish of all human beings". Let's work together to bring Qinway Qigong to bless more people sooner!


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