To Hear About the Most Recent Retreat in Oregon

10/4 - 10/7, 2018

Group Picture Group Picture Group Picture Group PictureGroup Picture
Cooking Class Lotus Palm Happily Start New life Healing FoodHigh Pressure Detoxification
Group Picture Group Picture Group Picture Group Picture Group Picture
Question and Answer Interact with Student Demonstrate
Healing Technique
Healing Each Other Guiding by Heavenly
Finger Growing
Teaching Session Practicing Finger GrowingListening Students Appreciate GM
Finger Growing
Energy Ball Exchange Communicate
with Tree
Outdoor ConnectingImmortal Running Gm Healing Student

Finger Growing Session
Yes. This is a mind bending experience! - Thomas P
Yes. It works! -
Billy H .
My finger growing experience is very amazing! -Wai Y.
I saw it grow long and short. - Lidia
Wild! My fingers grew then came back to normal! -Jaanette

Palm Diagnosis Session
I felt some sensation change in palms and diagnosed with kidney problems which seems accurate - Thomas P.
Very clear and confident, I can feel the strong sensation of how the organs are doing. I could feel my partner's energy very distinctly-
Billy H .
I felt their sensitive and kindly warm. -
Wai Y.
I enjoyed watching. I had a stomach ache and went to bathroom many times after 1 hour individual healing with Grandmaster. - Jaanette

Aura on Fingers and Head Session
I did see very clear aura on my finger, and 2-4 inches around head at right side. Good experience! - Thomas P .
I could see the aura as white color. -
Billy H .
Yes. I could see bright color - Jaanette

Lotus Palm Experience
I felt a flowing cool wind, very potent. - Thomsa P.
Strong Qi in palms and lower Dantian. - Billy H.
I felt slightly warmth! - Lydia
I think I am overwhelmed - it was beautiful! - Jaanette

Healing Each Other with Five Supreme Techniques
I felt good as a healer and I felt some helping effect as a patient. - Thomsa P
I had successful healing and removed disease Qi. -
Billy H .
I felt very upset when I was a patient. - Lydia

Remote Diagnosis Session
I diagnosed my partner with eye problem and heart problem which was confirmed. - Thomas P.
Very good. My partner found my sick area at eyes and kidney. -
Wai Y.
Felt qi warmth when I was a patient
. - Lydia

Soul Travel Experience
I felt third eye area lots of energy coming in top of head and working through deep pain in neck and shoulder, a lot of energy coming washing through and strong third eye pulsing, heart open with lots of warm energy radiating. - Thomas P.
My energy is very calm and collected, my mind is clear! Qi covering into my body and see each organ distinct and clear! -
Billy H.
I see light in the tunnel. -
Wai Y.
I saw snowy mountain, trees, ocean, fields, sky, everything moved fast. - Lydia
I saw trees on a mountain, ... felt like I went to somewhere else...strong experience, so beautiful! - Jaanette

Crown Infusion Experience and Wuji Dimension Gift
Very potent, felt like crown of Qi around top of head, third eye vibrating, healing energy through body. Very potent, strong sensations in hand pulsating the electric, I still feel very strongly where I placed needle. Very thankful for this gift! - Thomas P.
Crown infusion was very potent light headed beyond all around me. The Wuji needle I could feel it in my hand - tingling, then tingly felt in my left hand and third eye. -
Billy H.
My third eye feel warm and when I use the Wuji needle I felt cold feeling in my hand! - Wai Y.
I felt pressure on my head at first and strong vision of space, nature, lots of purple. I felt some numb and light electricity in hand. - Lydia

Immortal Walking/Running/Backward Walking/Backward Running Qigong
I felt very good to onnect to nature, high energy! - Thomas P.
I feel nice and peaceful. -
Billy H.
Need more practice but it felt nice -

Connecting/Talking with Trees’ Spirit
I felt very strong Qi, strong connection with trees, almost brought to tears while communicating, very grateful for this experience! - Thomas P.
Connecting with my energy ball, send my Qi deep to the ground and my lower Dantian warming up! -
Billy H.
I felt invigorated and much more happy and deep calm. -

My Wonderful Gifts Reveived from this Retreat
My third eye open, received stable and calm energy, gratitude and deeper understanding. - Thomas P.
My body feels amazing, my mind very clear, Qi is smooth and spiritual is growing -
Billy H.
I know I experienced a lot. Lots of wonderful things happened but I cannot say specificaly. - Jaanette
Though this retreat some pain feels relieved. - Lydia

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