My Life is Forever Changed

Billy's Experience with Bigu

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My Life is Forever Changed
- My Experience with Bigu

Raul From: Billy G.
Date: May 19, 2021
Subject: My Bigu Feedback Report

Hi Sifu, Bigu went smooth. Much gratitude.

Here is a poem.

I contain the generative force and let it flow freely in my body
I cultivate qi in my three Dan Tiens and guide the mystic pearl up
to the Kun Lun Mountians
As the elixir matures the golden flower takes root
I am here with my Sifu in the Immortal land
It is another realm here
Beyond the world of men

Thank you Sifu!

Date: November 23, 2015

Hi, Sifu

I just wanted to let you know that the Bigu I finished last tuesday was amazing. The chemistry of my body shifted a bit and I was able to exist from a place within myself free of external duality. To see through eyes untainted from the truth of our true nature. Like the universe was bubbling up inside of me, an endless well. I am always grateful to you for this wordless teaching. This place from within were we see through our own intuitive perception the truth of our being. Words can never express what is glimpsed through ones own understanding. Thank you for your guidance. I am grateful.

This is my Karma with Qinway:

About four years ago under the tutelage of Grandmaster Qin, I experienced a great awakening within my mind and body, the understanding of which has spiritually evolved over time and Bigu practice is a very important part of this training.

Traditionally in the east, this type of training would be held in utmost secrecy with students living or being very close by to the teacher/s but for me here in the US, trying to communicate in western fashion was not suitable or perhaps simply not understood... There was no-one to guide me but myself... this is what Grandmaster refers to as 'Wu'. So here is my story....

I awoke early one morning, made my Bigu tea and eat Bigu supply as usual - then went to work in my garage. Around 9.15 am I returned home, sat on the floor and created the 'antenna' mudra with each hand. Within a few minutes I could feel the Qi growing in my lower dan-tien. Being a student of martial arts and qigong for many years I have been aware and sensitive to my own internal energy but somehow this was different. This energy continued to grow and soared up my spine as though the sun was in my body, not burning but nourishing. Next my upper dan-tien started to feel this energy which continued to climb and soon it felt as though the sun was shining out of my forehead illuminating everything that I looked at. I returned to work...

I had only been on Bigu for 3 days and yet, during this time my whole being appeared to become purified. I became intoxicated by its very existence. So much so that all my senses were sharpened and my awareness was greatly expanded . All my ailments ceased and I could see very clearly, even the water in the air - something not visible to anyone normally. But most important; I felt completely balanced and at peace inside and out. No worries or wandering thoughts of yesterday or tomorrow, just pure serenity. My monkey mind was gone - I needed nothing...

I wanted to exist like this all the time and tried to communicate that I needed guidance, only later to understand that this is part of the internal alchemical process. In eastern texts (taoist teaching) this has been referred to as 'opening the water wheel' and it is said that those who practice self cultivation are as many as the hairs on a cow's body yet to attain achievement of the 'great way' are as many as the horns...

I continue to practice daily and am very grateful to the universe for directing me to Grandmaster Qin and the Qinway System . What a treasure... What a blessing....to have the opportunity of the ancient eastern traditions come to us - to have the chi furnace brought right into our own living rooms!! For those who wish to experience the alchemical process, you must seal the container. For a man it means to hold the generative force within the body and not allow it to leak out. It must be steamed and purified in order to rise up. The way will open itself to those who are diligent in practice and who are sincere.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me. I am also open and welcome the opportunity to speaking with any of the Qinway students.

Naturally Grandmaster is very busy but when one sends in their bigu report she will evaluate /guide and answer questions based upon the present level of the student's understanding via this report.

With respect and deep gratitude to Grandmaster Qin




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