Using Grandmaster Energized Products Diary

My Amazing Practice Experience

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Using *Gm's Energized Products Diary

- My Amazing Practice Experience

Hello, I am keep writing from Switzerland to share special experience while I am using Qinway Grandmasterí»s energized products,and results are amazing! (Gm: Brief for Grandmaster)
--Kurt Schnidrig, From Switzerland

08/29/2010, Foreword of My Diary :

Hope everything is going well with you, everyone:
Back here it looks like the hot summer days are gone and the temperature feels like fall is coming. Below I would love to share some notes specially about some ways to improve kidney and life force energy tremendously.

My problems: For a long time in this life I have abused my body resulting in a lower life force and especially lower kidney function. Obviously reducing the overall quality of my life, it has also impeded the possibility of my having children; also I used to have a left eye that kept twitching and blinking involuntarily; and when walking on the mountains, I would get tired and exhausted very quickly and have trouble breathing.

My good karma start! Since June of 2009 I have been and am still on Grandmaster's 3.2 D Furnace Retreat with Bigu Program. The most visible changes were in the first few weeks where the body's outer layer was changed, and later as the energy reached the deeper layers it became more visible in the auric field.The results are amazing!! more purified energy = increased overall energy = now I feel and look biologically much younger than my actual age. Recently Grand Master, upon further research on my behalf shipped me some more products,which are providing great visible results!

A typical day for me is as follows:

Every morning, I get up early to practice Qinway qigong, and after using the powerful kidney products, my busy work day starts. It is wonderful to see how my body is improving all the time. Previously I used to have a left eye that kept twitching and blinking involuntarily. Now that is healed and remains nice and clear. It is interesting to observe how over time a weak body like mine slowly but surely changes into a very strong powerful purified and energetic body. and all thanks to do the qinway 3.2 D furnace retreat with Bigu the unique technique and specially using the Qinway energized products!

Various products that Grandmaster prescribes for me!!

In former times when walking on the mountains, I would get tired and exhausted very quickly and have trouble breathing. Nowadays I feel like a feather with its shadow going up the mountains, higher and higher and being able to climb in half the prescribed time advertised on the boards...

But now, things changing so quickly, since Ií»m using Grandmasterí»s energized products a lot every day, result is great for the life force energy tremendously! I can really recommend that the Qinway energized products ití»s so improves one's attitude in a big way!

Surprise! spiritual support signal for in terms of finances:

*An impressive experience I love to share is that when I asked for spiritual support in terms of finances in order to continue with my Qinway Health Improvement Program, the higher beings send me a client who would request a contract renewal - providing me with more responsible work and projects = more money and that allows me to continue with the goal of improving my health. Thank you Grandmaster and the Qinway high spiritual System for all your help.

Diary by: 04/02/2010

I experienced now for the awesome energy, the bottom of valley has been reached and energy is increasing in a very high level. Since the last consultation and recommendation with Grandmaster Qinyin, then after implementing the energy level just went higher many times here. Examples of my experiences: First spring since 5 years I can breathe without problem during spring time.

My nose stop running; Ií»m able to hold a glass of water in front of me without shaking I can stand on my feet without shaking I greatly reduce my sleeping time and enhance sleeping quality Huge shift at reducing weight and greatly cleared my aura field Open channels and getting closer to the universe, be more sensitive preying get fulfilled Even with hard working could get out of debt Feel more vibrant and more energetic Can do my work more focused and concentrated Much calmer People critics me less Look younger and more handsome for many years Could recover health wise from my excessive work load during last 5 years My heartbeat and breath rhythm reduced many thing improved including well being.

Diary by: 07/02/2010

Today I went to very high Swiss mountains higher than half of Mount Everest and I was amazed how strong I was and how capable I could breathing enough oxygen even at 4í»500 meters above sea level enough to walk with heavy Rucksack. Right now there are more up than down and Qi attacks are reduced. Hands are getting better soon, new sky is shining up, everyone tell me once they met me: You Looks Much younger and more handsome! I just feel that Very very strong organs and breathing system to go to high mountains!
Please see my pictures!

Diary by: 08/01/2010

Grandmaster: I want to thank you for the good retreat and Bigu program. Last Sunday morning I reached the weight I had 20 years before. We went walking at www.grimselwelt.ch in the Mountains with fairly and I was amazed how energetic I am and how good my lungs are working even in the high are . Although I did not eat for that long time. I'm Feeling very healthy, energetic, powerful, more passionate, more psychic and start loving my body more with the much better shape. I'm looking forward for the your energized products even more, as I has been place the order. up to now this was the most powerful food supporting my body. Thanks you so much for your good Energy.

Would love to share more recommendations about the spiritual support from the program at a later time.

Hugs from Switzerland

Kurt Schnidrig, 09/02/2010


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