Qinway Cultivates the Spirit & Body

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Qinway Cultivates the Spirit & Body

--- How I View Qinway

Bob Liu, San Jose, CA, USA

       Before  前          After    后 
In an accidental occasion, I was introduced to Grandmaster Qin, founder of Qinway. I have been interested in religion, Qigong, and oriental mysticism for many years. Therefore a week after our first meeting, I visited Master Qin "mysterious" home.

My initial impression of Qinway Qigong was limited to the perception that it was an effective Qigong exercise to promote health. However after months of association with Master Qin, witnessing many students benefiting greatly from Qinway Qigong, I started to realize that the rich connotation of Qinway Qigong can not be briefly defined by the word "Qigong". With all new modern concepts, Qinway Qigong makes it possible for modern people to understand the marvelous relation between the human being and the universe. While helping people cure diseases and ease pain, it opens a door to the deep part of human heart.

Founded on the essence of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism, Qinway Qigong integrated the human sublimation and physical cultivation into an organic whole. The procedures of the Qigong exercise are designed for the rhythm of modern life and are practical and effective. After long observation of Qinway Qigong, I started to feel the impulse of trying for myself. The idea of losing weight and improving energy level through Qigong exercise made me excited. What was more, an incident happened a couple months ago completely changed my wife抯 dubious attitude toward Qigong.

One day my wife sprained her shoulders and back during the morning shower. She couldn't move her upper body and neck and could only lie down on her right hand side. The doctor said she had to stay in bed for a week. At that time, I remembered Qigong Master Qinyin, so I asked my wife if she would like to try some Qigong therapy. She was reluctant but had no other choices. I called Qinyin and let her talk to my wife on the phone. Miracles happened after they talked for five minutes. I was surprised to see my wife get up slowly from the bed and stand on the floor turning her upper body to both sides with ease. This was unimaginable five minutes ago. The next day, she was able to drive to work like a normal person. Therefore it didn't take me much effort to persuade her to attend the Qigong retreat with me on September 24, 1999.

The Qinway retreat was a complete baptism of the body and the spirit. I lost 14 pounds in just two days (before I weighed 210 pounds, see the above picture. Left: before; right: after). During the next 12 day of Qigong fasting, I lost a total of 25 pounds and regained the feeling of fitness. The quality of my sleep was so good that with only six hours of sleep I was able to maintain energetic for the whole day. The most amazing thing was that I didn't feel hungry at all although I only ate half of an apple a day.

However, my greatest reward is the realization that cultivation of both spirit and body is the best method of cultivation for me. "Only with a pure heart could you have real health", this concept answered all our questions about Qinway Qigong. Combined with my pursuit for the N-dimensional universal wisdom, a joyful feeling of being reborn has enhanced my understanding and pride of Chinese traditional treasures.

Thank you, Grandmaster Qin, and all those people who have been quietly cultivating for Qinway Qigong.


Qigong angel