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Feedbacks from February 2024. All Energized Products 30% Off

Special Abilities. Fundamental Healing

A. Grandmaster is a Renowned Spiritual Healing Founder in the World

Over two decades ago, Grandmaster Qin was invited to the U.S. and granted a green card for her exceptional skills and profound insight into high-dimensional wisdom. Trained by numerous secluded masters, she merged ancient cultivation methods to create a system that unites human-universe energy channels, facilitating transformative health and spiritual development in today's world.

Dive into the transformative world of Qinway, where holistic health and profound healing await. Experience deep detoxification for life-changing rejuvenation, embrace a medicine-free existence with Bigu, and receive continuous remote healing energy. Learn to heal, connect spiritually with nature, and get personalized guidance on diet, fengshui, and numerology. With Qinway, unlock the secrets to a vibrant, balanced life. Read More.

B. Recent 3.3D Retreats just Finished in Feb, 2024! Click to See Amazing Results
Kurt S. (Switzerland) Edna K. (Fresno, CA) Eric B. (Boise, ID) Billy P. (Lemon Cove, CA)
I felt a great connection when Grandmaster sent the Lotus Palm. Also I received Wuji Dimensional gift. It was a wonderful gift with a unique signal and I will use it whenever needed. After the Individual Consultation and Healing with Grandmaster, the discomfort in my body vanished. And the Qi Regulation Practice is highly effective, it immediately addressed my cramping intestine issue. I arrived exhausted I woke up feeling pretty energetic on the 2nd day, and my energy has increased each day. I've been dealing with inflammation for the last few years. Amazingly, the symptom disappeared in the retreat. During the soul travel, I felt the strong energy flowing through the thrusting vessel. Too powerful! I could feel the energy water flowing and gathering in me during the thousands tons Immortal Water washing each Organ.
Shirley K. (Milpitas, CA) Quan G. (Castaic, CA) Steven Y. (Sedona, AZ) Jack Z. (San Mateo, CA)
My heart rate had been consistently high, often exceeding 100 before I came to the retreat. Amazingly, since arriving at the retreat, it has stabilized around 70. Great! My palms were gently pulled towards the tree, and I felt a subtle vibration when I was connecting to the trees. I felt subtle vibration and warmth when swallowing the sun energy. During the Crown Infusion, I felt my crown chakra buzzing like a battery, filled with shocks of electricity, with light like tree root curling into my body. During the retreat I did Bigu and consumed very little food yet remained energetic. I've lost about 5 lb and still feel very energetic. It has been a very pleasant experience.
C. Only a Few Seats Left. Register Early to Receive Individual Healing Signal!
High Being Energy Signal Holy Creation
Intensive 3.3D Retreat with Unique Programs
Finger Growing & Return Crown Infusion & Wuji Gift Five Supreme Healing Techniques
Students verified and developed
over three dimension special abilities.
A unique gift from Wuji dimension
with an unforgettable experience of
invisible energy Crown Infusion.
Students verified and developed
special abilities & healing techniques
to heal self and others
Students VerifiedDeeply Appreciate RetreatReceiving Universal Energy Balls
Communicating with Trees Amazing Results in Four DaysVerified powerful energy from nature
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D. Great Certification 3.05D Retreat in Los Angeles Finished on February 17, 2024
Grandmaster Conducted Magnetic Bigu Recharge Qigong Training
To Hear Wonderful Feedbacks:

Today I learned how to become a qualified Qinway teacher. Grandmaster shared many detailed techniques and how to handle the emergency situations. - Charlie (Castaic, CA)
I reinforced some of the lessons of the last retreat. When we received the Lotus palms, I felt a strong density around my body, and tingling in my hands. Great! - Edna (Fresno, CA)

The class was very detailed. A lot of the things I learned is practiced and makes sense. I can apply and understand it well. - Jack (San Meteo, CA)

I learned about the mechanism of healing and what to pay attention to. - Quan (Castaic, CA)

I learned the new technique to help with my knee pain. I received lotus Palm and felt numb in my hands. I felt very relaxed and warm. - Lily (Fresno, CA)

I learned how to use the inspection and body sensation in the teaching and prevent emergencies. During teaching, setting up the good qi field is one of the key to success. - Vicky (Dublin, CA)

I learned multiple self healing techniques and how to identify other people's diseases and apply with different qigong exercises. - Cherlin (Dublin, CA)

My hands were a little numb when I received the lotus palm. - Helen (Fresno, CA)

The healing tool like medicine palm will help my eyes. I will try to practice the Qigong exercise, which will help my spine and Qi structure. - Heather (Dublin, CA)
Elevate Your Essence: A 12-Day Spiritual China Trip with Grandmaster
Designed & Toured by Grandmaster with High Level Teachings & Connection!
This unique spiritual journey through China is personally designed by Grandmaster Qin, founder of the Qinway 3.3D Rejuvenation Retreat program in the United States with an impressive success rate of 99.99% over thirty years. During this trip, Grandmaster Qin will provide personalized guidance on various cultivation techniques and practices and guide each individual to connect with the energy fields between heaven and earth of each unique energy field location.

This journey is a unique opportunity to enhance energy, broaden knowledge in specialized cultivation fields, and improve personal health and longevity, fundamentally different from ordinary travel.

GM will help every member of the group connect to the local special high-energy field.

Stop 1: Dunhuang

Thousands of years ago, an eminent monk passed by the Dunhuang Mountains and, with his perceptive vision, noticed that the mountains were enveloped in a stunning golden light. He dedicated his life to excavating a series of grottoes and carved lifelike and exquisite Buddha statues which inspired countless generations of devout followers to continue this extraordinary endeavor. This effort has resulted in a magnificent and historically significant sculpture project that has lasted for millennia.

Stop 2: Tengchong

Replenishing Vital Energy Journey: Visit Tengchong, known for its hot springs and volcanic landscape, nestled in the Gaoligong Mountains. At the renowned Quanzhen Taoist temple where you can experience the life of a Taoist practitioner firsthand. Enjoy Tengchong’s hot springs, which are beneficial for kidney vitality, circulation, joints, digestion, and the nervous system.

Stop 3: Bao Pu Taoist temple

Explore the Unique Spiritual Journey with Taoist Techniques at Bao Pu Taoist Temple, honoring Eastern Jin Dynasty sage Ge Hong, known for his alchemy as "Bao Pu Zi." Grandmaster Qin will guide you in connecting with the local unique energy field with special teachings on "Nei Dan" (internal alchemy) and "Wai Dan" (external alchemy).

Join us on this unparalleled spiritual trip. Click for More Detailed Information.
Guaranteed Open Special Abilities & Remove Root of Diseases & Rejuvenated!

Individual Designed, Very Limited Seats, Register Now to Reserve Your Spot.

Guaranteed & Priceless! The Qinway Renowned Retreat System is a collection of China's top thousand-year-old Taoist secret healing techniques that have been modernized! This unique program has had 20 years of successful experiences in the United States, and rejuvenation is evident in just a few days!

There are four highly integrated retreats: the Fundamental Healing & Bigu Retreat, Magnetic Special Abilities I and II Retreats, and the Certification Retreat. The unique program during the retreat has very high spiritual technology. Section A provides healing and teaching in person on the spot, while Section B allows for continued Bigu practice at home with remote healing and guidance from the Grandmaster.

This unique retreat can truly help students make significant changes in a short amount of time. They will verify their special abilities and remove the root of diseases on the spot. In addition to the rewards of virtue energy, old students who have verified the miraculous healing results and recommended the retreat to their relatives will receive an additional big reward. (Please email or call for details or refer to the special section on the right side of the Retreat page.)

It's very rare! The successful results are guaranteed! The size is very limited:

When Where
Special Abilities Rejuvenation 3.3D Retreat
*( October, 2024 )
LA, California, USA
Free Group Healing Workshop

*Retreat date is TBD.

G. Remote Healing - Grandmaster Channeling Universal Signal Across the Space

Distance Healing Personal Health Problems with Quickly Relief of Pain
Individual remote healing represents Grandmaster as a transmission station, connecting individuals with the high being systems.
Gm Transmitting Universal Energy
Over the past 20 years, many karma people and students have expressed their appreciation and provided great feedback.
To Hear Wonderful Remote Healing True Stories:
Accountant Charlie T., Fremont, CA

Amazing! Gm Qin did remote healing across the Atlantic Ocean for my sister.

My sister was injured in a serious car accident in Vienna, Austria. The X-ray showed that her thoracic spine had several small fractures. Thus she had trouble discharging stools, which caused her abdomen swelled. It was very dangerous.

That night, I rushed to Qinway Institute to ask Gm Qin to perform remote healing for her. The next day, her bowel movement became normal. In two weeks, her spinal injury recovered very well. Now she lives like a normal person, and recently went back Shanghai to see our parents just by herself!

R. R. from Hi lo, HI, USA
Feel the Energy Move through My body, legs, ears, cleaning my organs

Aloha Gm Qin! I had a wonderful session last night, I could feel Master Qin's energy arrive very soft, then very strong, beautiful! I could feel it move through and around my body, to my legs, my ears, cleaning my organs, some past mental experiences. I was like a child seeing things simply and clear! Phase II I lay down, went into a trance like state then fell asleep! I woke up calm, less pain, more at peace!

Joachim from Germany
After finished individual remote healing with Grandmaster, I got great benefits and lost 1.5 kg weight. I felt much more relaxed in the shoulder and neck area. I felt a lot of sensations like spontaneous movements, saw pictures from Quanyin Buddha, a little pain, slime coming out, vibrations and more stillness.

The remote healing is particularly effective in the following areas, including but not limited to the remote healing areas:
(1) Back pain;
(2) Overweight;
(3) Memory loss;
(4) Hypertension;
(5) Female system;
(6) Injuries or after surgery;
(7) Insomnia;
(8) Diabetes;
(9) Eye problems;
(10) Qigong Disease;
(11) Spiritual problems;
(12) Depression/Low Energy;

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H. Huge Sales with 30% off - All Energized Products. Order Now
Energized Products Carried the Universal Energy Signals with Miracle Healing!

Grandmaster transfers magnetic energy signals to unique products for remote healing. These energized products serve as a vehicle to help people by providing great energy infusion and detoxification. People can obtain the most remote healing benefits from the special energy signals of these products, resulting in deeper and easier daily healing! Qinway has many successful feedbacks with 20 years of experiences.

To Hear about How Rare These Healing Foods Are:

* Computer Engineer Kurt S, Switzerland

I like results which are measurable, after taking energized food my measured cardio Fitness level increased from 6 up to 7, and heart rate lowered from 76 to 69. My lung capacity increased and I need less time to walk on the top of high mountains, specially my sperm was only 3%, but after using the energized products, surprising things happened... Now I can work for 31 hours in continuously with good focus and concentration. This resulted from consuming energized powder products and drinking Yin Yang healing tea every day, I have to say that Grandmaster's energized products are so powerful!

Click for his story on video.

Miracle Energized Products

Bring Grandmaster's Energy to Your Body & Home!

Healing Food Healing FoodHealing FoodHealing Food
Yin Yang Healing Tea
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I. Qualified Long Term Volunteers Carrying Strong Energy Healing Signals!
March Great Volunteer & Donation Record in Virtue Tablet
Virtue Energy Carries Fundamental Healing Signal!
We express our heartfelt gratitude to the students and volunteers who have benefited from the Qinway Three High Being System.

Your experience of improved health, spiritual growth, and compassion are great merits that will undoubtedly help more people find relief from suffering. These merits will not only bring you significant energy rewards, but also benefit your family and future generations.

Monthly Dynamic Permanent Volunteer
Grandmaster Qin (over 20 years)

Long Term Virtue Support
Vicky B. Shirley K. Lily L. Cherlin X. Charlie X.

J. Contact Qinway Spiritual Healing Institute

The best way to contact us is through email, as we frequently travel in remote areas. However, we will regularly check our emails and respond to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Email Address: (US & China ) (US only)
Shipping Handling: Shirley 408-306-2897 (USA)
Mailing Address:
P.O.Box 360649
Milpitas, CA 95036. USA

*Results guaranteed: as long as you follow Grandmaster's instruction (includes her individual homework with Bigu healing days or
her direction in person).

*Qinway shares with you a health enhancement method, not medical advice. The technical instructions and services presented are
not intended as a substitute for medical counseling or treatment.