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Bigu Questions
How can Qinway heal me?

Qinway's natural healing techniques and speed are among the best in the world. If you wish to be successfully healed, you should follow two words "Believe" and "Do." If you order Miracle Product, you should follow "Best Result Directions."

How can Qinway help me achieve enlightenment?

Qinway's super spiritual scientific system provides step-by-step verifiable trainings to purify & uplift your spiritual energy.

As Christian, can I practice Qinway & keep my faith?

As a complete system integrating super science, Qinway offers powerful natural healing techniques that can benefit people with any religion. The ultimate universal truth is the same.

Why use 'Detoxification & Energy Infusion' as an effective first step to health and spiritual practice?

Have you noticed that many well respected, spiritual persons engaging in the subject of classical theory practice throughout this and other lifetimes?

Have you noticed that there are many lovely patients followed doctor's prescription all day long their cabinet full of drugs as well as nutritional supplements?

Or the millions of people everywhere who under doctor's orders keep their medicine cabinet full of prescription drugs and nutritional supplements?

Surely you have noticed the number of people today who in seeking the 'healthy life', will go jogging or exercising in the gym on a regular basis.

Yet with all of these current modalities available for youthful health and spiritual enlightenment, mankind still ages too early - their hair turns white and their final days arrive prematurely.

Why is this? One reason is because at present there is no mechanism for detoxification with energy infusion.

We need a program to follow that will provide these tools.

Indeed while a detoxification and energy infusion program in itself provides a very dynamic cycle, from a technical point of view the spiritual practice portion offers a 'steady state' meaning that extreme quiet produces active energy while the static produces the wisdom.

For the modern man who has been immersed in traditional methods of health maintenance, this transition is a drastic change in every detail, requiring the human body to establish an ecological mechanical cycle similar to an assembly line which can connect to the universe itself with much significant meaning.

While accessing this kinetic energy from the universe, man can still continue his everyday obligations ; (commuting to & from work/sitting in front of a computer daily for 10 hours and other regular activities.

Engaging in a human detoxification and energy infusion program is in itself a complete and comprehensive package operating both hardware and software configurations which open up the energy channels in order to connect with the universe.

One aspect - the 'Bigu' content, supplies the body with high energy derived food/substances. (unlike a regular diet where people may fast) Here it is thoroughly and totally different.

How? Through this process one enhances the body Emannuel qi field, this expands the aura, removes illnesses and opens the wisdom channel.

However with the present dieting programs available, although the stomach does experience a short term rest - what often generally follows is a fragile body including anorexia , and nutritional deficiencies which can even be life threatening.

Therefore never try bigu by yourself. Without a full range of settings, especially without opening the channel to connect to the universal energy and the installation of the 'energy ball' in the body, one would only be fasting so you can imagine the consequences of same.

This human detoxification and energy infusion program is a fundamental transforming process of the human body software system. It explores in depth the many past lives of deep rooted spiritual software accumulations including bad habits and evil.

During the program there is a set up of a closed door 108 day Bigu with many revolutionary rules and ideas. Enough to control that wondering mind...

To be continued.....

May I practice Qinway Qigong when it is wind, rain, lightening, or thunder?
If you practice Qinway Qigong indoor during these conditions, it is O.K.

Does the practice of Qinway Qigong conflict with any religion?
Qinway Qigong is based on the exploration and practice of ultimate universal truth. It is not connected with any religious activity. It contains various types of religious insights and looks at them scientifically. Therefore, Qinway Qigong not only does not conflict with any religion, but it can lead people with different religious beliefs to deepen and broaden their understanding.

May I wash my hands or take a bath after doing Qigong exercises?
Usually it's not good to wash your hands within 15 minutes after you finish the practice. During energized-fasting, pay attention that the water for showing or bathing is not too hot.

What should I do if I sweat during Qigong exercise?
You should wipe the sweat off promptly after you finish the exercises, especially Big Disk Point on your neck (at the intersection of your spine and shoulders).

My daughter and I are doing Bigu together; can she use my Bigu supply?
No. Everyone has his/her own spiritual code and DNA. Grandmaster infused energy signal based on your specific channel. You cannot use other people’s Bigu supply.

Why Grandmaster energized the healing food for each student during the crown infusion?
Everyone has different spiritual code and DNA. During the crown infusion, Grandmaster infuses energy signal based on your individual signal. Therefore, the individual healing food shall not be shared and it has special healing effects for your disease. It can change your Qi field structure and help your body to reach yin-yang balance.

Why do you recommend healing food?
During the retreat, every student gets the energy ball (Dan) from Grandmaster. The energy ball is still a baby and need to eat yin-yang balanced food. The energized healing food is good nutrition for the energy ball.

What is signal? How is it related to my health?
In this 3D world the negative and the positive signals are exist at the same time. The negative signals will reduce your energy level and cause blockage at your body.

Why do we need energized objects?

During the retreat your energy level uplifted very high, after you return home and go back to work, the energy Qi Field is lower and your high energy will be shared by others. To protect and stabilize your energy Qi field, Grandmaster infused universal Wuji dimension signals in the objects to protect your Qi field.

What is the exact meaning of the retreat program?
The retreat program has two phases: (1) 4 days of retreat and (2) 108 days (or individual healing number) of Bigu. The phase 1 of the 4 day retreat: open channel and get energy baby and lots of treasures from Grandmaster. Phase 2: through 108 days (or individual healing number) of Bigu, to build good foundation for you to heal your disease. After you finish the phase 1 and 2 program, you can do Bigu regularly to keep this good foundation.

Is it normal that I have constipation or run to the bathroom during the Bigu time?
If you have no stool for a few days, that’s normal, because you are eating universal energy instead of the regular food. Also the old stools are very sticky and hard. It is determined by the difference of the pressure by your virtue field and practicing Qigong.

Shall I quit Bigu if I have too many parties during the holiday season?
During the holiday season, sometimes you may not be able to follow the Bigu diet, but if you still keep using your Bigu supply, your energy baby can still keep. The Qinway system is a big circle. It is composed of small circles of many techniques, such as Bigu supply, energized healing food, Signal Qigong, Qigong music, immortal walking qigong, etc. You will get benefit by following each small circle. If you have time to follow all the techniques, you will get the most benefit. Otherwise, you can use any technique and still get benefit.

If I finished 108 days Bigu, does it mean my disease root will be removed and I will never get sick?
After you finish 108 days of Bigu, you build a good foundation for your body. Some students with serious diseases may need to do a longer time Bigu with an individual healing number. Because your disease root is related to your past life karma and needs spiritual practice and virtue work to be removed. But after you finish 108 days of Bigu, your body will be changed and will also prevent lots of future disease to happen. Later you regularly do 6 days of Bigu every month to maintain such a good condition.

How do I use my individual healing number?
You use the healing number which Grandmaster assigned to you the last time to drink your Yin-Yang healing tea and eat your nuts, etc.

Why is the energized healing food different from the regular food?
The energized healing food is saturated with the spiritual lights and energy from the Wuji Dimension. Grandmaster energized the regular food and let it to be a vehicle to carry the healing signals. So the energy wave can work at your disease area in your body. Especially for the new students, just like a newborn baby, the energized healing food can stabilize your system and help you smoothly go through the “vital qi attack the disease area”. The energized food is similar to the prescription you get from the doctor but without any side effects. You need to follow your homework, which is your individual prescription for healing.

Can I buy the healing food from the supermarket?
After you get your homework from Grandmaster, the first choice is the energized healing food, which carries her healing signals. But you still can buy the healing food from the supermarket as the 2nd choice.

Shall I keep the pit of the date in my mouth during Bigu?
It’s very important to keep the pit in your mouth to keep your energy level. The pit is energized by Grandmaster from Wuji dimension energy and stays in your body so you won’t feel hungry. Like a radiation energy wave, it can scan your body so even if you eat food toxins, the energy wave can detect that, and later clear these toxins out of your body. If the pit is too sharp, you can remove the sharp ends. You shall remove the pit first before you eat your meal and put it back immediately after the meal. You throw away the pit when you go to bed in the evening and use a new one every morning.

How do my kids do Bigu?
Grandmaster will design a special diet for the kids. They will still eat delicious and healthy meals for them to grow up normally or even better than normal. We have lots of good feedbacks from our old students, and the results were amazing for the kids. They became healthy, strong, and independent with much wisdom.

Why changing your environment is one of the key points to success?
If you don’t change the environment around you, you will be changed by the environment. Change your mind is the key point of success for your health. The Qinway fundamental healing system is revolutionary and too advanced for the 3D world. In order to have a strong, positive field around you, you shall introduce this fundamental healing system to your family and friends. Also it’s virtue to help other people to get benefits from Qinway.

Why respecting the Grandmaster is another key point of success?
One of the major key points is respect the Dao, and respect the Grandmaster. It is very important to keep your energy channel. Unrespectful actions or language will reduce the lights of the energized products, and your healing results will be reduced as well.

Why can the 3.3D retreat program heal chronic diseases and even cancer?
Our regular food, including vitamins and other nutritious supplements, supports our bodies but also supports the cancer. The universal energy can kill the cancer cells and cancer is afraid of the universal energy. The Bigu homework along with lots of treasures you learned from the retreat can heal the cancer.

Why use energized objects?
Our health is directly related to the Fengshui or Qi field. Many diseases are related to bad Qi and bad Fengshui. During the retreat, Grandmaster is channeling the high universal energy and your individual signal into the energized objects to protect your biological qi field and your house, when you carry or use them. So the energized objects are very important for you to use to pass the difficult times.

How to handle "vital Qi attack disease area" in winter?
Bigu in cold weather can be hard for old people or the people have chronic diseases. These students need to spend 70% of the time for cultivate Qi and 30% of the time for Qigong exersices. Cultivate Qi: leave both hands at lower Dantian (left hand inside for man and right hand inside for woman) and get into Qigong state or doing virtue work. Keep yourself warm is very important for doing Bigu in winter. Also the students may increase the amount of food. The soup of ginger, red date , brown sugar and Goji Berry is very good for the body during the cold and wet weather.

1. I'm already skinny so should I worry about losing too much weight during Bigu?

This healing system is not designed for gaining weight or losing weight. Bigu is not a fasting program, you are “eating” universal energy and don’t need to eat the regular low energy food. Since you have the energy ball, you will be too Qi filled to eat.

Bigu is primarily an opening channel function. Doing Bigu opens your energy channel to detoxify your body, mind and spirit systems and also opens your wisdom channel. When these channels open, you achieve great fundamental healing results. Detoxification is very important during Bigu. By doing Bigu, you will receive the energy you need for detoxification. So as your body releases the toxins, everyone naturally will experience weight loss no matter what is your weight at the beginning. Later, the energy will work on your yin-yang balance and you will find your weight may stabilize and the weight loss slows down. So you do not need to worry about losing too much weight as this is just temporary. You will experience cell renewal and rejuvenation from the high pressure detoxification and energy infusion.

Grandmaster specially designed the half Bigu program for you based on your biological Qi field. During the retreat, she will give you the signals of color, number, and diet (different types of healing food) to reach Yin-Yang balance for your body. It is designed as a 360 degree program surrounding you for great energy infusion. That means infusion to you with the highest quality foods, and highest quality energy which cannot be measured by weight. Through your energy channels, the universal energy gets into your body and attacks your blockages, and the toxins will be pushed out from your body and your cells will be renewed. That’s why this program can treat 95% of the diseases. During this process, since your body will release the toxins and old stools, you may experience weight loss initially, but your weight will be stabilized once it reaches the balance.

2. What’s the difference between Qinway professional Bigu and other Qigong’s Bigu?

The Qinway Bigu program is very professional and specially designed by Grandmaster Qinyin with about 20 years of successful teaching. The individual 360 degree design was developed especially with her own rigorous experience to test each method, and also from her innate special abilities. This is the difference between Qinway Bigu and other Qigong’s Bigu. Grandmaster says the human body is the greatest treasure on the earth. The Bigu program needs to include the complete details of daily life in order to design it with the highest super technology. It's a very rigorous process with no room for any sloppiness. In the retreat, the Qinway students' energy channel will be opened, and everyone will receive the energy ball due to Grandmaster Qinyin’s special ability and lineage. Later, when you order Bigu supplies and ask Grandmaster for remote support, Grandmaster can connect you and let you receive the universal energy directly. You get 24 hours remote healing through Bigu, to guarantee you get complete healing and to open your wisdom channel. Many students have experienced the Qinway system and received the successful results. And it's a very unique system and the #1 technology in the world.

Also even in traditional Bigu, you have to go to the deep mountain to focus practice to the energy ball first. It needs to live in a much purified Qi field area with complete focus on practice without any job or family distraction. 24 hour alertness is needed to maintain the energy ball (Dan). And you need to keep doing this for 10-15 years, and do Bigu.

So, for the very basic knowledge, the Bigu is absolutely not the same as fasting, and the result is totally different; and you also have to seriously follow the Bigu homework directions exactly.

3. How to be a great true healer?

The 72 hour retreat can open your special healing power abilities and through 108 days of the Bigu program, you cleaned yourself and purify your biological Qi field. During the healing session, you become a magnet and transfer the universal high energy and apply it to your patient. Therefore, you can be a great healer and send people high/purified Qi with unlimited support from the Three Higher Being system, so that you won't even lose your own energy during the healing.

4. Why do the 3.3D retreat students need to do at least 108 days (foundation building days) Bigu?

3.3D means 3.3 Dimension, and you are different from regular people (3D). During the retreat, the energy very strongly and quickly goes into the body through 84,000 pores, and it opens 100% of your channels. Because our body accumulated toxins over time and has blockages, you especially need to take time to stabilize the new baby system. It's very important to keep doing Bigu so the universal energy can go through and remove the toxins and keep the channel open. Through 108 days of Bigu, you connect to universal high energy and your energy baby can get "unique food" to grow up. To reach 3.3D, the basic healing number is 108 days for the energy baby to have enough nutrition and grow up. Also the energy needs take the time to gradually penetrate to your deepest layer (marrow) ,to start removing out the root of your toxins for the chronic and difficult cases... After finishing the 108 days of Bigu, you will change yourself inside out. But if you have your own healing number, you have to keep doing Bigu to achieve the miraculous results, not only for complete root healing.

5. What’s the individual complete healing number?

It's how long you need to keep doing the Bigu homework to stabilize your new baby system without any relapse. Everyone has a different healing number. If you have had difficult or chronic illness for three years, you healing number will be 6 month to 1 year (the ratio is 3-5 :1). It means you need 6 month to one year Bigu time to remove your disease root and get complete healing. Maybe it only takes one month for you to feel much better or excellent lab results, but your biological system is not stable yet, if you stop Bigu at that time, your disease may come back.

6. Why Bigu supplies cost $13 per day? What component and value are included in the cost?

When you order Bigu supplies through the email, you need to tell Grandmaster when you want to start the Bigu, so she can re-connect the channel for you, and let you receive the universal energy directly. In the meantime, Grandmaster will send you remote support 24 hours a day. This 24 hours remote healing through Bigu, is a huge discount for the price of the Bigu supplies, which we only offer to our Qinway retreat students. Therefore, it's a great value for $12 per day, because it's not only for the energized Bigu supplies but also for the high energy work.

7. Can I go to a hospital for a check up during the 108 days Bigu after the 3.3D retreat?

The combination of the retreat and 108 days Bigu is a complete healing system for you. 108 days is a basic number for your energy ball (baby) to grow up and be stable. During the 108 days of Bigu, your biological Qi field is adjusting. The vital Qi is attacking your disease area for detoxification and your nerve system can feel the change. That’s why you feel worse before you feel better. The symptom reflected from your body is not accurate at this stage, so you don’t need to do any check up. Besides, if you had the diseases for 10 years, you need to keep doing Bigu homework for about 3 years. It's about a 3:1 ratio. The 108 days Bigu at least gives you great foundation for healing while opening your wisdom channel. But some students have some different conditions for the disease roots. Hospital has a low energy Qi field so you will even lose your energy. You have to remain happy and keep smiling during the difficult time of Bigu so universal energy can easily come to help you.

8. When is the best time for asking my question in the class?

During the class, Grandmaster connects you to the universal energy. It’s not good to interrupt during the energy connection so it's best for you to receive the energy instead of making notes. We have a question and answer time after each session so you can save your question for that time. Also, you can ask the teaching assistant during the break.

9. Why do I need individual healing and consultation?

During the individual section, you can ask personal questions which you may not wish to ask in front of the other students. Grandmaster will completely process the signals related to you and your family. It's very unique and valuable and no longer offered to people outside the retreat.

In the retreat, the process is only for you, and doesn't cover your relatives who aren't attending the retreat...that's the difference.

10. Can I still take vitamins or health supplements during the retreat or Bigu?

You will be eating universal high energy through your 84,000 pores during the retreat and professional Qinway Bigu. The vitamins or health supplements are low level energy, so you don’t need them during your Bigu homework time period. Just focus on your Bigu homework and keep eating the healing foods. Also the results are better if you keep positive attitude.

11. Do I need take medicines during the Bigu?

Qinway Qigong is a complete fundamental healing system and each area has been thoroughly tested by Grandmaster herself. During Bigu, everyone will have different experiences as vital Qi attacks their diseases. You may feel your symptoms worsen before you feel any improvement. This is natural and you do not need to worry. During Bigu, it is very important for you to fill in and send out your Bigu feedback form so Grandmaster may adjust your signals for the best results. As long as you exactly follow your homework assignment, you will achieve wonderful healing results after 108 days as many students have already testified.

The purpose of Bigu is to maintain smooth channels between the human beings and the universe and keep your Qi purified and high-density, so professional Bigu students cannot even eat grains, which have too much fire. The universal energy works on your body to remove the toxins and renew the cells. The medicines have too much toxins. How can you get complete healing if you take medicine in the meantime? It is a much purified system.

12. What’s the theory behind the Bigu?

Grandmaster applies the three laws for the fundamental life theories to create the Qinway Qigong system suitable for modern karma, which was very famous in China 12 years ago and ahead of the field of scientific research.

As shown in the chart in the textbook, the Qinway Qigong Technical Procedure starts from "Real Understanding", which has very much to do with "changing your mind", followed by the process of "Energy Infusion & Detoxification". The key is an effective combination of both.

This combination results in "Real Health". Please check the Qinway web page to get more information: http://www.Qinway.org/Theory-Science.htm; and if we are lucky and Grandmaster has the time, she can finish writing her books, and also can help you understand more to get real WU.

Through the retreat and Bigu experience, your wisdom channel will open gradually, and you will be able to much easily understand the unique principles in depth, and to know how important it is to get life enlightenment after getting complete healing.

13. How can I have a successful Bigu? Do I have to practice Qigong during the Bigu?
Grandmaster will assign you homework about how many hours of Qigong you have to do every day. If you follow her individual direction 100% for the diet and practice Qigong, you will get 100% results. If you only follow 50%, you will only get 50% results. The key point of success is to change your mind, be happy and relax during the vital Qi attack disease time.

14. Does Qinway Qigong conflict with other versions of Qigong?
Since no exercises in Qinway Qigong relate directly to meridians, it will not produce adverse effects if you practice it along with other versions of Qigong at the same time. However, since you have already learned one of the most advanced versions of Chinese internal Qigong, there is no need for you to "attend elementary school after graduating from college".

15. How much time do I need to practice Qinway Qigong daily after finishing Bigu?
You may practice the Hardware System in the morning and the Software System in the evening, ending with Sleeping Qigong and a good sleep till next day morning. You may also pick individual exercises from “menu” to practice.

16. Do I need to learn those meridian and acupuncture points, complicated breathing methods, use of consciousness or visualization in Qinway Qigong?
You don’t need to know each meridian or acupuncture points. However, it's important to understand the principle of the "yes point", which generally refers to the point in your body where it is currently painful when pressed. You don't need to pay particular attention to your breathing. It will be good if you just breathe naturally and deeply. You don't need to pay particular attention to your consciousness either. Let it be somewhere between existence and non-existence. As to visualizations in Qinway Qigong: there are few of them, and they are simple, beautiful and powerful.

17. What if I am a person that cannot easily quiet down? Is it possible to practice Qinway Qigong improperly and adversely affect my health?
Qinway Qigong contains a number of practices that help people to quiet down and deepen their meditation, such as "one thought in place of ten thousand thoughts", "one exercise in place of ten thousand thoughts", "arranging a strong Qi field", "pushing bad Qi down into the earth", "pyramid distribution of Qi". With these designs, Qigong exercises in Qinway Qigong are still effective even if your thoughts wander or your emotions fluctuate. Doing Qinway Qigong therefore will not have any adverse effects.

18. Will practicing Qinway Qigong activate special abilities? How do I do?
As a super energy program, Qinway Qigong offers a wide opportunity for its practitioners to develop special abilities. Therefore, a certain portion of Qinway students can activate their special abilities.

Fundamentally, it is a good thing to acquire special abilities. However, the recognition, stabilization and application of special abilities take a process of advanced guidance, training and repeated practice. In the beginning, true signals are mixed with false signals – if you treat everything as true, then you would make mistakes.

19. Can women practice Qinway Qigong when they are menstruating?
Usually they can practice Qinway Qigong. If you bleed excessively, you can reduce or stop the practice of the hardware system, and do meditation and focus your consciousness on the Middle Dantian.

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