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FREE Tuition for Advanced Level II Instructor (disciple) Training!

Advanced Level II Certification (disciple) Program will Train You to Become a
Great Spiritual Healing Professional; Register Now to Accumulating Qualifying Credit!

Grandmaster will offer the 1st Advanced Level II Instructor (disciple) Certification Program. Willing students need to understand clearly & pay careful attention to important key points below:

a. What's the value of the Level II Instructors (disciple) program?

This programí»s price is over $36,000, which in China is about 300,000 yuan, however, even you couldní»t find such unique program with a true master!

(1) Once you have received your qualified Level II certification, it means you are allowed to teach the Intermediate Healing Retreat;

(2) To open the Intermediate Healing Retreat will earn you great virtue energy and surrounding signal;

(3) To open the Intermediate Healing Retreat will support you financially. Through powerful healing word-of-mouth, your income will increase, and support you to develop even a large size Qinway healing branch;

(4) There is a large and constant potential source everywhere of students and clients who love natural healing;

(5) You also can use many great useful healing treasures and energized products as you learned from the 3.2D Furnace Retreat for your future healing branch;

(6) Grandmaster will offer you a discount for a basic quantity of energized products which have to be used for your future Intermediate Retreat needs.

b. How to Qualify:
This program is only offered to 3.2D Retreat students who are willing to become Level II Instructors. Because this program involves teaching bigu which is a very high technique involving a special mind attitude as the disciple learns from the Sifu, some specific required preconditions must be met:

1). Completed the 3.2D Bigu program for at least 108 days one time, and at lease do monthly 6 days Bigu continue for one year; once with a deeper experience and attained a balance of the physical body, mind and spirit and your practice result will be checked by Grandmaster;

(2) Attended the Intermediate Healing Retreat with good understanding (see #4 above);

(3) Have good experience in Teaching Recharge Qigong at least three times with your studentsí» feedbacks;

(4) Sign a policy agreement as requested;

(5) As disciple selection for the first Level II instructors is limited, those who have enough virtue credit by supporting Qinway Research Center receive priority;

(6) In order to qualify and get your certification, you need to pass a few strict exams with Grandmaster;

(7) If still not able to qualify yet, students can carry over some study credit to the next time.

(8) Virtue credit requested:
a. Grandmaster really wants to help the Level I & II instructors to easily teach in the future. She plans to develop a modern teaching series tool for the instructors with a great teaching model: using DVD, video movies, slide show, Flash, website re-design, etc. This involves a lot of labor, funds, and a huge amount of time. If this task is totally dependent on Grandmaster to learn & use so many new tools, it will be a waste of Grandmasterí»s special abilities & her strong areas, since normal humans use these tools and they are not Grandmasterí»s strong area. So we need volunteers who have the virtue to help in these areas;

b. First, ití»s worth pointing out: Grandmaster is kindly offering the first Level II instructor program for free (the tuition is $0). The long term training for the disciple also is free. However, she has been spending a lot of time and did much hard work day and night, to learn and practice these tools, and the only support she got was from Vicky, a busy mom with two children. It will take a long time to accomplish the dream of offering a modern teaching series tool for the instructors. If we have funds, we can hire the experts to do these projects;

c. Second, ití»s worth pointing out: Level II instructor training actually belongs to the high quality disciple program. It will be a long term training from Grandmaster and it is free as well. Qinway Level II instructor program is offering the Bigu technique, which is rare and unique in this world. If it becomes successful, it will bring huge benefits to the instructors. Also it will benefit a lot of human beings in the world. This is a great virtue!

(9) If you are Qinway old student and wishes to participate level II program, you may send application form and start to register. Please state the date you want to start the training.

C) Cost and Registration
If you are an old Qinway Retreat student and wish to participate level II program, you may fill the application form and make a note of the date you want to participate. Level II program currently is the most advanced program in Qinway. The cost is $1885 (repeating the 3.2D furnace retreat $1800 + $85 Hawaii tax), plus $377 (intermediate retreat tuition $360 + $17 Hawaii tax).

1) Why do I have to pay the registration of $1800 for repeating 3.2D?
As a Qinway Level II instructor, when you participate the 3.2D furnace retreat, Grandmaster will design some new classes in this 3.2D furnace to improve your knowledge and your energy level will be increased dramatically. You will get a much bigger energy ball during the Retreat and later you will get long term standard training.

2) Why do I have to pay $377 ($360+$17 hawaii tax) for the intermediate retreat?
As a level II instructor, you are going to teach intermediate healing BIGU retreat yourself. So you need to learn this class before you are going to teach. Grandmaster will teach the intermediate retreat differently when the Certification II students take the retreat.


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