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      Qinway Spiritual Healing Institute . Newsletter .  September, 2019

A. Grandmaster is a Renowned Spiritual Healing Founder in the World, a True Master

Grandmaster (Gm) Qin is a renowned Qinway innovator and spiritual master from China. She has created many healing miracles throughout China and America with a perfect unique system. The system’s primary program is Real Healing 3.3D Retreat, which has achieved miracle changes in many students’ lives. The spiritual energy system spreads quickly through word of mouth.

The annual 930 is a powerful Time-Space Energy Field in the Qinway lineage system, at this special time, everyone in this world can participate this event to receive the Qinway three high being remote healing energy signal! This is a rare opportunity to experience universal healing energy directly through the energized signal products and time space 930.

At that particular moment, Qinway three high being will all come together to provide strong energy signals to Gm. She will act as a vehicle to transmit energy signal in the products and the products will release energized signals to each participant, and each participate will receive the universal healing signals, therefore, your disease and blockage will be removed or reduced.

To see if remote healing signal are working with your body, it does not depend on your feeling, but depends on how much toxins in your body or the degree of your energy channel opening up!

Great News! Unique Special Abilities Rejuvenation 3.3D Retreat just Finished in August, 2019!

News a: Hear About Rare Feedback From the Most Recent Retreat On the Spot.

Students Experiencing: Crown Infusion and Wuji Dimension Gift

I experienced a lot of energy going into my head, heart, and body. I saw my thick baby blue needle that is about 4 inches long. -Tison L.

I kept seeing different patterns of light, and I felt completely energized. I saw a long white needle in my palm that created tingling sensations in various areas of the palm. - Cherlin X.

Students Experiencing: Soul Travel

My third eye was continuously tingling throughout the whole session and specially II saw some beautiful places, like a bamboo forest, a magical island, and a towering cliff. .. It's really Magical experience! - Cherlin X.

I felt increased connection and alignment with high level beings and felt greater clarity! - James B.

Body was a bit heavy. I went to a few different places like Amazon Jungle, an ancient looking building, a big room for gathering! -Tison L.

Students Experiencing: Receiving Energy Balls from Heaven, Mountain, and Earth

The energy balls with the mountain, heaven, and earth were very strong also. It was very nice to experience energy exchange with the nature. - Tison L.

The balls from heaven, mountain, and earth were all different colors, and I could feel their sensation in my palms with those difference. - Cherlin X.

Felt some sense of energy balls coming in. - James B.

Group Picture Group Picture 
Grandmaster Transmission
Students Received Energy Balls

Deeply Appreciate Retreat
Amazing Results in Four Days

Students Verified
Palm Diagnose Special Ability

My True Stories of Amazing Quick Rejuvenation & Spiritual Growing

Dr. Ron, Los Angeles, USA

I has been on a spiritual path for over 50 years. First I attended Qinway Rejuvenation Retreat 15 years ago, I lost weight about 80 pounds! During these 15 years, I was looking for enlightenment masters and I wish to keep my health condition as well. I saw many miracles in the world, but no one can solve my physical problems, and no one can teach me how to achieve enlightenment step by step. After 15 years, finally I came back to Qinway high spiritual system,and attended special abilities rejuvenation 3.3D retreat in this year and I received rapid body/mind/spirit transformation.
My body of miracle healing benefits:

I started losing weight immediately. In the past, all of the weight loss programs that I did, for years and years always left me feeling deprived & afterward gained weight. But with the 3.3D retreat, that all disappeared. I felt energetic every day and I lost 50 pounds since this February. Through the retreat program, my gout problem is gone and my shoulder pain is 95% cured.

My spiritual energy level & special abilities of miracle huge benefits:

* I received energy balls from heaven, mountain, and earth. During Grandmaster transformation I received the blue energy balls from the heaven, the yellow balls from the mountains. The balls are the same size of baseballs coming to my hands like magnets, multiple colors of earth tones.

* I received golden Wuji Needle from wuji dimension and experienced amazing crown infusion. During the crown infusion time with Grandmaster transmission high dimension energy signals, I felt more Qi energy in the class room, and felt shock in body when she said mantra to energized individual products & foods. I have received from Wuji dimension great gift and specially my Inner eye saw golden Wuji Needle.

* During immortal walking qigong I connected wonderful Qi. I felt 84,000 mouths open to eat energy!

* I have a deeper desire to learn Qinway enlightenment heavenly ladder technology and I also have extra confidence in Qinway.

Here's Dr. Ron with happiness & excitement
wrote Grandmaster an email feedback to report his magical effects of retreat program part II at home:



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News b: Enlightenment Heavenly Ladder Workshop Successfully Finished in Los Angeles on 08/12/2019!

Grandmaster offered the enlightenment Heavenly Ladder free workshop in LA. She indicated to people about how to achieve the enlightenment step by step unique techniques.

Dimension ”D" stands for the level of enlightenment practice moving up from 3.1D to 4D, towards a different dimension. When getting to 4D, the soul carried the body which will become lights to success enlightenment.

After the special abilities retreat program, the good students can achieve high energy aura equivalent to 3.3 Dimension, which includes the special abilities & rejuvenation. The miracle effect will also make the students look much younger and many diseases disappeared.

At the workshop site, Grandmaster also presented to the participants with a step-by-step definition of successful technology for each D unique energy level, including up to 3.5D,...3.9D, etc.

Many people were very interested and tasted the wonderful universal energy on the spot. The workshop brought them a very special unique experience for spiritual awakening!

Great True Reports from Previous Special Abilities Rejuvenation 3.3D Retreat

Marty, Oak View, CA

I am brand new for the retreat, I did not believe that I could stop medicine and get healing with a natural technique. Due to many health problems and the special karma, I attended the retreat.

It's unbelievable! I bravely stopped using western medicine during the retreat! But my blood pressure is very good and even better than previous with the medicine! It's a miracle and I am so happy about that. And I had lost 28 lb after the retreat!

1st Day: So Overweight
After One Month: Lost 28lb.

Students Experiencing: Soul Travel. Thousands Tons Immortal Water. Open 3rd Eye

During soul travel time, I felt flying, viewing various scenes and persons. Experienced and saw thousand tons immortal water waves. During open 3rd eye session, I felt tingling pressure across forehead and 3rd eye area. I saw organ color and my third eye was wide opened, as experienced before. (John G., Ojai, CA, 2/28/2019)

During soul travel time, I saw the forest, monkeys and people in Amazon, they were bringing a big wooden boat into the shore. My third eye area felt very hot. I could feel the immortal water washing my body and organs.
(Tianlan L., CA, 2/28/2019)

Wow! Wonderful! During soul travel time, I saw faces and I didn't know who they were, maybe one of them was my husband Gary. (Annie G., OK, 2/28/2019)

During soul travel time, I saw the big buildings and mountains, I fell into sleep for a while. (Lily L., CA, 2/28/2019)

Students Experiencing and Verified Special Abilities On the Spot: Crown Infusion, See Aura, Remote Diagnosis and More

The crown infusion experience is a strong visualization and experience. I saw waterfall... Comets streaking through sky in what seemed to be a higher dimension. I received purple and violet needle.Very thankful for this gift!
(John G., Ojai, CA, 2/28/2019)

The crown infusion was very wonderful experience. I saw tunnels and I could feel strong current through my right hand. I received the Wuji needle and I felt numb in my hand.

We did a wonderful healing job on each other which was very effective. (Helen L., Fresno, CA, 2/28/2019)

My the crown infusion experience is so beautiful! I saw Grandmaster has a ball of energy above her head, a huge energy giant ball, then she was surrounded by light. A steam of light came down into her crown and then streams of light connected to each student! Very interesting! (Garla, Oak View, CA)

Verify Received
Wuji Dimension Gift
Verify Instant Finger
Grew to One Inch or More

Verify Healed Others
Special Ability On the Spot!
Before         After Before         After Before         After

Read More Great Rejuvenation Results from the Students Comparable's:

Qinway Brought me So Many Great Surprises & Benefits!

Architect Mr. Zhu from Shanghai of China

I attended the retreat in March 2013, which brought me so many great surprises! The benefits covers the following aspects:
1) The seriously snoring problem was serious life-threatening, I had surgery in the hospital before but the snoring came back and relapsed soon. But after retreat the problem was completely gone, no longer snoring, no potential danger any more!

2) My blood pressure and heart rate and weight became normal, my body weight and shape went back to high school times, and I became so handsome! (this is my friend's comment, wow!);
          Before      After 3) Now my energy is always very strong, I no longer rely on the afternoon nap to keep up the heavy workload, sometimes I keep working through the afternoon without lunch break, until people reminded me. I did not even feel tired or hungry since I did Bigu as well (One of retreat programs is Bigu);

4) For the spiritual energy level: calm mind and be peaceful. I really appreciate Grandmaster's teaching, to understand a lot of life truth, including spiritual growth in this life and next life. I never thought about these before.

You Can Be the Next Successful One, to Start Rejuvenation Now!

Guaranteed! Next Special Abilities Rejuvenation 3.3D Retreat in Los Angeles on Feburary 4 - 7, 2020.

Individual Designed, Very Limited Seats, Register Now

Guaranteed & Priceless! Qinway renowned retreat system is the collections of China's top thousand years Tao's secret healing techniques and modernized! This unique program has 20 years successful experiences in the Unite States, Rejuvenation Obvious Just in a few Days!

There are three highly integrated retreats as Fundamental Healing & Bigu retreat, Magnetic Special Abilities retreat, Certification Retreat. The unique program during the retreat has very high spiritual technology, which has section A that healing & teaching in person on the spot, section B for them to keep doing Bigu at home with Grandmaster individual remote healing & direction.

Therefore, this unique retreat can really help the students make a big change in very short time, and they will verify their special abilities & remove out their root of diseases on the spot. It's very rare! The successful results are guaranteed! Very limited size, Register Now!

When Where
Special Abilities Rejuvenation 3.3D Retreat
(2/4/2020 4:30pm - 2/7/2020 4:30pm)
Los Angeles, California, USA

Free Group Healing Workshop


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E. Free Global 930 Remote Healing, Grandmaster Channeling Universal Signal Across the Space

Huge Sales! Energized Products Carried the Universal Energy Signals to Get Miracle Healing!
Gm Transmitting Universal Energy
Remote High Energy Signals with Distance Healing
Need help from universal energy? Curious to experience universal energy? A unique opportunity is coming on September 30, which is the most powerful time space field 930 each year for Qinway with a secret history.

With great compassion, at this time Qinway three high being system will all come to provide energy signal support, and Grandmaster will act as a transmission signal vehicle to help karmic people. The participant will receive an hour of free* remote healing transmitted by Grandmaster Qin from three high being. For more than 20 years, many people have received 930 free remote healing benefits with great feedbacks.

Both Qinway students and non-students worldwide are welcome to participate. This is a rare opportunity to experience universal healing energy directly.

To Read More Wonderful 930 Feedbacks. Click Here!

To Participate this Wonderful Event. Order the Energized Products & Register Now!

To Share Wonderful Remote Healing True Stories:

Charlie T., Fremont, CA, U.S.A.

Remote Healing Charlie
Charlie T. & His Sister

Amazing! Gm Qin did remote healing across the Atlantic Ocean for my sister.

My sister was injured in a serious car accident in Vienna, Austria. The X-ray showed that her thoracic spine had several small fractures. Thus she had trouble discharging stools, which caused her abdomen swelled. It was very dangerous.

That night, I rushed to Qinway Institute to ask Gm Qin to perform remote healing for her. The next day, her bowel movement became normal. In two weeks, her spinal injury recovered very well. Now she lives like a normal person, and recently went back Shanghai to see our parents just by herself! Read more about his stories.

R. R. from Hilo, HI, USA
Feel the Energy Move through My body, legs, ears, cleaning my organs

Aloha Gm Qin! I had a wonderful session last night, I could feel Master Qin's energy arrive very soft, then very strong, beautiful! I could feel it move through and around my body, to my legs, my ears, cleaning my organs, some past mental experiences. I was like a child seeing things simply and clear! Phase II I lay down, went into a trance like state then fell asleep! I woke up calm, less pain, more at peace!

Joachim from Germany
I got big benefit and lost 1.5 kg weight and feel vibrations and more stillness

After finished individual remote healing with Gm, I got big benefit and lost 1.5 kg weight. I felt much more relaxed in the shoulder and neck area. I felt a lot of sensations like spontaneous movements, saw pictures from Guanyin, a little pain, slime coming out, vibrations and more stillness (Dec. 21, 2014)

* Who is Suitable to Join the 930 Remote Healing Event?

No matter what state or country you are in, global remote healing is now available from Gm Qin. When she enters a healing state of consciousness, powerful remote healing signals can travel instantaneously across the space to you.

Gm Qin's remote healing is just like rain in Spring, and sunshine in Winter. Whether your meridians are sensitive or not, you will experience the power of universal spiritual energy. Of cause, you have to believe and understand the principal.

The remote healing is particularly effective in the following areas, including but not limited to the remote healing areas:

(1) Back pain;
(2) Overweight;
(3) Memory loss;
(4) Hypertension;
(5) Female system;
(6) Injuries or after surgery;
(7) Insomnia;
(8) Diabetes;
(9) Eye problems;
(10) Qigong Disease;
(11) Spiritual problems;
(12) Depression/Low Energy;

* How to Participate the 930 Global Free Remote Healing Event

Since Grandmaster has put strong energy signals in the products, which act as the vehicle to help the people who eat or use before 930. Through great energy infusion & detoxification, people will get the most remote healing benefits from the special energy signals of the products.

Step 1. To enhance the healing effects, please choose energized products from the web site and place order with minimum $100 to qualify this event (tax or shipping fee not included).

Step 2. After you pay, you may fill out the 930 event registration form and email to Qinway;

Step 3. To receive and start to use your energized products;

Step 4. To receive an instruction for how to follow the 930 remote healing on Sept. 30.

Step 5. To send your feedback to Grandmaster for fixing good signal!

If you wish to order an individual remote healing to get more healing results, click Here.
F. Huge Sales to Celebrate Global 930 Event, up to $262 off with Free Remote Healing Reward!

It's the Time to Heal Yourself with Energized Healing Products!

Grandmaster transfers 930 magnetic energy signal to the unique products for remote healing. The energized products will act as the vehicle to help the people. Through great energy infusion & detoxification, people will get the most remote healing benefits from the special energy signals of the products. Therefore, the energized products will make your daily healing result deeper & easier! Qinway has many successful feedbacks with 20 years of experiences.

Don't Miss this Rare Opportunity, Order Now! Minimum $100 with Free Remote Healing & Additional Energized Golden Card as a Gift!

To Hear about How Rare These Healing Foods Are:

* Computer Engineer Kurt S, Switzerland

Before After
I always like results which are measurable, after taking energized food my measured cardio Fitness level increased from 6 up to 7, and heard rate lowered from 76 to 69. My lung capacity increased and I need less time to walk on the top of high mountains, specially my sperm was only 3%, but after use Gm energized products, more surprising things happened...

Now I can work for 31 hours in continuously with good focus and concentration. This resulted from consuming energized powder products and drinking Yin Yang healing tea every day, I have to say that Grandmaster's energized products are so powerful!

Read more about Kurt's story.

* D. C. Honolulu, HI
The energized products really helped me, I felt so much joy and peacefulness during the remote healing. I still feel the calmness carry over to the next day. I am extremely pleased to make a donation to support the qinway unique healing Retreat Center. Thank you, Gm, for your compassionate healing.

* M. P. Euclid, OH
Thank you very much! I could really feel the energy on the left side of my body..the energized products has real help me. It was very strong around 9:30 pm. It felt like rain falling. Excellent!

* Cathy, West Hills, CA
Energized Products has really helped my 6-year-old daughter improve her weak stomach system. She eagerly asked for the tasty "Hawthorn Powder" herself when we met Master Qin!

* Chris from Belgium
"I finally received the energized mountain food. At happy I am! The Yellow Essence is super energetic (plus taste great) ...Gm Qin, thank you for making that special food available for us."

* Stephen, San Francisco
"I missed the energized food and herbs during the first part of the bigu, and I noticed a big improvement in my energy level when I started taking the energized food and herbs."

Note: The products are personally brought back by Gm Qin from deep mountains in China, and infused with universal high energy by Gm to further enhance their vitality.

Healing Food DVD Kit Healing Food Yin Yang Healing Tea
Wild Mountain Food
Fengshui Object
Healing DVD Kit
Bigu Healing Food
Yin Yang Healing Tea
Fundamental Healing DVD Kit Invite Gm to Your Home to Teach
Most Value for Learning with Healing Signal!
Price Huge Discount and Reduced
$298 to $36
Energized Yin Yang Healing Tea Excellent for Help Your Detoxification & Infusion with Vital Qi
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Energized Wild Mountain Food (Vary) Rare Mountain Food Infused Universal Energy with Healing Effects
Removing the Disease Root to substitute the Western Medicine
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Fengshui Protection Objects (Vary) Strong Protection to Avoid Evil Qi & Dispel Negative Qi
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Strong Protection for House (3 of Different Kinds) Powerful Protection for the Whole House, Dispel Evil Qi
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G. Great Energy Reward, Qualified Long Term Volunteers Carrying Strong Energy Healing Signals!
September Great Volunteer & Donation Record in Virtue Tablet

Virtue Energy Carries Fundamental Healing Signal! Learn Qinway Perfect System & To Earn Great Stabilized Virtue Energy. Make Your Life More Valuable!

Deeply appreciate the students/volunteers, your recovery & healthy growing up will become beautiful flowers & forest, and encourage more people to take the path to the natural healing and the kingdom of free life, including yourself & your families of next generation.

Monthly Dynamic

Greatest Permanent Volunteer
Gm Qin (over 20 years)

Outstanding Virtue Supporter
Vicky B.; Shirley K.; Lily L.; Dr. Ron; Tison L.; Cherlin X.

H. Contact Qinway Spiritual Healing Institute

We strongly recommend you to contact us through email:

Since we are traveling more frequently in the deep stage. But we will check the emails and reply to you very soon! Thanks for your understanding.
Vicky Bao (Assistant)

Shipping: Shirley Kwok
Tel: 001-408-306-2897 (USA)

Mailing Address:
P.O.Box 360649
Milpitas, CA 95036. USA

*Results guaranteed: as long as you follow Grandmaster's instruction (includes her individual homework with
Bigu healing days or her direction in person).

*Qinway shares with you a health enhancement method, not medical advice. The technical instructions and services presented are
not intended as a substitute for medical counseling or treatment.