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930 Remote HealingAs Qinway students and many karmic friends all know, 930 (September 30) is a special time-space energy field from the Qinway lineage that is celebrated by all Qinway Qigong students annually. Qinway students will never forget how powerful with 930 a few method in 3.2 D furnace retreat program!

930 means at 9:30 pm of Sept 30, which is the most powerful time space field each year for Qinway with a secret history. At this time Qinway three high being systems will all come to provide energy signal support, and Grandmaster as a vehicle to help karma people. the people who want to participate this special event, However, you have to fill out a valid form, and tell grandmaster who you are with more detail info if you asking support. Register Now!

*To see if remote healing signal are working with your body, it is not depending on your feeling, but depends on how much toxins in your body or the degree of your energy channel opening up;

If your body has any reaction, it is good; if you cannot feel any reaction, then your body has too much toxins and need to establish a detoxification & energy infusion system.

The energized products are unique and will uplift your body energy pressure to start detoxification.

There is a great whole spiritual theory, which was established by Grandmaster.

According to Qinway's previous records, people got best 930 Healing Result always with order the energized products, because the energized products carried grandmaster's strong healing signals!

It is a great occasion for one to (re)connect with universal energy and receive this precious healing energy channel by Grandmaster Qinyin from the Three Higher Being Systems (Quanyin Buddha, Medicine Buddha and the Qinway System).

Read more wonderful feedbacks from this year's 930 Remote Healing:

I felt so much joy and peacefulness during the healing. I did not want it to end. The energized products really helped me. I still feel the calmness carry over to the next day. I am extremely pleased to make a donation to support the qinway future Enlightenment Retreat Center. Thank you, Grandmaster, for your compassionate healing. - D. C. (Honolulu, HI)
Thank you for the 930 remote healing. I felt warmth and tingling during the healing. Would like to experience more. - J. I. (Buford, GA)
Thanks for the 930 healing. The energized products are very helpful, my palm felt very warm. I don't feel tired during Bigu. My daughter also sat with me for the healing and listened to the music while I practiced qigong. - V. B. (Dublin, CA)
Felt tingling sensations at the top of my head and some movement of energy down my left arm and towards my palms. - V. T. (U. K.)
Thank you very much! I could really feel the energy on the left side of my body. The energized products helped me a lot. It was very strong around 9:30. It felt like rain falling. Excellent! - M. P. (Euclid, OH)

To get the benefit of 930 event, please register now.

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