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  The Inspiration Magazine, July-August, 2006

An Interview with Lady Qigong Grandmaster

Grandaster Qin is widely recognized as a foremost Qigong innovator and spiritual teacher from China. She is the founder of a revolutionary Qinway system. After creating many miracles in California for almost 10 years, she recently relocated to Honolulu to start her second ten year spiritual mission.

GN: Master Qin, could you tell us what is Qigong?

MQ: "Qi" means energy, and "gong" means to let this energy work for your body to achieve excellent conditions. It is an ancient Chinese health & longevity science that works with movements and meditation.

GN: How did you become interested in Qigong?

MQ: When I was born, I was very weak. So at three years old, I started to learn meditation from my grandmother. Then in high school, near my hometown of Hangzhou on the Sacred Mt. Putuo, one of the four Buddhist holy mountains in China, I met Abbess Huikong, who became my Qigong teacher and spiritual mentor.

After I graduated from university with a major in Eastern philosophy and joined its faculty, in 1991 I founded the Purple Bamboo Qigong College. The teaching was dedicated to the ancient methods of natural healing. After then, I tried to revolutionize the Qigong system in order to find an easy and fundamental way for busy modern people. I gave up salary, job and more to go to deep mountains with a rare good karma to learn from different Qigong grandmasters. They have really very, very advanced techniques.

GN: You founded Qinway system. How is it different from traditional Qigong?

MQ: Qinway Qigong is a unique and very advanced system. All its programs carry higher dimension signals, which means connecting to special universal channels. It has reformed the tradition of Qigong in many ways. Even when students attend very advanced program such as Special Ability Rejuvenation Retreat during which they "eat" mostly just Qi (i.e. the Bigu technique to open energy channels between the human being and the universe), they still find it is simple and can get fundamental healing & rejuvenation very fast. It became a word of mouth "just one month!" (more cases on Qinway's website). In traditional Qigong, this takes a long time to achieve.

Many other versions of Qigong are not taught by grandmasters directly, and it is difficult for individual student to receive guidance in moving from 3 dimension to higher dimensions on the Heavenly Ladder step by step. Because everyone has a very different personal signal and body/mind/spirit situation, most people need master's individual and long term directions, which is an emphasis of Qinway.

GN: Why is Qinway Qigong good for us?

MQ: The major benefit is fundamental healing of different diseases such as hypertension, obesity, and serious chronic diseases. It can also recharge one's energy very quickly. Besides, students often get unexpected benefits such as beautification and rejuvenation. They also develop special abilities and wisdom power. These high level programs used to be taught only between sifu and individual disciples. Now Qinway students just need to follow individual directions to guarantee great results. So it is very good for modern people who want to save time and get results fast...

For more info about Grandmaster Qin, you may visit Qinway's website at www.qinway.org, e-mail 930@qinway.org.

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