Energy Bridge "Between Heaven and Earth"

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Energy Bridge "Between Heaven and Earth"

- Great Bridge with East & West / Ancient & Modern

Grandmaster Qin has created many miracles in China & USA for almost 20 years, she is a angel who brings the universal energy ball and carried a special spiritual mission down to earth, she is a great bridge helping earth human being to connect the universal high being channel, she also is the bridge to help west modern people understanding & experiencing east ancient high technology of healing, rejuvenation, immortality & enlightenment.

Having a history of peer reviews, Qin is among a handful with special ability potential (one of the most perfect) and for more than 20 years she has manifested many life miracles for her students from around the globe.

During Qin's long term spiritual practice and retreat in the mountains, she wrote the "Theory of Longevity Law" which was connected to the High state universal energy signal. This shocked the academic circles in Beijing (capital of China) and the material was published during the year, pre-empting potential scientific journals in China.

While immersed in the 'three laws of life', Qin could feel the significance of the verification of theory and practice which really need to be confirmed each other. In particular, while attending the Beijing University and Qinghua University (in Beijing) Qin could feel the suffering of others with her karma. This prompted her to create and introduce the Qinway revolutionary high technique, modern cultural system which is connected to the high-energy of the of the universe for detoxification and energy infusion due to its rapid, fundamental and miraculous results. At that time Qinway became famous in Beijing.

After that she was invited to the USA for her special talents and began residing in America. Qin, now acknowledged as a 'High Master' in the U.S. received a lot of students, many were masters from all aspects. These students participated in numerous advanced Qinway projects and comments were many. "A True Master!" " It really works!" etc. Grandmaster has received many recognition and world class awards, many articles were published about her work in American.All of those has been verified Qinway system due to the unique effectiveness of these advanced scientific methods; and verified she is a bridge & bringing the universal energy ball down to earth to help people who has suffering, who seeks confirmation of the unique mystery and truth of life.


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