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Qigong Lynne Then
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Lynne of Escondido, CA has been doing Qinway Qigong bigu (energized fasting) continuously since Feb. 28, 2003 (see above comparison pictures). Lynne is among the record keepers who have done long Qigong bigu in America, even though she works around food in a coffee shop all day long. Below are e-mail notes from Lynne chronicling her impressive transformation through Qinway Qigong step by step.

3/6/03 - I have lost 13 pounds. I am so grateful. I feel great. I feel clear thinking and energetic with slightly more intense moods.

3/8/03 - I was able to make a difficult business decision this week, which normally could have induced sadness and great disappointment. I am feeling quite in the moment, content and positive about being in divine hands. I feel as if I have been hidden and am peeling away to regain the real me. Wow!

3/11/03 - I am thrilled with my results and plan to continue with the Qigong bigu. I feel so good, with amazing mental clarity.

3/28/03 - I did see a 1.5 pound drop in weight yesterday, coinciding with the return of stool detox and the return of increased odor during urination and the feeling of cold. I have lost 23 pounds at this point. In the last 2 days I have had much pain in my middle back and the bottom of my feet.

4/22/03 - I feel good on the full Qigong bigu, now weigh 158. I started at 189. I would like to reach 150 as a first goal and then decide at that point. I am feeling pain in my middle back area and neck.

- I feel good and am continuing on the full Qigong bigu. Today is day 12 (of full Qigong bigu). I have lost 33 pounds - yeah!

5/2/03 - Today I started a new Qigong routine. I got up at 3am to do 1 hour Qigong exercise before my usual time I get up at 4am. Then I do more Qigong exercise at night. This worked well. I had much energy all day and I feel great and feel able to continue the full Qigong bigu strongly as before.

5/8/03 - I have been experiencing a big increase in the feeling of Qi as I do the Qigong exercises in the last few days. I also feel a constant buzzing in my body for the last 2 weeks.

5/23/03 - I feel more enthused about where I am going in life. I'm more creative, have more mental clarity about the bigger picture of all aspects of my life, less emotional reactions to negatives and a greater ability to detach when needed.

6/2/03 - I have had more detoxing of old stool and brighter yellow urine this week. I have had stiff neck and middle back pain. Previously during the Qigong bigu I was experiencing much coldness. In the last 2 weeks that has changed to much warmth at night especially.

6/9/03 - People around me have commented how flexible my back has become, as I can now bend over quickly while working at my coffee shop.

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