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Qinway to Establish Board of Executive Trustees. Apply now!

Qinway repeat retreat student Paul Fletcher has been temporarily appointed by Grandmaster Qinyin as the first chariman of the Board of Executive Trustees for the non-profit Qinway Grandmaster Foundation. He will move from California to "Earth energy center" Hawaii to prepare the setup. If you interested in applying, please Contact Paul at 805-709-8035.

Establish a Board of Executive Trustees

Grandmaster Qinyin hopes to get karmic students & people's help to establish a Board of Executive Trustees to oversee Qinway's operations, and fulfill its holy mission to benefit as many human beings as possible through powerful Qinway energized products.

Great Benefits for honorable Executive Trustees include discounts of Qinway energized products, an opportunity to deepen your understanding and experiences with the profound Qinway System while fundamentally healing and helping others, accumulation of great virtue, and an accelerated process to enlightenment.


An Executive Trustee shall have a great understanding, big wish, and give great contributions to support Qinway's holy mission. Both students or non-students are welcome. A great experience in Qinway’s training programs & products and professional skills are preferred.

An Executive Trustee shall love to devote time and effort to Qinway's holy mission, and participate regularly in its operation either on-site or remotely, e.g. drafting and finalizing strategic plans, taking certain responsibilities, and making constructive suggestions and correcting & inspecting the chairman's work performance.

The First Board of Executive Trustees Meeting will be held in the near future when karma becomes ready and enough, which will determine Qinway's strategic directions and plans. Three very special energized ceremonies will be held during this meeting. An Executive Trustee is expected to attend this first important board meeting in person, and to receive Grandmaster’s entrustment and crown infusion. Qinway may provide lodging for out-of-town trustees during this meeting.

Apply NOW through 930@qinway.org to join the first historic meeting!
Please include a resume, and all relevant info, which you wish to bring to our attention that we know your strong areas.

If you interested in applying, please Contact Paul at 805-709-8035.

* Grandmaster has already successfully repeatedly verified the TRUTH, starting 10 years ago. She has completely finished the first 10-year healing mission as well as describing & spreading the Truth;
The truth has been verified to really benefit human being's body, mind and especially the spirit.

Her Sifu called her to make a lan to Return to the Mountain after she sets up the Virtue Executive Management Board System (a non profit organization, Qinway Grandmaster Foundation).

Through her more than 10 years very hard work, day and night, planting the unique seed for the world, the beautiful & amazing flower has been spread all over the country.

Many successful healing stories have been reported.

* Grandmaster is planning to donate the most valuable energized products for the Board of Executive Trustee.

She will keep supporting the energized signal system for the products.

She will keep sending the strong healing purifying signal to Retreat students who want to do monthly Bigu.

Grandmaster will be back to double check to see if the karmic condition (desire and appreciation) for the ...>>

* Qinway's holy mission needs your support! This is your Great chance to become an Executive Board member or virtue member. Join the the First Executive Virtue Board Meeting, also it might be the last chance to meet Grandmaster, so apply NOW!

Become a Virtue Advisory Committee Member. Apply now!

Virtue Advisory Committee Member Benefits include receiving ...>>


* Grandmaster's system suffers when the unique technological and spiritually advanced enlightenment system encountered with karmic hard testing.

A Great spiritual education opportunity is open now!

Answer Grandmaster's questions below to get a Reward with "Surprise Gift "(different visible and/or invisible gift, depending on your answers), and Grandmaster
is starting a testing period to check the karma with the world.

Grandmaster's Questions:

(1) What is your understanding of the channeling energized system through your benefits and inspiration?

(2) With the completion of the first 10-year holy mission as Grandmaster has repeatedly and successfully verified the TRUTH, what would you guess is the next mission? If the world wants continual benefit from Qinway?

(3) Why did this event happen to Qinway at this special ...>>

Grandmaster is now ready for the testing period to check how much right timing and karma the Qinway System still has with the world (i. e. acceptance of this advanced system).

Qinway is a world renowned system with a holy mission. Grandmaster hopes the new board system can keep these honorable blessings for human beings, and successfully pass through the testing period. Grandmaster hopes every karmic person will support the work of the new management board,...>>

* Paul Fletcher will be temporarily appointed by Grandmaster as the first chairman of the Board of Executive Trustees.

Paul Fletcher is a great Retreat repeating Student receiving great healing benefits in his body/mind/spirit from the Qinway System...Also he experienced and saw "Heaven" during the Soul Travel program in the Special Ability Rejuvenation 3.2D Retreat. Find out more about Paul.

We are excited to receive Paul's Virtue letter below to all karmic peoples, where he shares his deep understanding of Virtue Energy:

"...The Soul is the eyes and ears of God in this experience we call life. Grandmaster Qinyin and her lifetime
mission of creating an Enlightenment Center will happen in this lifetime. There are three reasons she is asking for virtuous support. The personality is the Ego that is being whittled away by the loving calling of the soul to reveal the light of...We are all one." - Paul Fletcher (More>>)

Paul Fletcher will move from California to "Earth energy center" Hawaii, and become Qinway's First Board of executive trustees chairman.

As Paul Fletcher will be temporarily appointed by Grandmaster as the first chariman of the Board of Executive Trustees, Grandmaster hopes more great karmic people will join the first board of executive trustees meeting. She is expecting to see you in "Energy center of Earth" Hawaii.

If you interested in applying, please Contact Paul at 805-709-8035.

Virtue Energy Tablet Updates:
See how impressive the virtue is in this month!

Grandmaster and her Sifu are very pleased & happy to see the great virtue students and special karmic people support and help at this crucial time. Grandmaster wants everyone to know that even though she has experienced many hard times in these last 10 years she has never had tears, but this time she could not control her tears...>>


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